Adjika for the winter from tomato

Adjika for the winter from tomato

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Translated from Abkhaz, adjika simply means salt. In the cuisine of the peoples of Georgia, it is a pasty mass consisting of red hot pepper, herbs and garlic, thickly flavored with salt. The color of the paste can be red or green, depending on the color of the pepper used.

For us, we are used to a very spicy spicy seasoning, which traditionally includes tomatoes or tomato paste, which we call adjika. The recipe for its manufacture is simple, most often housewives use the same products, only changing their proportions. But if you look well, you can find rather original ways of preparing this universal seasoning for the winter, which can not only be served with various dishes, but also simply spread on bread. Among the proposed recipes will be both the traditional tomato adjika for us, and several original spins from pumpkin, beets, even plums.

Adjika peasant

Even a novice housewife can make this traditional recipe. It consists of tomatoes, garlic, bell peppers and hot peppers that are familiar to adjika. Often housewives use a similar recipe for a sauce for the winter with cooking.

Products used

You will need the following grocery kit:

  • ripe tomatoes - 2.5 kg;
  • garlic - 5 heads;
  • sweet pepper - 1 kg;
  • apples - 1 kg;
  • carrots - 1 kg;
  • hot pepper - 100 g;
  • vegetable oil - 200 g;
  • vinegar - 200 ml;
  • salt - 30 g.

Cooking method

Wash all the vegetables well, peel, grate the carrots.

Remove the peel from the apples, cut out the middle. Cut them into chunks and use a blender to make the applesauce.

In peppers, clean the seeds and remove the stalks, rinse under running water.

Cut out all the spoiled places in the tomatoes, grind all the cooked vegetables with a meat grinder.

Put all the ingredients in a stainless steel pot, mix, let it boil.

Simmer adjika with tomatoes for about an hour, stirring constantly, then turn off the heat, cool.

Pour in vinegar, add salt, oil, crushed or ground garlic. Stir again, let it brew for 5-6 hours.

Sterilize the jars. Adjika prepared according to this simple recipe is closed with nylon lids. They need to be rinsed well and poured over with boiling water.

Put the saucepan on the stove and wait for it to boil. As soon as the first bubbles appear, pour into clean jars, seal tightly with lids.

Raw adjika

An easy recipe for adjika for the winter, quickly cooks, without tomatoes and heat treatment. The sauce will turn out to be very spicy and more likely to please men (they can easily make it on their own).

Necessary products


  • bitter pepper - 1 kg;
  • garlic - 4 heads;
  • cilantro (greens) - 1 bunch;
  • hops-suneli - 1 tablespoon;
  • bell pepper (preferably red) - 1 kg;
  • ground dry cilantro (seeds) - 1 tablespoon;
  • salt to taste.

Cooking method

Free sweet and bitter peppers from seeds and stalks, peel the garlic.

Before taking the next step, wash your herbs and vegetables under running water.

Grind cilantro, pepper and garlic twice in a meat grinder.

Add suneli hops, coriander powder and salt.

Stir the food thoroughly, put it in sterile jars, and take it to a cool place.

Adjika Georgian

It is not known whether adjika is prepared in Georgia for a similar recipe. It got its name from the use of walnuts. The sauce must be without apples.

Grocery list

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • bitter red pepper - 0.5 kg;
  • peeled volosh (walnuts) - 150 g;
  • garlic - 7 heads;
  • tomato paste - 0.5 kg;
  • hops-suneli - 2 tablespoons;
  • salt - 70 g.

Important! Please note that this adjika for the winter requires the use of paste, and not fresh tomatoes.

Cooking method

Remove the seeds from the pepper, rinse, chop twice in a meat grinder.

Peel the garlic, mince the nuts with a meat grinder three times.

Mix, add hops-suneli, add salt and tomato paste.

Arrange in sterile jars, cover with lids. Store in the refrigerator.

Adjika with pumpkin

Of course, pumpkin is an unusual sauce ingredient. But perhaps you will like this original recipe with a photo.

Necessary products

You will need:

  • pumpkin - 1.5 kg;
  • ripe tomatoes - 5 kg;
  • garlic - 7 heads;
  • bitter pepper - 6 pieces;
  • carrots - 1 kg;
  • sweet pepper - 1 kg;
  • apples - 0.5 kg;
  • vinegar - 150 ml;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • salt - 150 g;
  • vegetable oil - 0.5 l;
  • ground coriander (seeds) - 1 teaspoon;
  • bay leaf - 3 pieces.

Making the sauce

The tomato and pumpkin adjika recipe contains many ingredients but is surprisingly easy to prepare.

Wash and peel the carrots and garlic.

Peel and core the apples.

Remove seeds in sweet and hot peppers.

Remove the skin from the pumpkin, peel the seeds.

In this recipe for adjika tomatoes, it is not necessary to peel off the skin from them.

Grind all vegetables with a meat grinder or interrupt with a blender, mix, boil for 90 minutes over low heat.

Add spices, vegetable oil, vinegar, sugar. Cook for another 30 minutes.

When the preparation of adjika is over, take out the bay leaf, put it in sterilized jars. Roll up.

Adjika from beets

Of course, we are more accustomed to the usual tomato adjika, but often we want to cook something new, original. The addition of beets not only greatly changes the taste of the sauce, but also softens the effects of hot peppers and garlic on the stomach.

Ingredients used

Before giving a list of products, we note that this cooking recipe requires the use of only red table beets - sugar or even more fodder will not work.

So, you will need:

  • red tomatoes - 3 kg;
  • red table beets - 2 kg;
  • sweet pepper - 7 pieces;
  • bitter pepper - 6 pieces;
  • sour apples - 4 pieces;
  • garlic - 5 heads;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • lean oil - 200 g.

Making the sauce

Cook in sunflower or corn oil with salt and sugar, peeled, minced beets with a meat grinder.

After 30 minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and simmer for the same amount of time.

Wash the peppers, peel, twist in a meat grinder, pour into the sauce, simmer for 20 minutes.

Before finishing cooking adjika, add peeled, grated apples and garlic passed through a press.

10 minutes after boiling, spread the sauce into sterile jars, roll up.

Put the jars upside down, wrap them in an old blanket, leave to cool.

Adjika tomato

Probably, this tomato adjika got this name due to the absence of sweet pepper in its composition. It turns out to be very tasty and quite runny. Perhaps, if this adjika were not so hot due to the presence of bitter pepper and a large amount of garlic, it would be called ketchup.

We offer a simple recipe for delicious adjika with a photo.

Products used

Required set of products:

  • red tomatoes - 3 kg;
  • apples (any) - 1 kg;
  • garlic - 7 heads;
  • bitter pepper - 2 pieces;
  • vegetable oil - 1 glass;
  • sugar, salt - to your liking.

Making the sauce

This tomato adjika will surely appeal to the whole family, in addition, it can be added to borscht, when stewing meat or vegetables, so it is better to immediately cook it from the full volume of products.

Rinse the tomatoes well, cut out the damaged areas, cut into pieces, chop with a meat grinder. In this case, the peel from the tomatoes can be left on.

Peel and core from apples, chop.

Pour the puree into a saucepan and simmer over low heat for 2-2.5 hours.

Peel, wash, grind hot pepper in a meat grinder, chop garlic, add together with sunflower oil to adjika.

Add sugar and salt with constant stirring.

How much to cook adjika after boiling, determine for yourself, bringing it to the required density, but not less than 30 minutes.

Important! Remember that cold food always has a thicker consistency than hot food.

Adjika "Tkemalevaya"

Perhaps this is the most original of all adjika recipes. It was not called tkemali sauce only due to the presence of tomato paste. It is best to use sour plums for this recipe, such as eel or cherry plum. If you put into business the hardy, then you get, in general, something new. So, we figured out the plums, now we will tell you how to cook adjika.

Set of products

To make plum adjika, you will need:

  • sour plums or black plums - 2 kg;
  • garlic - 5 heads;
  • bitter pepper - 3 pieces;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • tomato paste - 2 tablespoons.

What you need to pay attention to

Before preparing this simple recipe for plum adjika, you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  1. It is prepared without oil, therefore, you cannot leave it for a minute and stir constantly with a wooden or stainless spoon on a long handle.
  2. The heat treatment will be very short, as the taste of the sauce will suffer from overcooked plums.
  3. Plums must be of good quality, without worms, external damage, they must be washed thoroughly.

Cooking method

Wash the plums, remove seeds from them, grind them in a meat grinder.

Free the hot pepper from the seeds, remove the stalk, wash well, grind with a blender.

Free the garlic from the scales and pass through a press.

Combine foods by adding sugar, tomato paste, salt.

Stir the mass so that not only its consistency becomes homogeneous, but also its color.

Boil the adjika for 20 minutes, stirring constantly, otherwise it can easily burn.

Lay out on pre-sterilized jars, roll up.

Turn the curls upside down, wrap them up in an old blanket or towels.

After the adjika from the plums has cooled, put it in a cool dry place for storage.


A wonderful sauce - adjika. There are probably hundreds of different recipes. We have shown only a few, we hope you will choose some for yourself. Enjoy your meal!

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