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Landscaping for the lazy

Landscaping for the lazy

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The question may seem strange, but it is worth considering the employment of most of the population. Usually time is sorely lacking, but there is no desire to live among the weeds either. How can you get something pleasing to the eye without a significant investment of time or, at least, without tiring and frequent courtship?


Open ground areas where frequent weeding and regular maintenance are required can be beaten in the following ways. Spunbond is laid on top of the soil. It is laid between trees, bushes, flowers and plants. On the spanbond, either decorative bark or small or large pebbles is poured. You can play with the colors of the bark and pebbles (it has various colors). This is accompanied by dot decoration and dilution of larger stones. The beauty is unbelievable! Replacing the spunbond and bark, as well as pebbles, can be done in a few years, when the view becomes not very aesthetic and you want to please the eye with more recent solutions.

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