DIY basement repair

DIY basement repair

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When the time comes to repair the basement of the country house, many of us begin to panic. But do not exaggerate, because such a repair, and even subsequent finishing, can always be done independently.

The repair of the basement is very necessary, because it is precisely this element of the house structure that protects the foundation from moisture and destruction. If there is no basement, or it will be in a destroyed state, the foundation and the lower part of the masonry will begin to collapse, which will affect not only the humidity inside the house, but also the quality of the walls, floors and so on. In this case, cracks and serious chips, rotting of lags, and gradual destruction of walls are possible.

Therefore, the repair of the basement of a private house is very important, and it is desirable to produce it at the very moment when its first defects were noticed. But if the basement has been unsuitable for several years, this also does not matter, because we will restore it in a few days.

When to repair the basement in the country

It is most right to choose a warm and dry season for such work, preferably without severe heat. It may be the middle of summer, depending on the regions, but we suggest that you repair the base already in the first spring, as soon as it dries out after the snows in a fresh wind and the sunlight is gaining temperature. For example, you can start the process in the middle or end of May, so that it would not be too hot for you to work, and the temperature for finishing was acceptable.

It is simply impossible to carry out repairs in cold or rain, as well as in severe heat, because a stable temperature is necessary for high-quality adhesion of the solution to basic materials and its uniform drying out.

Where to start repairing the basement

It will be necessary to prepare the repair site - to beat well the exfoliated parts, to try to remove the garbage, but not to get deeper, hammering further and further. After that, examine the blind area, since it plays a significant role in protecting the foundation and the appearance of the building.

If the blind area is in order, it can be redecorated; if the blind area is practically nonexistent, it will be necessary to fill in a new one.

Blade Fill

The blind area can rise 4-7 cm above the ground, but should go about 20-25 cm deep. You determine the width yourself, dig out a place for filling the blind area and clean the foundation of the house. It is important to remember here that the blind area should have a slope several degrees from the house so that the water does not stagnate under the house itself.

When the place is ready, you should attach as much as possible to the foundation, nail reinforcement to it, to which the grid is welded. Particularly zealous is not worth it, but the base of the blind area should be performed efficiently.

When the reinforcement for pouring is ready, it is necessary to fill up the gravel cushion, install the formwork at the height of the fill of the blind area, and pour everything on top with cement mortar. But before this stage, it is possible to produce waterproofing, which will be very appropriate. It can be standard waterproofing of the basement of the house, or classic, clay, when a layer of clay with a width of 15 cm is laid along the entire height of the blind area around the house and is well trampled.

If you want to get a stronger blind area, lay several layers of a thin mesh, and also make it on the basis of a solution with crushed stone.

We repair the basement of the country house

The basement is upholstered and cleaned, the blind area is flooded and snug against it - all that remains is to move on to our main task.

Around the perimeter of the cap should be filled with a shallow reinforcing metal mesh. It is advisable to give it a shape, as the grid will hold the solution layer. That is, the grid can be stuffed more evenly vertically, adjusting its position with dowels.

The next step is the primer. A primer can be drawn directly through the grid so that the composition gets on it and on the surface itself. If the primer is not intended, simply moisten the surfaces well before applying the solution.

After that, we pour a layer with a more liquid solution on the mesh so that the mixture for plastering penetrates through the mesh and fills all the cavities along the base. To do this, one should not accelerate, it is necessary on the contrary, to act very carefully, even pushing the solution into the mesh, clogging all the cavities and hollows with it. Thus, there is a finish around the perimeter, a layer through which the grid itself will only be visible.

It is advisable to let the layer dry a little, and then you can proceed to the final plastering. Here you can put another layer of cement mortar, or work with decorative plaster, the original laying of stone and brick.

Depending on your choice, there may be very different options for further processes.

Finishing the basement of the house after repair

The repair of the basement of a brick or panel house is completed, and now we need to put its appearance in order. There is already a blind area, but it also requires a base to suit itself, which we will now issue.

Inexpensive basement finish

The basement is ready, and now it is necessary to protect it from the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena. This can be done with bitumen or other special mixtures, but you can always use the grandfather method.

You need to heat tar and diesel on a fire in an old bucket. Heat slowly, over low heat, be sure to protect yourself from possible injuries. Slowly stirring, you can prepare a high-quality mortar solution, which was previously used everywhere. It is necessary to use hot resin of jelly consistency with the help of a large round brush, uniformly applying the mixture to the base with a thick layer.

Contemporary basement finish

If you have the opportunity to spend more money, to create a more interesting look and effective protection from the effects of humidity, wind, frost and sunlight, use a modern finish. Often, this is just decorative plaster with protective properties or further painting, but often the craftsmen make a stone base or a base made of artificial stone, which is in no way inferior to the natural finish.

To lay the finishing material you will need to choose the right adhesive mixture and study the instructions for the use of materials, because many of them will require a primer, mesh, and maybe the preparation of a special layer.

At each stage of repair and decoration of the basement of the house in the country it is worth remembering that this is a very important structure often, on which the longevity of the building largely depends.

How to quickly repair the basement of the house

The basement has been repaired, and now we just have to pay more attention to protecting the foundation from moisture, for example, simply grease the cracks with resin, pre-sealing them with special mixtures, or putting the material that was finished in place of the defects.

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