Lunar calendar for planting seedlings of cucumbers in 2021

Lunar calendar for planting seedlings of cucumbers in 2021

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Knowledge of professionals and the lunar calendar can help gardeners and gardeners to properly care for plants, grow seedlings on time, get stable yields, delight their loved ones with delicious vegetables and fruits. Combining the data of astrology and the advice of biologists, the young science of biodynamics studies the natural rhythms of organisms. Based on this knowledge, calendars of agrotechnical works are created.

Every year a lunar gardening calendar is published. It is compiled on the basis of the centuries-old experience of farmers, taking into account the influence of the lunar phases on plants. 2021 is no exception.

The lunar calendar is a unique tool for gardeners. After all, there is always enough work on caring for plants on the site. Knowing favorable terms makes it possible to save time, and unfavorable ones - to save you from unforeseen losses. Each Luminary has a powerful energy. But why exactly does the Moon have a very strong influence? The movement of fluids is associated with it, and plants cannot live without water. The ebb and flow does not occur only in seas, oceans and rivers.

The movement of juices from roots to leaves is equally dependent on the lunar cycles. Therefore, the actions of plant breeders on different days of the calendar may differ significantly.

What is the value of the lunar calendar

The harvest is influenced not only by the phase of the moon, but also by the sign of the zodiac through which it passes.

In one cycle, the Luminary traverses the entire zodiacal circle. Some signs activate, others inhibit natural processes in living organisms. Plants are subject to the same effects. The most unfavorable are the days of the full moon and new moon. This is not to say that nothing can be done these days, but there are significant restrictions. When there is no time to wait for a day, you should refrain from active actions for at least 12 hours.

Attention! The main value of the lunar calendar for 2021 is that it is possible to plan your work in advance.

Prepare the soil in time, buy cucumber seeds, grow seedlings by the required time. Even weeding the weed, carried out taking into account the recommendations of the calendar, will help to rid the plants of negative competitors for a long time. And a competently drawn up schedule of planting, watering and feeding will save you from many problems.

The lunar calendar has another useful aspect. After all, if you are very fanatical about the recommendations, then no work needs to be done at a certain phase of the moon. The phase lasts more than one day; it is impractical to stop garden work for a long time. Given the sign of the zodiac, they carry out certain operations on the site without fear of harming the plants.

The influence of the lunar cycle

Knowledge of astrology tells us about the four main phases of the moon. The lunar cycle lasts 28 days.

Compliance with the recommendations for each phase is a prerequisite for a good harvest. All this information is contained in the lunar calendar 2021.

  1. New moon (new moon). The beginning of a new cycle. The movement of fluid and energy is downward. The entire aerial part of the plant is weakened, therefore any transplantation is prohibited. Even if this is done very carefully, the seedlings may not take root. The plant is easily damaged, infected and weakened. These days they are planning the upcoming work. The period of the new moon is three days.
  2. The moon is growing. Now you can actively move on to planting and planting plants. The juices begin to move upward, the nutrition of the aboveground part of the plants improves. Therefore, it is recommended to plant those plants that use fruits or leaves. This period is good for cucumbers, cuttings root well, scions and transplanted shrubs take root. It is useful to loosen and dig up the soil.
  3. Full moon (full moon). The plant works for the release of energy. During this period, the largest amount of vitamins and nutrients is found in fruits, flowers, and shoots. This is a good time for harvesting, but it is better not to prune. On this day, you should not unnecessarily disturb the plants, as well as on the same day before and after the full moon.
  4. The moon is waning. Nutrients rush down. The optimal time for planting and harvesting root crops - they are maximally saturated with vitamins. Convenient period for pruning and crown formation. It is recommended to fertilize the soil, to carry out measures to combat both diseases and pests. And more - to mow the lawn. Its growth is slowing down, but it is getting thicker.

The periods of the lunar cycle are scheduled in the calendar for the entire 2021 year. This will help you adjust your plans ahead of time.

Zodiac signs in the gardener's calendar

In nature, everything is interconnected. Man can only through observation find out what influence the planets and constellations have on the development of plants. The experience of gardeners and the lunar calendar suggest that in 2021:

  • Aries suggests working with mature plants and waiting for planting;
  • Taurus allows planting, especially bulbous, fruit trees and shrubs;
  • Gemini will help in pest control and planting legumes;
  • Cancer is favorable for any planting and care, but does not advise harvesting;
  • The lion very restricts planting, harvesting, but allows weeding and loosening the soil;
  • Virgo has the same limitations as Leo;
  • Scales are most favorable for gardeners - you can plant or remove;
  • Scorpio is very suitable for harvesting and harvesting for the winter;
  • Sagittarius is a good help for watering, fertilizing and cultivating the land;
  • Capricorn favors legumes and root crops;
  • Aquarius allows harvesting, but does not allow planting;
  • Fish are a good sign for winter harvesting, but not suitable for transplanting and disembarking.

It is quite difficult to memorize the entire amount of information. Therefore, it is rational to use the lunar calendar to grow a decent harvest of cucumbers.

Choosing landing dates

In 2021, the main dates for planting cucumbers remain unchanged. The busiest months are April and May. The lunar calendar is very easy to use. However, there are some factors to consider:

  1. Seedlings of cucumbers grow to the desired maturity in 15 - 20 days. This must be taken into account before sowing seeds. If the seeds are sown without taking into account the temperature regime in the region, then by the time of planting in the ground, the weather may be completely inappropriate.
  2. Growing method. For greenhouses, use the earlier planting days on the calendar. For open ground - later. Finding an auspicious day will not be difficult. The lunar calendar is designed for the entire year 2021.
  3. Cucumber variety. Early ripening varieties can be sown in the very first favorable days according to the lunar calendar. When planting on seedlings of mid-season varieties, you can vary the timing. This will depend on what time the harvest is planned to be. You can not rush to plant late-ripening varieties on seedlings in early spring. It is easy to find an auspicious day in the middle of summer.

When the day for planting cucumbers is determined, it is necessary to prepare containers, soil, seeds and a good mood.

Cucumbers love warmth and good light. They grow at night. Therefore, an elementary weather calculation will make it easier to get a good harvest. Do not ignore the recommendations given by the lunar calendar for 2021. It will be more useful to combine this knowledge with the experience and characteristics of the area in which it is planned to grow cucumber seedlings. The planting calendar is designed to help gardeners take into account the lunar cycles to help plants more easily tolerate any changes in external conditions.

If it is not possible to exactly comply with the planting dates, then it is worth trying to combine all the care measures with the recommendations of the sowing calendar, weather conditions and on your own. In this case, grateful cucumbers will give a good harvest, and the lunar calendar will forever become your assistant.

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