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Hybrid pepper varieties have long occupied a special place in the beds of our country. Derived from two common varieties, they have increased yields and resistance to many diseases. So that the harvest of this culture can not only please, but also pleasantly surprise the gardener, it is recommended to choose varieties according to the local climate. Bred in the Rostov region in the city of Shakhty by the breeder Yuri Ivanovich Panchev, the variety was registered in 1981.

Characteristics of the variety

Winnie the Pooh pepper belongs to the early maturing varieties. It will take about 100 days from its first shoots to the fruits of technical maturity. The Winnie the Pooh pepper variety has compact bushes with a height of up to 25 cm. They have a standard shape and branches tightly pressed to the trunk with a small amount of foliage.

Important! The size of the Winnie the Pooh pepper plant makes it suitable for any greenhouse, even the smallest size.

It can be successfully grown on regular and film beds.

Fruits on the bushes are formed in bunches. In their shape, they resemble a sharp cone. The color of their smooth surface changes depending on the degree of maturity from light green to red. The Winnie the Pooh pepper is rather small: its length will be about 10 cm, and its weight will not exceed 50 grams. With this size, the pepper of this variety has a rather thick pericarp pulp - about 6 mm.

The pepper tastes sweet and juicy. It is great for fresh consumption and for use in cooking. The dense pulp of Winnie the Pooh makes it also suitable for canning.

Winnie the Pooh sweet pepper has excellent resistance to many diseases, in particular to verticillary wilt and aphid infestation. The excellent taste of these peppers is perfectly combined with commercial qualities. They can be stored well and can be transported very well. The variety has a high yield, but due to the low weight of the fruit, it will not exceed 5 kg per square meter.

Growing recommendations

In order for the plants of this variety to be able to give a bountiful harvest, you need to properly prepare the seedlings. It is recommended to start in February, but before that the seeds should be checked and processed:

  • 1-2 weeks before planting, the pepper seeds are placed on a damp cloth. This is done to weed out dead seeds. After 1-1.5 weeks, all seeds suitable for planting will swell and hatch.
  • All swollen and hatched seeds are placed for half an hour in a light solution of potassium permanganate, and then washed with warm water.

The seeds prepared in this way are planted in prepared containers and covered with foil. After the emergence of seedlings, the film is removed so that the plants can fully develop.

Important! Young pepper plants do not tolerate transplanting well, so they should be immediately planted in separate containers.

Peat pots are great for this. You can also use empty milk cartons.

For normal growth of seedlings, it is necessary to provide a temperature of 20 to 24 degrees. At the same time, nighttime values ​​should be several degrees lower than daytime ones. Watering the seedlings is carried out as the soil dries up and always with warm water. Hardening of plants gives excellent results. For this, the night temperature is brought to 11-13 degrees. This procedure will allow young peppers to not stretch out and better adapt when planted in a permanent place.

Dates for planting ready-made sweet pepper seedlings:

  • Young plants can be planted in the greenhouse in late April - early May;
  • On open beds, sweet peppers are planted not earlier than the beginning of June.

Important! When planting plants in a permanent place, you need to wait until the end of the frost. This is especially true for planting in open ground.

Further care for peppers is:

  • Watering with warm water. The regularity of watering depends on the weather, but at least 2 times a week;
  • Regular weeding and loosening;
  • Top dressing with any mineral or organic fertilizers. Their frequency should not exceed 2 times a month.

You can learn more about caring for sweet peppers from the video:

Subject to these recommendations, the Winnie the Pooh variety can give the gardener an excellent harvest, which can be harvested until the end of September.


Evgeniya, 26 years old, Vyazma

Without thinking twice, I chose Winnie the Pooh pepper - the reviews and description of this variety suited me perfectly. I planted the seeds without soaking, maybe that's why not all sprouted. The seedlings turned out to be strong. I planted it in a greenhouse in mid-May. It is good that the greenhouse is large, because the plants have grown taller than stated. The peppers were like in the photo from the package: smooth and neat. They taste sweet and dense. The variety is good, I will plant more.

Vladimir, 57 years old, Sergiev Posad

This is not the first time I have planted this variety. Of all my varieties, it is the very first to bear fruit. Up to 8 fruits are formed on one bush. The fruits are juicy and tasty.

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