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Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise fans of growing garden strawberries with anything, but still strawberries blooming with bright pink flowers represent a certain exoticism. After all, the spectacle of bushes at the time of flowering can enchant even a sophisticated gardener. And strawberries in Tuscany can ripen berries and buds at the same time on the bushes. Of course, such a phenomenon is difficult to resist and many really cannot believe whether this miracle really exists or is it just another Photoshop trick.

Description of the variety

Tuscany is not actually a strawberry variety. This is an F1 hybrid developed by ABZ seeds in Italy in 2011. The main consequence of this fact is that it is useless to germinate seeds from Tuscany strawberries to obtain the same characteristics as the mother bush. But Tuscany reproduces pretty well with a mustache, so in terms of reproduction, everything is quite real, if you do not mean your own seeds.

Attention! If you are a fan of seed propagation, then it would be better to buy the seeds of this hybrid in the store from an official supplier.

Almost immediately after its launch, the Tuscany strawberry hybrid became the winner of the FleuroStar World Competition.

  • Strawberry bushes Tuscany, indeed, are distinguished by powerful growth. Not exceeding 15-20 cm in height, they can grow in width up to 40-45 cm. In this case, the length of the shoots can reach one meter. This property makes it possible to use a strawberry hybrid for planting in hanging baskets, pots and other vertical structures.
  • The hybrid belongs to the ampelous remontant varieties of garden strawberries. This means that in addition to flowering and fruiting practically during the entire warm season, from spring to autumn, Tuscany strawberry bushes are able to form long shoots with flowering rosettes on them. That is, this hybrid is able to bloom and form tasty berries on its shoots, even without the latter rooting. It is this phenomenon that helps create the effect of an ampelous plant, strewn with flowers and berries at the same time.
  • The leaves are dark green in color and have a characteristic sheen.
  • Flowers of a bright ruby ​​hue are soon replaced by scarlet conical berries of medium size.
  • The berries weigh an average of about 35 grams, are quite dense, sweet, juicy, and have the aroma of wild strawberries.
  • In one season, about 1 kg of delicious and sweet berries can be harvested from each strawberry bush.
  • Tuscany strawberry seeds are characterized by excellent germination, and the bushes obtained as a result of cultivation are aligned in size.
  • The Tuscany hybrid is resistant to high temperatures and drought. It also quite successfully resists unfavorable growing conditions, including many fungal diseases: spots, root rot, etc.

Fundamentals of agricultural technology

In general, Tuscany strawberries are a representative of ordinary garden strawberries, therefore, all the basic rules of agricultural technology do not differ from ordinary varieties.

The bushes of the Tuscany hybrid are planted in spring or autumn.

Advice! If you are using purchased seedlings, then it is better to prefer spring planting - in this case, already in the current season there is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and delicious taste of strawberry bushes.

If you want to grow Tuscany strawberries from seeds, then they are usually sown at the very end of winter, and the seedlings survive in the ground in the spring and summer. Of course, by the end of summer it will be possible to enjoy the first flowers and berries, but you will get a full harvest in this case only next year.

If Tuscany strawberries are planted in the ground, then it will ideally look like a ground cover plant along the paths in the garden or on an alpine slide. Much more often it is used for planting in various vertical and suspended structures. In both cases, it is necessary that the soil in which you plant it is at the same time light, breathable and fertile. You can use ready-made strawberry mixes from stores, or you can make it yourself. The following recipe is perfect:

  • Peat –6 parts;
  • Sod land - 3 parts;
  • Humus - 3 parts;
  • Sand or vermiculite - 1 part.

The main thing in the process of planting seedlings of this hybrid is to plant the plants at a fairly significant distance from each other. There should be about 80 cm between them, and it is even better to increase the distance to 120-150 cm.

The fact is, the Tuscany strawberry actively forms a mustache, which takes root easily in the very first weeks. Therefore, if this process is not controlled, then by the end of summer the entire space around the bushes will be filled with a mustache with flowering and fruiting rosettes.

When planting seedlings of Tuscany in suspended or vertical containers, each bush should have at least 2-3 liters of soil.

Watering Tuscany should be regular: fairly abundant at the beginning of the growing season and moderate from the moment the first fruits form. In hot weather, watering is necessary twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Important! Watering Tuscany strawberries during flowering and fruiting must be strictly at the root, in order to avoid the spread of rot.

But the most important secret of successful cultivation of this hybrid is regular feeding - after all, plants spend a lot of energy on flowering and forming berries. It is necessary to feed Tuscany ampelous strawberries every 14-18 days. It is best to use a complex fertilizer with a maximum content of microelements in a chelated form. The content of macronutrients should be approximately in the following ratio N: P: K = 1: 3: 6.

In order for the berries to be able to ripen for a longer period of time, it is recommended to cover the plantings with foil at the beginning and at the end of the growing season. In the fall, with significant drops in temperature, you can bring baskets or pots with strawberries into the house. With additional lighting, the ripening period of the berries can be extended by one to two months. Then, it is advisable to place strawberry bushes in a room in which the temperature does not drop below -5 ° C in winter.

Gardeners reviews

Reviews of the Tuscany strawberry, the description of the variety and the photo of which are located above, are mostly favorable, although many gardeners talk more about its decorativeness than about its taste.

Svetlana, 38 years old, Smolensk

I bought small seedlings of Tuscany remontant strawberries. They planted her in the spring, she did not even have time to get stronger, as it should, but had already bloomed. The flowers, of course, are very beautiful, and if you let it grow, then a whole rose bush turns out. Even my neighbors asked me what kind of flowers I had got so unusual. And when they found out that strawberries, at first they did not believe, and then they asked for seedlings. Her berries are small, but sweet, they are also suitable for jam, and so eat right from the bush. Mustache reproduces very easily. I have been growing it for two years now, so in the second year I first cut off the first flower stalks, so that later there would be more harvest. So, from May to the end of September, she practically delighted us with flowers and berries.

Maria, 29 years old, Lipetsk

In the spring I bought two blossoming bushes of Tuscany strawberries in a shopping center. I planted them on the balcony - in May they already picked the first berry. Strawberries bloomed and bore fruit all summer. There were no mustaches this year, but there were a lot of flowers. By the fall, the berries became smaller in size, but I like the flowers in it the most - they are so unusual, they attract attention.

Alina, 32 years old, Moscow

For several years now, a unique variety of Tuscany strawberries has been living on my balcony and in my room. It gives berries almost all year round - in winter I bring it into the room, hang a lamp over it, and in spring, summer and autumn it feels great on the balcony. I feed it from spring to autumn every two weeks with complex fertilizer, I water it regularly. My children are very happy when the next berries ripen, and I am delighted with the flowers - they are so cute. At home, you have to manually pollinate strawberries - but it's not difficult at all - brush over the flowers and that's it. I also try to ensure that the resulting rosettes take root immediately, otherwise it will be difficult for the mother bush to feed all its “children”. And I don't leave more than five mustaches on the bush - I cut off the rest. That's all the tricks.


Strawberry Tuscany is a bright and original representative of the strawberry kingdom, so if you are passionate about growing this tasty and healthy berry, then you should try to grow this hybrid.

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