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Methods and process of growing hazelnuts

Methods and process of growing hazelnuts

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Good day, summer residents! I need your help in planting and growing hazelnuts. Please describe the methods and process of growing hazelnuts!


Hazelnuts, as I understood from the neighboring plantings, are not difficult to grow. The main thing to know when planting is that the roots like to eat the larvae of the chewer, so they crush the hole (bottom, walls) with ash so that there is no acid soil. In addition, one bush is not enough , I need a pollinator, at least one more bush, and at least the neighbors. My neighbors grow big bushes, like currants, only much higher. Like currants, I need to thin out, not let it grow. Although, to be honest, I can not understand all these for many years in Ukraine for some reason it was forbidden to grow hazelnuts in private hells, so the experience of growing malo.No into the woods for some nuts out there who begali.A especially for what's next?

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