What to sow in February for seedlings

What to sow in February for seedlings

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Spring is just around the corner, work in the garden will start again soon. But in order to get a rich harvest of vegetables, berries, fruits and lush flower beds, you will have to use the seedling method to grow some of the plants. The question of what to plant for seedlings in February worries many gardeners, especially beginners. The article will discuss the seedling growing of vegetables and flowers, as well as the basic rules of agricultural technology.

We calculate the terms

Before deciding what to plant in February for seedlings, it is necessary to draw up a preliminary plan of the site and clarify what specific crops will be grown in the current season. The timing of sowing seeds depends on the characteristics of plant maturation. Even novice gardeners understand that there are early, mid-season, late and early varieties of vegetable, berry and flower crops.

After specifying the varieties of plants, they need to be divided according to the timing of the harvest. Only after that you can start drawing up your own planting calendar for the new season.

When choosing the timing of sowing crops for seedlings in February, you also need to take into account the following factors:

  • climatic conditions of the region;
  • vegetative period;
  • germination timing;
  • where the plants will be transplanted - in open or protected ground;
  • whether a pick is required or not;
  • the necessary time for obtaining the first harvest.

So, first, the question of the place of planting seedlings is being decided. Indeed, plants are taken out into the greenhouse two weeks earlier than in open ground. This means that sowing seeds will have to be dealt with taking into account this difference. After drawing up the sowing calendar for February, the necessary crops are selected. Now you need to take into account the peculiarities of seed germination and create appropriate conditions for future seedlings.

Already now, the lunar calendar has been printed in newspapers and magazines, which gardeners and gardeners are used to using. In order not to waste time searching, we offer you a ready-made calendar.

Advice! Do not forget that you will have to make adjustments depending on the region of residence.

What to plant in February

Despite the fact that the main work on the site begins in the spring, the preparation of a rich harvest begins in winter. There are a number of crops that need to be planted for seedlings in February:

  • this applies to vegetable crops: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, celery;
  • cabbage, leeks, cucumbers.
  • some gardeners plant pumpkin, zucchini, squash for an early harvest;
  • you need to sow strawberry seeds in February to get tasty and aromatic berries in the first year;
  • potato seeds for small nodules;
  • seeds of dill, parsley, onion, cilantro and other spicy crops for early greens.

Important! It should be understood that sowing seeds for seedlings is not done at the same time, but in decades.

Let's take a closer look at the question, in which ten days of February to sow seeds for seedlings. All material is presented in the table.

1 decade

2 decade

3 decade

Sweet and bitter peppers

Root celery and parsley






Early varieties of cabbage


Strawberries and strawberries

Onions on a turnip from seeds



Collard greens,

Chives bow,

First decade


One of the crops requiring sowing in February are sweet and bitter peppers. Of course, this applies to late and mid-late varieties.

Pepper seedlings ready for planting should be at least two, two and a half months old. The sowing time is calculated from this parameter. In addition, when drawing up a calendar, it is necessary to take into account the difficulty of seed germination.

Varieties of sweet peppers are very popular among gardeners:

  • Agapovsky;
  • Winnie the Pooh;
  • Eroshka;
  • Californian;
  • Czardas.

Of the bitter varieties:

  • Astrakhan 47,
  • Twinkle,
  • Tonus 9908024.


For seedlings in February, you need to plant blue ones. They, like peppers, begin to grow in the first decade of February. Before planting in a permanent place, the seedlings should have a thick stem and several flowers.

This early sowing is done for a reason. Most often, gardeners grow late-ripening eggplant varieties. In addition, the seeds germinate for a long time, which also increases the growing season. If the seedlings are supposed to dive, then this is at least another week or two, which are necessary for the rooting of eggplants. Seed germination can be accelerated by sowing them no deeper than 1 cm and keeping the containers at a temperature of 25-26 degrees.

Experienced gardeners recommend growing eggplant of the following varieties:

  • Black handsome;
  • Diamond;
  • Albatross;
  • Epic F1.


Strawberry and strawberry seeds have a long germination period, often the first green dots appear after a month. Therefore, if gardeners want to get a harvest of tasty and fragrant berries in the first year of cultivation, then planting should be done in the first decade of February. By the time of planting, the seedlings will be viable, well adapted to new conditions.

Second decade

From February 10 to February 20, it is time to sow other crops, which also have a long growing season.

Celery and parsley

Important! When growing parsley and celery by seedlings, seeds are sown in separate containers and do not use diving.

To grow full-fledged celery and parsley roots, plants are grown through seedlings. When transplanted to a permanent place, viable seedlings of these crops should be 2.5-3 months old.

Popular varieties of celery:

  • Prague giant;
  • Dimant;
  • Cascade;
  • Apple.

Varieties of parsley that can be grown in seedlings:

  • Alba;
  • Bordovician;
  • Yielding;
  • The final.

Leek and turnip

Seeds of any varieties and types of onions germinate for a long time, within two weeks. Until the moment of planting, the seedlings should develop for 2.5 months. The leeks already have a bleached part of the stem at this point.

Many gardeners grow onion sets through seedlings. Seeds are recommended to be planted in February. In this case, by the end of the growing season, a high-quality turnip is obtained in one year.

Attention! Growing onions through seedlings is doubly profitable: onion sets are cheaper, and planted plants are less affected by diseases and pests.

Seeds germinate at a temperature of 20 degrees, such a microclimate must be maintained before planting in the ground.

Third decade

Now let's figure out what kind of seedlings to plant in the third decade of February. Moreover, not only late-ripening varieties of vegetables, but also with a short ripening period to obtain early vitamin production.


When sowing tomatoes for seedlings, take into account the place where the plants are planted in a permanent place. If tomatoes are intended for further cultivation in a heated greenhouse, then early ripening varieties for seedlings can be sown even in the first decade of February.

The seeds are buried 1 cm, and seedlings appear in about 4-6 days. This period must also be taken into account. When growing seedlings in February, you need to understand that there is still insufficient natural light this month. Any plants, regardless of the variety, will have to be illuminated.


Many gardeners dream of growing large watermelons. If in the southern regions seeds can be sown directly into the ground, then in central Russia and in the zone of risky farming, you will have to start with seedlings.

Likewise, you can grow pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers for early production. The only thing lovers of melons should know about is that seedlings older than 2 months are difficult to take root, even if they were grown in peat pots.

Attention! When planting plants for seedlings in February, any seedlings will have to be fed several times with phosphorus or nitrogen fertilizers.

Seedling flowers

Many flowers have a long growing season, so they are also grown in seedlings. Only in this case, you can get bright and lush flower beds in the yard and in the garden.


Sowing features

Germination temperature

Germination dates

First decade

Lobelia is beautiful

Seeds are poured onto the ground, without covering, and covered with foil.

From + 18-20.

10-14 days.


Embed in the ground by 5-10 mm.

from +18 to 20

after 2-3 days.


Do not close up, cover.


2-3 weeks.

Second decade

Petunia, mimulus

It is poured onto the surface of the earth and covered with glass.

From + 15-18

Carnation Shabo

Sprinkle with a layer of soil from 3 to 5 mm.


In 7 days.

Begonia, Cyclamen, Salvia, Snapdragon.


In a week.

Third decade

Waller's balsam

Seeds are covered with a small layer of soil.

+22 to 25.

4 to 7 days.

Cineraria seaside

Sprinkle the seeds.


From 4 days to a week.

Coreopsis grandiflorum

Sprinkle the seeds.

+18 to 22

4-7 days

Tagetes erect

Sprinkle with soil scrap 3-5 mm.


4-7 days

During February


sprinkle seeds


Up to a month.

Carpathian bell

Seeds over the ground

+15 to 18.

When growing seedlings of flowers from February, you will have to resort to highlighting the plants so that they do not stretch out.

What to sow in February:

Advantages and disadvantages

Growing plants with seedlings has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Getting early harvests.
  2. The ability to save the family budget, because you do not have to buy expensive seedlings in a greenhouse or from private owners.
  3. Flowers begin to delight with their beauty earlier.

But there are also disadvantages:

  1. With a lack of light, the plants stretch out.
  2. Labor costs increase, since plantings need to be constantly monitored for moisture, fed.
  3. A lot of space is needed to place the seedlings.

Of course, the article lists only a fraction of the plants that can be sown with seeds in February. Each gardener has his own favorite vegetables, berries, flowers. And on the bags indicate the sowing dates for seedlings and for a permanent place.

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