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How to whiten the oven

How to whiten the oven

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Please tell us who bleached the stove and how? Especially from whom it turned out successfully: 1) it does not smell when it heats up! 2) does not stain clothes 3) lasts a long time, does not change color.


I have a stone stove in the country and I brought it into God's sight just by painting with washable water-based paint. It does not smell on a brick oven and you will not smear it. Pretty easy to clean. If you need to trim the seams and insulate them between old bricks, you can plaster with a dry mixture called Pechnik (sold everywhere in construction stores), and then glue a regular gauze sheet on the plaster and paint everything on top with a water emulsion. It looks pretty even and beautiful. And the wideness of the gauze gives the stove a completely new look.

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