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We are now growing goat willow, spherical, on a stamp. And now this spring I planted ordinary local willows and I think to plant a spherical to them next spring. Has anyone already done this? As it turns out? I generally love willow. This winter I learned to weave different crafts from willow vines. In dreams make a rocking chair.


As far as I know, spherical willow is either grafted or less commonly grown naturally, cutting off all unnecessary. It seems like, in order to get a spherical, a twig from a “witch’s broom” is planted on an ordinary, healthy willow, under ordinary conditions - a lesion, a tree disease, when it begins to branch out densely with a ball. If you simply cut with a ball, then you won’t get such a dense branch, the ball will be larger and less frequent than the branch. And you can do everything from willow, the main thing here is desire and patience.

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