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How to grow lemon at home

How to grow lemon at home

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Lemon is an evergreen tree with beautiful, fragrant flowers and, of course, delicious fruits. Naturally, caring for it is a certain difficulty. A tree is demanding on light, soil composition and moisture, as well as other factors. I have gained good experience growing lemon at home and am ready to share it. Any interest? Who else is ready to grow lemon or is it already growing?


Lemon does not like neither hot, dry air, nor even cold. In winter, I keep a tree on the window, away from the window, in the summer I protect it from direct sunlight, I put a can of water next to it. Since the plant loves, I try to disturb it as little as possible, do not overturn, do not move it. I water the lemon in the winter 2 times a week, in the summer - daily, but not very much. I also spray the plants once a week with a spray gun. I feed the plant once a month with cow or bird droppings. I prune the plants in March, removing old, dry shoots.

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