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Garden swing - the key to a comfortable stay

Garden swing - the key to a comfortable stay

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Each summer resident, who knows a lot about quality rest, perfectly understands the need for special furniture in the country, which will provide it. One of the items of such furniture is a garden swing, which will help you relax and unwind on any fine day.

It is not difficult to choose and buy this interior decoration item of the garden today, but in order to get to a high-quality and durable product, you need to be guided by the manufacturers, technical specifications and types of swings. That's what we’ll talk about today.

Popular models

To begin with, we will consider finished products that are made according to the standard sample. Such copies can be from any manufacturer who is engaged in garden furniture. Here you should focus on quality characteristics and reviews of existing customers.who often share their impressions in online stores. So, what are the most popular offers today? Most often, these are:

  • Garden swing Varadero Russian production. This offer has earned popularity due to the ideal price-quality ratio. In addition, it is a sturdy construction that can withstand a heavy load of about 250 kg. The model is equipped with special amenities - cup holders, a canopy, a folding back;
  • Tornado. Also, the Russian version, which is practically no different from Varadero. But there is a peculiarity here - the permissible load is almost 400 kg, which allows several people to simultaneously relax on the seats;
  • Sorrento. Premium classics, at least that's what manufacturers say. Reinforced seating, increased bearing capacity, load capacity up to 300 kg, excellent external data - all this is about the Sorrento model;
  • In addition to these models, you can also buy in online stores products from other manufacturers: swing for the garden Capri, Premium, Titanium, Sunny, Master, Havana, Iris, Triumph, Fantasy, Quartet, Casablanca, as well as 76.

As you can see, the market for garden furniture is full of offers, but in this section we considered only standard models. A little further, we will definitely pay attention to other types that can be safely attributed to the Premium and Suite classes.

Do-it-yourself large garden swing

Types of swings for the garden

As a rule, most of the options that we will talk about do not participate in sales, these are custom models that are also in demand, but only in their price category.

Children's models

Small, sometimes even miniature children's garden swings are often offered by shops and online stores. This is a robust metal construction that is highly resistant. It is necessarily designed for a certain weight, often very small (the trick of manufacturers to frequently replace the design with a new one), is provided with all the necessary amenities for a child and an interesting design to attract attention. When buying, you need to monitor the quality of the product, the reliability of the joints, the strength of the ropes, comfort and protection.

Ready or standard options

We cited them as an example when we talked about manufacturers in the previous section of our article. This is the most convenient option if you need to quickly put or assemble a structure in the country. But, no matter how sellers praise such a product, and whatever characteristics are spelled out in the warranty documents, try to pay special attention to the quality of the product and its compliance with your requirements.

Swing sofas

These are almost standard models, but they are equipped with a more comfortable seat: a soft back, a wide pillow on the seat, and other amenities. This type is most suitable for older people who already use the swing as an ordinary shop with a smooth ride. And rightly so, because the swing amplitude in them is much smaller, and they are hardly suitable for children's fun. All other technical specifications are almost identical to the standard ones.

Garden swing from a tree

These are really luxury models that are significantly different from ordinary and inexpensive. Decorative, very attractive in appearance and comfortable option, which is suitable for installation, both in the country house and in the territory of an expensive villa. The wooden structure will perfectly fit into any landscape design and will complement it in an original way with its look. But, be prepared for the fact that the price of this element of wood interior is very biting, and this is true. Indeed, the production of models of this type involves the use of expensive materials, high-quality joints and mechanisms, accessories and decor. Moreover, almost every such model is carried out clearly by an individual order that meets your requirements, which means that not only material and work are invested in the cost, but also the originality and exclusivity of the product.

There are many models that can be made of metal and wood, logs and boards, more expensive types of wood, so the choice in this segment is also unlimited.

Metal garden swing

This view also involves a huge assortment of offers. After all, you can always choose and buy an inexpensive model, from an ordinary profile pipe and corner, chains and a wooden seat. But you can also pay attention to products of the Premium and Luxury class, where more expensive garden furniture is presented - a swing from forging and decorative forging. Here, only manual work is expected, high-quality performance, as well as the individuality of the customer's requirements.

Speaking about the appearance of such products, we can only emphasize that it is perfect and fits perfectly into the style of the site and the whole landscape, especially if it is a ready-made set of garden furniture, for example, a set of forged table and chairs, a gazebo with forging elements and so on.

How to choose a swing for the garden

There are long-established parameters that can guide the buyer to the right choice and purchase of a quality product. We recommend paying special attention to them:

  • Price segment and manufacturer. This is where you should start. Having determined your own financial ability, you need to choose a product, focusing on many indicators, which we will definitely talk about. But, immediately, we would advise you to choose a manufacturer whose product reviews are only positive;
  • Production material and type of swing. Here, too, much depends on the budget, but in any price segment you should always give priority to quality: good wood, metal, plastic elements, their environmental friendliness and safety, build quality, gluing, joints and so on;
  • Construction size. Having determined the first few points, you should choose the optimal size. Here it’s already a little simpler: if the swing is necessary just for relaxation, doubles are enough, if the family is big or in the country a frequent rest of a group of friends is supposed, you can choose triple;
  • Maximum load. It depends on the number of seats and product class, varies from 150 to 400 kg. If possible, it is better to purchase a model with maximum load, so the design and all mechanisms will suffer less from an advantage;
  • Carrier Diameter. Pay attention to the thickness and strength of the frame. There must necessarily be a margin of safety under heavy weight, especially if the swing is triple and designed for a load of up to 400 kg;
  • Support form. Often, stability, and therefore safety, depends on this factor. Also, depending on the form of the support and the base itself, the possibility of placing the structure on different surfaces of the site depends: on the lawn, in the garden on soft soil or on hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete) near the house, patio, pool, gazebo and so on;
  • Design features. The swinging amplitude, the height of the seat from the ground and the adjustment, the possibility of changing the backrest angle, the shape and adjustment of the armrests (shelves, cup holders), the locking function and other parameters, and maybe even small nuances, will allow you to determine and establish the necessary level of comfort;
  • Equipment. Convenience of use also depends on this parameter: pillows-seats, pillows-backs, special soft wraps, waterproof awnings, gift blankets, additional cup holders, the ability to connect portable lighting, etc.

How to make a swing - video

DIY garden swing

Sale of swings for the garden is very developed, as it is quite popular garden furniture in the modern world. But it is far from always possible to find a good price, even if you visit a specialty store. Of course, you can spend some time monitoring the market, study the cost in special stores and supermarkets, find an inexpensive online store that provides good discounts, but this does not always bring the cost of the product closer to the budget available for purchase. Then there is only one way out - to make a garden swing with your own hands. Drawings, projects, tools and materials - all this you will also need, so you should determine the costs in advance, maybe it will turn out even more expensive.

But, if you still decide, you need to immediately draw up the correct drawing, select the material, calculate all the parameters, and only then proceed to production. We’ll immediately warn you that the work ahead is not easy, especially if you do not have such experience, therefore we recommend that you consider this decision again.


Also, we advise you to pre-select the location of the product, it does not matter whether you make it yourself or find where to buy a garden swing at a good price. This is necessary in order to ensure that the installation is at the proper level, the base normally approaches the site cover and the swings themselves are located exactly where it is most convenient. If this garden furniture is bought for children - it is installed in a conspicuous place, not far from the house, so that the kids are always under supervision. If a garden swing (folding, standard or even expensive, forged) is necessary for active recreation of adults, then it is better to place them near the arbor, patio, barbecue. Well, if the product is purchased for the elderly to rest after a hard day at the cottage, then it would be most correct to put them in the garden, in the shade of luxurious trees, but not far from the house.

Budget swing for the garden - do it yourself

Recommendations for extending the useful life

A lot of models differ in some finicky, which means that it is advisable to apply our recommendations to any of their appearance. This will significantly extend the life of the product, as well as the normal functioning of the product:

  • In no case should you exceed the maximum permissible load. When sitting or swinging, it is necessary to evenly distribute the weight along the plane of the seat;
  • Shock loads should be avoided and sharp sitting on a swing should be avoided, which affects not only the mechanisms, but also the strength and stability of the base;
  • You can not jump on a swing, swing standing, swing the seat to the sides;
  • It is necessary to avoid a very large swinging amplitude, which is dangerous when the structure is overturned or by the quick failure of the product mechanisms;
  • You need to constantly ensure proper care for your new acquisition: cleaning, lubricating, cleaning, wiping, and so on. Information on how to properly care for one or another swing, you can find out at the place of purchase.

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