Tall perennial flowers

Tall perennial flowers

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Experienced growers for the most part prefer tall perennials. They do not need to be sown every spring, they are characterized by increased endurance and vitality. There are a huge number of varieties of perennial tall flowers that can form the basis of absolutely any composition. They can be planted on "alpine" slides, ordinary flower beds, in the garden. Having planted tall flowers around the perimeter of the site, you can get a beautiful hedge. The use of tall blooming beauties is limited only by the imagination of a florist. If desired, you can pick up tall perennials with any shape and color of the flower.

So, the names and descriptions of the most beautiful and demanded tall flowers are given below. You can appreciate their stunning external qualities by looking at the proposed photos.


You can decorate any garden or flower bed with peonies. This bushy flowering plant forms a lush head with beautiful massive buds and rich greenery. Peonies are great for cutting and arranging bouquets.

There are many varieties of peony, the flowers of which are colored not only in the traditional pink color, but also in burgundy and white. You can get acquainted with the most original varieties of this tall perennial below in the article.

Shirley Temple

Perhaps the most beautiful white peony. Its buds are especially lush, semi-double. The diameter of the bud exceeds 20 cm. The delicate flower exudes a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma. Peduncles of the "Shirley Temple" variety are very resistant and durable. Their height exceeds 1 m, but a garter and installation of supports for the bush is not required. The flower variety is resistant to partial shade, does not require special care. It can be grown on any soil, however, the peony is very grateful for feeding, increasing the number and improving the quality of flowers.

Important! A young peony begins to bloom only after 2-3 years. At first, the buds of the "Shirley Temple" variety are painted in a pale pink color, however, over time, their color becomes white.

In addition to the above variety, white color of flowers is inherent in the following varieties: "Festival Maxima", "Top Brass", "White Wings", "Pecher".

Charles White

"Charles White" is the only peony of its kind that has a creamy color. Its upper petals are twisted, brighter, colored lemon-cream. Charles White buds are very large, over 20 cm in diameter. They are well suited for cutting and arranging bouquets. The flowers exude a pleasant, sweet scent.

Peonies of this variety are quite tall, the bush can reach 1.2 m.The plant is distinguished by its increased resistance to diseases and frosts.

Important! The Charles White variety is one of the most expensive in comparison with other types of peony.

Sarah Bernhardt

The Sarah Bernhardt variety stands out among other pink peonies for its particularly delicate flower color. Semi-double, large buds exude a very strong aroma that will beckon the whole area. These perennial flowers, like other peony varieties, are tall. The length of the peduncle exceeds 100 cm. However, thanks to the strong, stable stems, the bush keeps its shape perfectly and does not need to be supported.

In addition to the Sarah Bernhardt variety, pink buds will delight the varieties Nymph (has a cup-shaped bud, with a yellow heart), Pink Hawaiian, Raspberry Sandaye, Solange, Edens Perfume, Yadwiga and some others.

Red Charm

Very beautiful blood-red peony. Its buds are semi-double, rather large. The plant is resistant to lack of light, prolonged frost and diseases. The flowers are tall: the length of the peduncle is more than 80 cm. Peonies of the "Red Charm" variety are excellent for making bouquets.

Such red flowers can please the varieties "Red Magic", "Peter Brand" and some others.


A tall flower, a bush of which is more than 1 m. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of pink and cream color. Such beautiful buds can surprise and delight even experienced flower growers. The buds of this variety have a wonderful delicate aroma. They can be used to make bouquets.

Peony is one of the most common tall perennials that can be found in almost every garden. It is undemanding to care for, annually forms a huge number of beautiful buds, the color variety of which is very extensive. With the help of peonies, you can decorate the lawn, flower bed, front garden. The flowering period of these beautiful giants falls in June-July. Preparation of peonies for wintering consists in cutting off the green mass and covering the plants with peat or mulch. It is recommended to feed flowering bushes once every 2 years. Plants should be transplanted every 5-6 years. All the nuances associated with planting and growing peonies can be found in the video:


Phloxes are great for decorating flower beds. They can be planted in the center of the composition, along the perimeter of which low-growing flowers will be located. This combination is excellent, since phloxes are not prone to lodging, they keep their shape perfectly.

There are a huge number of phlox, the color of which ranges from white to purple. You can see the most beautiful ones below.

Neon Jade

Excellent, tall phlox with a combination of white and green shades. This color is exotic for the culture and can surprise the most sophisticated flower growers. The height of flowers of this variety reaches 70 cm. Plants are light-loving, negatively related to high soil moisture.

Peppermint Twist

An excellent phlox, the height of which exceeds 90 cm. Its especially bright flowers involuntarily attract the attention of every person passing by. A stunning sweet honey scent enhances the attraction and beckons to come closer.

The peduncles of this plant are strong and resistant. Phlox do not need a garter. A large number of inflorescences are formed on each peduncle. Small flowers of this variety combine white and light red sectors.


Phlox variety "Cyclamenovy" is distinguished by especially large flowers. They are colored bright red. On the surface of the petals there is a small crimson eye. Plant height exceeds 90 cm.

Important! The uniqueness of the variety lies in the late flowering period. Phlox varieties "Cyclamen" will decorate the site, while other flowering plants are at the stage of wilting.

Blue ocean

You can emit a pond on your site using phlox varieties "Blue Sea". This flower has a unique color that changes during the day: in bright sunlight, the flowers are painted in a purple-lilac color, with the onset of sunset phlox acquire a blue tint.

A phlox bush of the Blue Sea variety can be seen above in the photo. It is quite strong and stable, not prone to lodging. Perennial height exceeds 70 cm.

In botany, about 100 different varieties of perennial phlox are distinguished, each of which is not possible to describe, but the most unique of them are given above. It is not difficult to grow them, they are undemanding to the nutritional value of the soil, regular watering. Many growers grow these very tall perennials, since they are able to delight with their beauty for a long time. Phlox bloom from June to August. Late varieties can amaze with their beauty until October. For the winter, the plants are prepared: they are cut and covered with insulating materials. Some other nuances associated with growing phlox are shown in the video:


Scientists identify more than 50 thousand different varieties of dahlias. Among them there are low, medium and tall species. There are annual and perennial dahlias with different colors, shapes and splendor of the flower. It is not always possible for even experienced flower growers to understand such a variety, so we will try to highlight some varieties that are especially popular.


Dahlias of the "Duet" variety are perennial tall flowering plants, the buds of which are very bright and rather large. The height of the green bush variety "Duet" exceeds 1 m. The diameter of the flowers is not less than 18 cm. They are formed on the main stems and lateral shoots of the plant. A feature of the variety is the color of the flowers, which combines the main bright color of the petals with a delicate white tip.

Important! Dahlias of the "Duet" variety can be burgundy, orange, red (photo above), yellow.


Ball-shaped dahlias have always been very popular with flower growers. One of these varieties is "Nallmark", the buds of which are painted in blue or light purple. This variety is characterized by strong, durable peduncles that securely hold a large number of densely double flowers. Each Nallmark bud is 3 to 5 cm in diameter. These flowers are excellent for garden decoration and cut flowers.


A cactus dahlia whose petals are like needles. The color of the buds of this variety can be different. So, in the above photo, yellow and red are surprisingly combined. The size of the flowers of such a dahlia can vary from 4 to 20 cm, the height of the bushes from 1.5 to 2 m. The parameters of the plant and the abundance of flowering depend on the growing conditions. So, to get a beautiful lush flowering bush, you need to regularly feed and water a perennial plant.

A similar variety "Dahlia" is a perennial variety "Veritable", a photo of which can be seen below.

Arabian night

The uniqueness of this variety lies in the dark red color of the flowers. In some cases, Arabian Night perennial flowers can be almost black. Their petals are slightly curled, pointed. Tall bushes are demanding for light, moisture, feeding. They can decorate a vegetable garden, a garden, a separately located flower bed. Plant height exceeds 1 m. It must be tied up. The diameter of the buds of this variety of dahlias exceeds 15 cm.

Important! Dark red dahlias "Arabian Night" look great in bouquets and retain their freshness in cut for a long time.

Tall, perennial dahlias can be a wonderful decoration for every yard, and it is especially pleasing that there is no need to carefully care for the plants. So, having planted dahlias once, you can forget about them for several years, just admiring the wonderful flowers in summer. Dahlias do not require regular watering and loosening of the soil. These wonderful plants bloom at the "sunset of summer", right up to the onset of the first frost. As soon as the climatic air temperature drops below -50C, the bushes need to be cut off. The roots can be pulled out of the soil, dried and stored. In regions that are not characterized by a harsh winter, you can avoid digging the roots of dahlias, covering them with a thick layer of peat and mulch. Also, geotextiles can be used as an insulating material.

Important! The root system of perennial dahlias successfully withstands temperatures down to -100C.

With the onset of spring heat, the artificial shelter from the plants must be removed, the bulk fertile layer must be slightly raked. If the roots were dug up for the winter, then they should be planted in the soil in May.

Skeleton purple

In addition to the above known perennial flowers, there are other wonderful representatives of the flora. So, from among tall, perennial flowering plants, it is worth highlighting the "Purple Bone Stem".

This tall plant blooms from July to August. The height of its bushes varies from 80 to 150 cm. It can be planted in the background of a flower bed in combination with low-growing plants or as an independent decoration of the garden. It can also be used to decorate ponds, fences and hedges. Tall flowers of the perennial "Stemnik purple" are painted in a pale pink color. The stems of the plant are strong, keep their shape perfectly. In the general landscape, the flowers look like a light, pale pink hat.

Reproduction of this rare perennial is carried out by cuttings or seeds. Planting of plants of this variety must be carried out in early spring. In the process of growing, the flower is picky about moisture, but at the same time it is not afraid of even the most severe frosts and does not require shelter for the winter.

Delphinium hybrid

Another type of rather rare perennial, tall, flowering plants. It includes more than 350 varieties, with different colors of flowers. This flower belongs to the buttercup family. The height of its stems exceeds in some cases 2 m. The most beautiful representatives of the "Hybrid Delphinium" are given below.

Delphinium Galahad

This variety can be called a wonderful tall giant, since the height of its lush white flowers can exceed 2 m.The diameter of the double inflorescences shown in the photo above can reach 7 cm.The shape of the inflorescences is conical, and the length is at least 80 cm.Such plants are of amazing scale and beauty for sure can become a real decoration of any garden.

Delphinium Chinese

An excellent, deep blue color is the hallmark of the variety. The stems of this perennial are quite high, up to 80 cm. The flowers, collected in cone-shaped inflorescences, are large enough, due to which the variety has the second name "Delphinium large-flowered". The plant pleases with its flowering in July-August. The culture is highly resistant to frost and does not require shelter for the winter.

Important! The life cycle of the Chinese Delphinium is 3-4 years, after which the plant grows old and dies. Re-cultivation of this variety is possible by sowing seeds.

It is worth noting that delphiniums, depending on the variety, can have a color of various shades. At the same time, admirers of color diversity should prefer the Delphinium Garden variety, which will decorate the landscape with all the shades of the rainbow.


Flowers of the mallow family are quite common. Sometimes they can be found over the following names: stock-rose, mallow, kalachik. There are over 30 types of these flowers. Among them there are perennial varieties.

Musk mallow

A perennial flowering plant, the height of which reaches 1 m. The flowers of this variety are pale pink, exude a pleasant aroma. They cover the long peduncle tightly. The diameter of each delicate flower is 5 cm.

Mallow wrinkled

This mallow variety is very tall: the peduncles reach 2 m. The flowers are pale yellow in color, their diameter is about 3 cm. Plants can be planted for decorating fences, as well as creating various flower arrangements.


In stores you can find a huge number of different perennial tall flowers. So, in addition to the above varieties, such flowering plants as Buzulnik, Volzhanka, Klopogon, Chemeritsa, Gelenium and some others are popular. Among the wide variety of flowers, everyone can choose the necessary plants to embody their design ideas. Blue, yellow, pink, red flowers will delight you with their stunning appearance for many years, in gratitude for the minimum care.

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