Artificial turf on the site with your own hands

Artificial turf on the site with your own hands

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Currently, summer residents and owners of suburban areas are paying a lot of attention to the improvement and decoration of their estates. Indeed, in addition to getting a good harvest, you always want to have a place for rest and the realization of creative inspiration. An excellent option that allows you to temporarily (after harvesting) or permanently decorate the site is an artificial turf.

Modern production technologies provide such a natural look to artificial turf that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from natural grass. And if you still ensure the correct installation and operation, you will immediately feel all the benefits.

Artificial turf will ideally help out in those situations when you urgently need to improve the place for a holiday, wedding, business meeting or open-air corporate party. Natural grass is trampled down, a large number of people can quickly reduce the decorative effect of an ordinary lawn. In addition, artificial fiber is easy to decompose in places where grass cannot grow and even indoors.

This is another significant plus of artificial turf. Such a lawn helps out well on the sports ground, in places where animals are walking. With the help of artificial turf, it is easy to model a grass staircase or steps, beautifully beat the place under the terrace.

The choice in its favor is often determined by such advantages, which significantly save time. Artificial turf does not require regularity:

  • glaze;
  • haircuts;
  • dressing.

That is, the basic care that a grassy lawn needs is not needed in this case.

Among the important advantages of artificial grass, it should be noted that it:

  • absolutely moisture resistant;
  • does not provoke allergic manifestations (hypoallergenic);
  • not destroyed by insects and pests;
  • firmly withstands direct sunlight (although it can get very hot) and frost;
  • makes it possible to design areas of the most intricate shapes and in hard-to-reach places.

All these advantages will be clear to those summer residents who have a natural lawn on the site. Caring for him requires not only money and time, but also constant attention.

Types and characteristics of artificial turf

Artificial turf is made of pile plastic fiber - polypropylene or polyethylene. Depending on the material used, the degree of hardness of the lawn changes. Polyethylene fiber is more elastic and thinner, it is used in playgrounds, playgrounds, football fields. Polypropylene has a stiffer pile, therefore it is used for sports fields (tennis, golf), where athletes do not often fall.

The appearance and texture of such grass is very similar to a natural lawn. To notice this, you can look at the photo of the artificial turf.

The fiber is attached to a highly elastic latex coated base. The pile height ranges from 6 mm to 100 mm, so it can be used for different purposes.

How artificial turf is made:

In addition to different heights, such a coating is distinguished by the density and direction of growth of "blades of grass". Depending on the purpose of the coating, the artificial turf is divided into types:


Serves exclusively for decoration. The main difference between this type is the natural appearance. It is almost indistinguishable from living grass. But it can only be placed in places with a minimum load. In other words, you will have to walk a little and carefully on such a lawn. However, there are distinctive advantages from other types - it does not require sprinkling with quartz sand, it has a high aesthetics.


Suitable for sports and playgrounds.

The basis is a soft polyethylene fiber, and quartz sand is poured into the spaces between the fibers. This is done to increase the strength and stability of the lawn.


The material for such a lawn is polypropylene. The villi are elastic, tough and stable. It is used in public places, on football fields, where the load on the grass is very high. The base between the blades of grass is covered with special rubber granulate and quartz sand. Rubber filler softens friction, bounces and protects players from injury.

Artificial turf has its own varieties and colors. The green lawn is used to design the plots.

For sports grounds, a coating is produced in white, yellow, blue, red, brown. This removes the need for markup.

A strip of another is wedged into a roll of one color, which looks quite natural. There are two-color pile or one-color with different shades.

In addition to sports types of artificial turf, there are decorative ones. They differ in fiber structure. In this case, some fibers are long and straight and have a green color. Others are twisted yellow. It is they who give the coating good elasticity, so this type is made without filler.

Flower artificial turf

A separate option is a flower artificial turf. In such a coating, grass fibers are combined with decorative flowers, as in the photo:

Laying artificial turf on the site

Artificial turf is sold in rolls. Therefore, laying an artificial turf with your own hands is quite an affordable and uncomplicated business. Although, for the first time, you will definitely have to use the advice of professionals and be patient. The main stages of installation include:

  1. Soil preparation. First of all, this includes putting things in order at the site. Garbage, plant residues, stones, glass, metal parts are removed. Then the site is leveled and tamped. This operation is carried out with a log, a roller, boards. When leveling the ground, be sure to observe a slight slope for water drainage. If the lawn is laid on concrete or asphalt, no tamping is required. But in this case, a substrate is needed. It has a small thickness (1 cm), but it softens the load on the fibers well. It makes no sense to take a thinner substrate, it can squeeze, which will make the surface of the lawn uneven.
  2. Drainage device. This is necessary in order to prevent rotting of the soil. Artificial turf is not afraid of excessive moisture, and the earth must "breathe". Drainage ditches are located on the side of the slope, this will allow the water to drain more easily.
  3. Stacking rolls. The rolls are overlapped (about 1.5 cm). Then each roll is trimmed so that the edges match very accurately and without creases.
  4. Maturing and fixing. After unrolling the roll, the grass should straighten and take on a vertical shape. This can take up to 12 hours. Then the rolls are fastened with staples, and along the perimeter with a special plinth. In the case of fragmentary design, the canvas is attached with glue. And in some cases this is not required either.

Styling elements:

After laying and fixing, the lawn cover is spilled with water. This is done for better adhesion of the lawn to the ground.

Care rules

Artificial turf maintenance is essential to extend the life of the turf. It is not difficult, but it will retain a presentable view of the site for a long time. Basic conditions:

  1. Artificial turf cleaning. It needs to be washed, all dirt removed. It is advisable to carry out disinfection on the playground and indoors. This is done infrequently, as needed.
  2. Update. This applies to sand and granules. They are updated no more than once every six months. If the lawn is used constantly, then it can be done more often.
  3. Moisturizing. This procedure is done during long periods of dry and hot weather to improve adhesion to the substrate.
  4. Aeration. Small punctures are made in the lawn once every two weeks. This reduces the accumulation of water and prevents decay.


The main advantage of the artificial turf remains the feedback from the owners of the sites. In their opinion, it is a great alternative to natural grass. It can be easily removed for the winter or moved to another location. Maintenance is much easier and cheaper. The combination of natural grass and artificial grass greatly simplifies the arrangement of zones. Observing the basic recommendations, you can achieve a very long service life and preserve the decorative effect of the artificial turf. In any case, the artificial turf will justify all your hopes for a high-quality design of the site.

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