Viburnum, mashed with sugar

Viburnum, mashed with sugar

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Our ancestors considered the viburnum to be almost a mystical plant, capable of protecting the house from evil spirits by its presence. Its symbolism for the Slavic peoples is very interesting, ambiguous and worthy of careful study. But according to all beliefs, viburnum does not have negative qualities, but mainly brings protection or consolation.

This is a delicious and very healthy berry. Most often, the viburnum is simply collected, the umbrellas are tied in bunches, and then hung out to dry. Meanwhile, you can make excellent jams, preserves, sweets, compotes, jellies and many other sweet delicacies from it. The berries are frozen, used as a filling for pies, raw materials for wine or liqueurs. Today we will tell you how to prepare viburnum with sugar for the winter.

Viburnum properties

The beneficial properties of viburnum have been well known for a long time. She is able to help us out, acting as an aid in the treatment of many diseases.

Healing properties

Viburnum is rich in organic acids, contains many minerals, including chromium, iodine, selenium, vitamins A, E, P, K, C (70% more than in lemons). It contains tannins and essential substances, pectins, coumarins, tannin, viburnin.

Viburnum berries have many useful properties, they are used:

  • with cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, atherosclerosis;
  • with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • for colds and coughs;
  • with uterine bleeding, menopause;
  • to normalize sugar and cholesterol levels;
  • with nervous disorders, insomnia;
  • to remove excess fluid from the body, relieve puffiness.

They have a pronounced antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and diaphoretic effect.

When viburnum is harmful

Kalina contains so many useful substances that it is simply impossible to eat it in exorbitant quantities. An overdose of vitamin C, for example, will cause itching and rashes. There are direct contraindications requiring it to be completely excluded from the diet:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • increased blood clotting;
  • gout.

Naturally, viburnum with sugar is contraindicated for diabetics.

Viburnum blanks with sugar

When we harvest viburnum for the winter, we try to keep it as healthy as possible and be tasty. Usually the berries ripen in September, but the bitterness makes them not a very pleasant treat. After harvesting, it is better to wait until the first frost, and then carefully cut the umbrellas with scissors.

Fresh viburnum blanks

If you cook viburnum without heat treatment, it will retain more useful properties.

Rubbed with honey

Take a kilogram of viburnum berries, wash under running water, pour over with boiling water. Then, using a wooden crush, rub the berries through a fine sieve. Measure the volume of the resulting fruit puree, add the same amount of honey to it. Mix thoroughly, arrange in clean jars, hide in the refrigerator.

After 10 days, the viburnum, rubbed with honey, is ready. It's hard to say what you did - the medicine or the treat. Probably, if you have a lot of honey and you have prepared several jars, this is jam. One, lonely lurking in the corner of the refrigerator, turns into a magic potion for a cold or bad mood.

Rubbed with sugar

Just like with honey, you can make viburnum, mashed with sugar. But if bitterness does not bother you, it is better to beat the berries together with the peel and bones with a blender. Then combine the viburnum with sugar 1: 1, mix well, put in jars, seal with nylon or screw caps. Leave for 2-3 days in a warm place to melt sugar a little, put in the refrigerator.

This cooking method has several advantages:

  • there will be more raw jam;
  • it will be much more useful, since most of the nutrients are in the peel, which usually remains on the bones or sieve;
  • thanks to the bitterness contained in the seeds, you will not eat all the jam in one go.

Covered in sugar

This method is specially designed for big lazy people. Take equal amounts of viburnum and sugar. Wash the berries, dry with a paper towel. Pour a layer of sugar about 1-1.5 cm at the bottom of the jar, on top - the same volume of viburnum. Tap the bottom of the container gently on the table. Then again add layers of sugar and viburnum. Repeat this algorithm until you have filled the entire jar. The last should be a layer of sugar.

Advice! Filling a jar in this way is very easy to miscalculate - there may not be enough sugar. Don't worry, just add as much sleep as needed.

Place the jar in the refrigerator. When you want tea with viburnum, pour 2-3 tablespoons into a cup, pour boiling water over it. Even if the sugar hardens, it does not matter, it will not affect the taste or beneficial properties. It's just that it will be difficult for you to get viburnum from a can.

Candied berries

For 1 kg of berries you need 200 g of powdered sugar, 5 g of starch.

Wash Kalina. Mix starch with powdered sugar in a dry bowl or saucepan, add berries there, shake the dishes well.

Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper.

Advice! Moisten the sheet with cold water, then the paper will adhere well to it.

Put the viburnum berries covered with powdered sugar and starch on a baking sheet in a layer no thicker than 1 cm.

Dry at room temperature for 15 hours, then pour into clean dry jars, close with nylon lids, store in a cool place.

Billets with heat treatment

Of course, some of the vitamins are lost during pasteurization or boiling. But what to do for those who do not have a basement or cellar, the refrigerator is already full, and here happiness has fallen - a large amount of viburnum has formed from somewhere? Of course, you can dry everything. But why? You can make so many goodies from viburnum!

Advice! Every time you grind the viburnum, freeing it from the seeds, do not throw them away, dry or cook a vitamin drink.

Simple recipe with minimal cooking

For 1 kg of viburnum berries, take the same amount of sugar if the jam is made from one pulp, or 1.5 kg for preparation with seeds.

Rinse the berries, pour boiling water over and leave for 5 minutes.

Drain the water completely, pour the viburnum into a container for making jam and cover with sugar. Use a wooden pusher to grind the mixture well and put on low heat.

Stir the jam constantly, when it boils, all the sugar should dissolve.

If you are not going to remove the viburnum seeds, boil the mixture for 5 minutes, put it in sterile jars and seal it tightly.

If you are making jam from one pulp, immediately after boiling, remove the container from the heat and rub its contents through a sieve. Return the puree to the fire, let it boil, put in sterile jars, roll up.

Important! It is necessary that the berries are wiped thoroughly and only seeds remain among the waste.

Jelly from viburnum

For 1 kg of viburnum, take 1 kg of sugar and 0.5 liters of water.

Wash the berries, put in a saucepan and pour boiling water for 5 minutes. Throw the viburnum on a sieve, strain the water and use a wooden pestle to wipe it, separating the pulp from the seeds.

Pour the berry puree into a saucepan, add water and sugar, stir well. Put on a small fire.

When the viburnum, grated with sugar, boils, cook, stirring constantly for another 40 minutes.

Pour the jelly into sterile jars and roll up.

Berry marshmallow

Oddly enough, this recipe is very close to real marshmallow, the recipe for which was given in "Domostroy". For 1 kg of berries, take the same amount of sugar and 250 ml of water.

Pour boiling water over the washed viburnum for 5 minutes, drain.

Pour the berries into a saucepan, add water, cook over low heat until they soften.

Together with the liquid, wipe the viburnum through a sieve.

Add sugar and simmer over low heat. When the grated viburnum reaches the thickness of homemade sour cream, pour it onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Place in the oven and dry at 40 to 60 degrees.

The pastila is ready when it comes off the paper easily. Sprinkle both sides with powdered sugar, roll up and cut the spirals 0.5-1.5 cm thick.Fold in a cardboard or wooden box and store in a cool place.

In sugar syrup

For 1 kg of viburnum, take 400 g of sugar and 600 ml of water.

Arrange clean berries in sterile jars, fill with syrup cooked from water and sugar. Pasteurize half-liter containers at 80 degrees for 15 minutes, liter containers - 30. Seal tightly.


These are just some of the blanks that can be made from viburnum berries. We hope you like them. Enjoy your meal!

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