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Sandbox and landscape design

Sandbox and landscape design

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Hello! I have two little children, who have been asking for the second year to make them a sandbox and a pool in the country. The problem of the pool is solved by an inflatable option, and what about the sandbox - I can’t imagine. Has anyone tried to organically fit this element into the general landscape picture? Can you beat him creatively?


Definitely, a sandbox for children needs to be done not in the middle of the plot and not on the lawn. So, as the lawn is quickly trampled and covered with sand. This should be a zone reserved for rest, where either a bench or a swing will be located, maybe it will be a tea zone with a table set, somewhere in a shadow. From where it will be convenient for a cup of tea or coffee to watch the kids. In the field of view of this zone, it is necessary to establish a children's sandbox. It is advisable that there are no steps nearby. You can install an umbrella in the sandbox. It is convenient to protect children from direct sunlight, and in inclement weather - from rain. Please note that under the inflatable pool the lawn is gnawing.

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