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Garden paths

Garden paths

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Hello. There was a question about new garden paths. There used to be asphalt which my dad did 35 years ago. I remember how they pulled hot asphalt and rammed and rolled it. It still lies, but now it is no longer relevant. Yes, and I want to change the direction of the tracks. A classmate advised making the concrete tracks themselves. Gave all the TSU. At first I caught fire, but now I don’t even know. Fuss a lot. Who made the tracks himself? tell me. And can he buy ready-made plates?


You can make garden paths from anything. I even met a path from rooted hemp, just a tree trunk sawn into small circles and dug into the ground. I myself made a little road from a cement mortar in my country house. He mixed himself in a concrete mixer and bought molds in the form of honeycombs. Poured the mixture, allowed to dry slightly, lifted and so on. It looks pretty pretty and modern. You can make such paths that grass will germinate between the honeycombs, the main thing is to plant a small one. There is nothing complicated and the savings are big.

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