Rose Austin Golden Celebration (Golden Celebration): photo and description, reviews

Rose Austin Golden Celebration (Golden Celebration): photo and description, reviews

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Rose Golden Celebration lives up to its name and with its flowering creates a holiday with a golden hue. The luxurious variety can be grown as a bush or climbing variety with medium-length shoots. To get a real decoration for your garden, you need to strictly follow the rules of caring for the "Englishwoman".

Breeding history

Rose "Golden Celebration" (Golden Celebration) was created at the end of the 20th century in the famous company of D. Austin. The basis for the new variety was two already known species:

  1. Charles Austin.
  2. Abraham Darby.

The result is a look with delicate yellow-orange flowers and the best characteristics that floribundas, climbing roses and tea roses have. The author timed the name of the variety to the anniversary of the British Queen.

Rose "Golden Celebration" belongs to the group of shrabs

Later, the rose "Golden Celebration" took part in many exhibitions and competitions and repeatedly received prizes and diplomas.

Description and characteristics of the variety of the English park rose Golden Celebration

The rose belongs to the bush, but its shoots are long, and with good care and favorable conditions, they reach 4 m. The stems are plastic, covered with thorns and hard emerald leaves of a dense structure, glossy on the outside.

The main value of the Golden Celebration rose is its flowers. Blooming buds of unusual color. It is compared to the rich color of egg yolk, where pink and peach tones are present. This combination gives the effect of a golden copper hue. Flowers up to 14 cm in diameter are collected in huge inflorescences of 6-7 pieces. They droop under their own weight, but they look decorative. The petals are very graceful - the wavy edge of the outer ones is turned outward, the inner ones create a dense core.

Rose "Golden Celebration" blooms several times per season. The largest number of buds appears on it during the first wave, in early June. The end of flowering occurs in October, after the onset of the first frost.

The fruity aroma of Golden Celebration rose is subtle and very pleasant.

The variety is unpretentious - it can grow on poor organic soil and with a short daylight hours (4-5 hours). The plant is immune to major diseases. Despite its high frost resistance (up to -20 ⁰С), it requires a reliable shelter for the winter.

Advantages and disadvantages of Austin Rose Golden Celebration

Thanks to the enormous selection work, the Golden Celebration variety has a number of advantages:

  • unpretentious care;
  • high decorativeness of flowers;
  • their unusual color;
  • great vigor of shoot growth;
  • repeated flowering per season;
  • resistance to major fungal diseases;
  • average number of thorns on the stems.

The plant is watered carefully, in a thin stream, and only at the root

The list of disadvantages of the Golden Celebration variety is very short:

  • decrease in the decorativeness of inflorescences after prolonged rains;
  • burnout of petals under the bright sun;
  • the need for serious shelter in regions with cold winters.

Reproduction methods

The Golden Celebration variety is propagated by cuttings. Planting material is obtained from bushes that have already grown and strengthened. Cuttings are cut after the first wave of flowering. This time falls on the period from mid-June to the third decade of July. A stem of medium thickness is selected and cut into pieces about 20 cm long. The lower cut is made oblique, at an angle of 45⁰, the upper cut is straight (90⁰). To reduce evaporation, the leaves on the cuttings are cut in half.

In spring, the shelter from the rose is removed gradually so that it adapts to the sun.

In order for the planting material to take root, it is immersed in a solution of one of the stimulants ("Kornevin", "Heteroauxin", "Zircon") or the cut is powdered with a powder form. Consistent application of both soaking and dusting is acceptable.

In special mini-plates, the soil is prepared in such a way that there is ordinary garden soil at the bottom, and sand on top with a layer of 5 cm. The soil is well watered and cuttings are planted in it until the first leaf. Moderate humidity is maintained for 3 weeks, after which old leaves may dry out and fall off, but new ones will appear. This will indicate that rooting has occurred. After a month and a half, the stalk looks like a small bush.

Important! Emerging buds must be removed to speed up the growing season.

For the winter, young roses "Golden Celebration" are left in the same place, reliably sheltering from winter frosts. In the spring, the seedlings are transplanted to the place chosen for them in the garden.

Growing and care

Despite the royal appearance, the Golden Celebration rose is undemanding to growing conditions, caring for it is not difficult even for novice florists. After choosing a site and planting, caring for the plant consists of regular irrigation, fertilization, pruning and preparation for winter.

Seat selection

For landing, you need a place protected from northern winds and drafts. The plant needs 5 hours of daylight hours. The sun can illuminate the rose in the morning and evening hours, in the midday heat it should be covered with a light shadow.

The soil

The best soil for the Golden Celebration rose is air-permeable loam with an alkaline reaction, without a high groundwater level. Before planting, it is dug up, removing the roots of weeds, wood ash and organic matter are introduced.

After the rain, rose petals get wet and quickly crumble


The main requirement for watering the Golden Celebration rose is regularity and moderation. An adult plant needs 7-10 liters of water every 3 days. In the strong summer heat, water is often watered.

Important! When irrigating the bushes, drops should not be allowed to fall on the foliage so that there is no burn.

Top dressing

Fertilizing under the Golden Celebration rose starts from the second year according to the following scheme:

  • nitrogen fertilization - in early spring, during the beginning of the growing season;
  • phosphorus and potassium - during budding;
  • superphosphate and potassium salt - after flowering.

Important! Rose "Golden Celebration" does not tolerate fertilizing in the form of fresh manure.

Golden Celebration is moderately resistant to frost and therefore needs to be covered


This procedure is carried out several times. In the spring, damaged and diseased shoots are removed. After flowering, the bush is thinned out, cutting out the branches growing inward. In the fall, the rose is prepared for winter by shortening the stems to 3-4 buds.

Features of growing Golden Celebration roses in Siberia

The variety "Golden Celebration" is one of the five roses most adapted to the conditions of Siberia. In order for the bush not to die out, but to quickly develop and bloom, it is necessary to fulfill the planting conditions:

  1. Plant in the shade of light-leaved shrubs on the south side of the site.
  2. Select high places for planting, where freezing of the soil is less observed and the roots wake up early.
  3. Plant in a permanent place in May, after warming up the soil to +10 ⁰С.
  4. The optimal composition of the soil mixture should include peat, clay, ash, humus and sand.
  5. Place the grafting site 8 cm below the soil surface.
  6. Spud the bush high.

It is very important to provide the Golden Celebration rose with a reliable shelter in the harsh Siberian winters. It must be dry to prevent freezing and rotting of the seedling. Alternatively, you can use a structure consisting of an arc frame, spruce branches, non-woven fabric and plastic film. Under the shelter, the bush is covered with dry earth and foliage.

Important! Before the onset of frost, a "window" should be left in the shelter for ventilation.

In Siberia, experts advise to water the roots with an epin solution with the onset of spring in order to reanimate them as soon as possible after a harsh winter.

Pests and diseases

Rose "Golden Celebration" has high immunity and rarely suffers from fungal diseases. In adverse weather conditions, black spot damage is possible, which must be fought with fungicides.

The pests most often infecting the Golden Celebration rose include aphids and spider mites. If the number of insects is small, they are collected by hand. In case of massive damage to the bush, insecticides are used.

Important! When harmful insects appear on plants adjacent to roses, preventive spraying is carried out.

Application in landscape design

Due to its decorative and long-lasting flowering, the Golden Celebration rose is widely used by designers to decorate plots, parks and squares. It looks great as a hedge, on alpine slides, flower beds and rockeries. The plant is easy to grow in the open field, on the balcony, in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Single plantings of roses against the background of green conifers are especially effective. Tapeworms of golden flowers against the background of an emerald lawn amaze with the magnificence of the created picture.

The ability to grow the Golden Celebration rose as a climbing rose provides new, additional design options. You can decorate a wall, arch, fence, main entrance with it, giving the territory coziness and originality.

The rose can be used for cutting, creating bouquets, compositions, wreaths, planting in containers and flowerpots.

Important! On roses planted in pots or pots, you need to prune in time.


Rose Golden Celebration during the flowering period contributes to the creation of a festive atmosphere in the garden, park or site. Excellent characteristics have become the reason for the popularity of the variety, gardeners increasingly prefer it and do not regret their choice.

Reviews with a photo of the Golden Celebration rose

Gardeners who leave their photos, descriptions and reviews about the Golden Celebration rose note a lot of positive characteristics and features of the variety from D. Austin.

Privarova Rada, 39 years old, Kazan

Rose "Golden Celebration" is my favorite. I noticed that in a good summer, it blooms for almost the entire season. The second wave is often more powerful than the first. The flowers are huge, golden, fragrant, good for cutting. The rose responds very quickly to feeding, gives a large increase, flowering intensifies. For the winter, it is necessary to cover it so that the bush is dry and does not freeze.

Antonov Ivan, 59 years old, Dyatkovo

Golden Celebration has a special place in my rose garden. There are several bushes and a climbing shape. The length of the shoots is very long - up to 2 m. It looks great on the support at the time of flowering. True, it is difficult to cover such a beauty, pruning helps. In spring, the bush is gaining strength very quickly and begins to bloom.

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