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How to choose and install shutters for a summer residence

How to choose and install shutters for a summer residence

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Until recently, we did not think about such a rare decoration of a country house, like shutters. But today, at the time of the return of the old and even classic fashion, such decorative elements are becoming increasingly popular.

Shutters on the windows each of us remembers from the old village houses where we visited with grandparents, from fairy tales and children's films, which were often broadcast on television not so long ago. Agree, a very nice decor that not only decorates and gives the house a special flavor, but also is an element of a useful design. In general, be that as it may, today we are considering the shutters on the windows of the country house, we are studying their purpose, types, materials of execution and installation.

Why window shutters are useful

Here you can argue for a long time, touching on many interesting points, but we will focus on the most basic points.

Protective function

Any of us understands that the peculiar doors on the windows are the protection of the most vulnerable places from breaking and illegal entry. By installing wooden or metal structures, you can significantly complicate the task of the unconscious and thieving, who strive to climb inside the country house and “enjoy” our good. Now there is a serious barrier on the windows, which, by the way, is locked not only on the outside with a lock that can be quickly cut or chipped, but also with special internal locks. It is always realistic to close the shutters from the inside by installing special pins or other locking elements. Leaving the cottage, you can be calm - you can open them only from the inside.

Shutters in the country, as protection from the cold

By installing shutters on the windows, you will limit the access of cold drafts inside; cold rain and snow will not knock on the windows, especially if our decorative element is airtight and fits snugly against the windows.

Aesthetic side

Of course, the protective function and the moment of cutting off the cold is a huge plus, but in addition, the shutters are real beauty in the country. A similar element of decor has been valued since antiquity, and therefore shutters are so popular today. Imagine only carved wooden shutters, standard models of wood with forging elements, just metal with a pattern. All this is very beautiful, and even more so, it helps to maintain a country style at a high level.

What window shutters to give

Today you can find a wide variety of decorative and protective elements for installation on the windows of a country house.

Single leaf

Simple shutters on small windows that are located on one, the most convenient side of the window. They are closed standardly, in a circular motion, are adjacent to a special locking element and are locked.


More interesting in terms of design, since in open form symmetry will always be preserved. Such decorative elements can be made of any convenient material, have a locking element that fastens the doors in the middle or even inside the house, if you have special through fasteners.

Prefabricated or folding

There is a more interesting one, one can say that the original version, which is more practical than some others. Initially, such shutters are an element of several parts, installed on either side of the window opening. When necessary, you can cover, say, a third, half or 3/4 of the window, and if necessary, completely close it.


A combined version that simultaneously performs a protective and decorative function, but it looks more interesting. The design is a protective window element that covers the window completely, but can be raised by a special mechanism. That is, in certain cases, the complete closure of the window, and when you want to let the light into the house - partial. The shutters remain on the window and protect against penetration, and the slats inside them are lifted and work like standard blinds.

What material to choose shutters

Today you can choose very original products from metal, plastic and wood, and possibly a combination of these materials, but here you need to determine yourself, as they differ significantly in cost, design and practicality of use.


Option-standard or option-classic, name as you wish. Yes, beautiful and very original, but also the most expensive, as they are represented, most often, in a designer form, carved, burnt, with forging elements and so on. In terms of functionality, they can perform all the previously described tasks.


Everything here is clear in terms of protection, but questions may arise in appearance. In this regard, do not worry, because due to curly cutting or the inclusion of forged elements, protection and decor can be harmoniously combined.


Here it’s worth a little thought already, since, speaking of plastic, we mean more aesthetics and deflection by modernity, but you can always pay a little more and strengthen the structures so that they also perform the protective function in a quality manner.

How to install do-it-yourself shutters for a summer house

Of course, I would very much like to carry them out on my own, but if this is not possible due to a lack of materials, equipment and experience, you can try do-it-yourself shutters.

This is done very simply if you bought a product thought out in advance, in terms of sizes and parameters that are necessary.

Naturally, the size of the window is very important, taking into account which you need to choose a design. But you can always order a product in the workshop, where the shutters will be made strictly for you.

Next, you need to focus on whether there is a special installation kit in the kit — anchors, bolts and nuts, protective elements for fasteners and some decor for the ends and locking elements.

If everything we need is missing from the kit, the shutters can simply be installed on anchors that fit into the wall on the sides of the window opening or in its end parts. It is very simple to do this, the main thing is to understand the wall thickness, the requirements for fasteners, to have a drill or perforator and the necessary drills on hand.

After making the holes in the right amount and size determined for the installation, you need to fix the frame, frame or the overall construction of the shutters using anchors. Further, if you do not plan to remove the protection from the windows for the next ten years, you can grind the bolt heads a little with a grinder so that they can not be unscrewed (if you need to be dismantled, they can always be slightly tucked and cut off, for which time the attackers have to will not). After that, it is only necessary to install the shutters on the windows, that is, on the frame itself, make fixing installation, install locks and decorative elements.

In principle, the installation of the shutter on the windows of the country house has been completed, and you can safely use them for their intended purpose, enjoying the beauty and safety of the main building of the country house.

Shutters for a country house

Protecting and decorating a summer house is no less important than planting and growing a variety of crops, and therefore take a closer look at the topic and do not forget to follow the new publications, where you will definitely find many more interesting things.

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