Hexagon gazebo: advantages, stages of construction

Hexagon gazebo: advantages, stages of construction

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The hexagonal arbor is 100% a win-win option for your country house or cottage, even if your yard is not huge in size. The hexagon arbor is very compact, but it does not lose its beauty. For its construction, you can use many materials: metal, wood, cutting-edge plastic. It can also be finished with different materials or glazed. They can be either standard type or unique, made to order.

Use of hexagonal arbors in a landscape

Along with round and rectangular, the hexagonal shape of the arbors can be attributed to the classic. Because of its decorativeness, structures of this form fit perfectly into the landscape of any country house, any garden, while giving them a certain solemn, festive look.

Main advantages

But it is able to carry not only a decorative function. The hexagonal gazebo is also very economical in relation to the occupied space, but at the same time it is extremely roomy. It can set a barbecue, barbecue, arrange days of family celebrations or picnics. And the structural strength of such a gazebo makes groundless the concerns of those people that the snow can somehow squeeze the roof, and a powerful wind or hurricane will damage all kinds of building envelopes. Also, its advantages include the simplicity of construction, of course, relative. Each element of the six sides is repeated in size and shape, and this, in turn, facilitates at times the design of walls and the preparation of materials.

Hexagon gazebo design

Now a little about the design of the gazebo, which is very simple: six pillars, the shape of the roof and the base is determined by the very form of the architectural form. Each of the six sectors can be either equal in size or sometimes two sides differ - the input and the opposite sides are made somewhat larger in comparison with the rest.

The roof can also be different, basically it consists of six equal flat triangles that converge at one point in the form of a roof of the exotic weather of the east or the Moorish dome.

This gazebo is also suitable for fans of Feng Shui, who know that the "six" symbolizes household chores.

Construction Materials

DIY hexagon gazebo can also be built. As a material, you can use a log, timber, metal, brick and plastic. Combinations of several elements are also possible. In this regard, it all depends on the owner. Solidity and power can be given with brick and concrete, and openwork and lightness with plastic or carved wood. Also, buildings that are decorated with forged steel ornaments look very beautiful.

DIY hexagon gazebo

Hexagon arbor drawing

The degree of closure can be extremely different, and for this need to prepare a drawing of a hex gazeboin advance. You can make openings as open as possible by using openwork lattices or decorative plants as walls. Also, the walls can be completely closed by glazing the windows and insulating the walls so that you can relax with special comfort and coziness in the gazebo in winter and autumn. We recommend reading the article about the tent for a summer residence with your own hands.

The simplest hexagonal arbor in design can be made by the owners of suburban areas themselves. But if their plans include the construction of a solid and complex structure, then a more reasonable solution would be to appeal to the masters of their craft. The architectural form erected by them will turn out to be much better and better made than a self-made structure. Therefore, there are two possible solutions: you can make a gazebo with your own hands, or turn to specialists in their field.

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