Construction of arbors from a bar

Construction of arbors from a bar

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At any moment, a person can relax in the gazebo, take shelter from the wind and rain, or simply organize lunch in it, or maybe not by himself, or maybe not lunch, but a hearty dinner with barbecue and strong drinks. In general, for the above reasons, we understand that such a structure on a summer cottage is a necessity.

Varieties of arbors from a bar

Now let's look at the options for arbors that are suitable for giving. Open designs provide rest and a nice view to the summer cottage, they are cheaper to build, but the price of quality will not affect if you do everything wisely and soul. Closed gazebos are those in which you can relax or just spend time even in autumn and winter, in such you can install stationary furniture, a heater and even some household appliances to brighten up the pastime inside.

Do-it-yourself gazebo made of timber

Today we would like to opt for gazebos from timber. They are strong, durable, aesthetically pleasing on a summer cottage or garden plot and very simply fit into any landscape design solution. Such buildings will please not only you and your relatives with their magnificent forms, comfort and a beautiful view, both inside and outside, but they will also stretch out a lot of compliments from your friends.

Country bar arbors are popular for a reason, they like people for a number of reasons: a great place to relax and talk with friends, a kind of fairytale house that children like so much, convenience, durability, strength and natural beauty, which is very difficult to forget.

How to build a gazebo out of timber - video

Advantages of arbors from glued beam

The manufacturing technology of these arbors makes it possible to create a structure of any shape and design, which, for example, can not be said about structures made of stone or metal.

Current arbors from a bar do not give in to influences of moisture, therefore they do not change their shape over time. Material for the manufacture of buildings is not combustible, so you can not worry about ignition. Also, the material is tested by all GOSTs of the country, is safe for health and completely environmentally friendly. Glued beams are resistant to pests, mold and fungus, which makes it, apparently, though not the cheapest, but the highest quality in comparison with other materials.

Further, the choice is only yours, and you yourself will determine the material from which you will build the gazebo, but if you need friendly advice, you are always welcome, we will be happy to help.

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