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Tomato Empire

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Raspberry Empire is a wonderful tomato variety that allows experienced and novice gardeners to get a good harvest of tasty and aromatic vegetables. The hybrid is picky and very productive. Many domestic gardeners love and grow it. For those who are not yet familiar with this variety, we will try to provide the most interesting and useful information that will help you get to know the tomato more closely and successfully cultivate it on your site.

Variety information

Tomato "Raspberry Empire F1" indeterminate, tall. Its bushes grow up to 2 m or more. Such giant plants require careful shaping. So, on adult tomato bushes, the lower leaves and stepchildren should be removed every 10-12 days. This must be done in sunny weather, so that the wounds on the trunk heal safely and prevent infection from entering the body of the bush.

Important! "Raspberry Empire F1" is a hybrid form, the seeds of which cannot be prepared on their own.

Tall tomato bushes "Raspberry Empire F1" are recommended to be grown in greenhouses and hotbeds. In the southern regions of the country, cultivation of the variety in open areas of soil is allowed. The presence of a specially equipped, heated greenhouse will make it possible to grow Imperia tomatoes all year round.

Tomatoes "Raspberry Empire F1" must be tied to a specially installed, reliable support or to the frame of the greenhouse. Throughout the entire fruiting period, tomatoes form long stems, which can be lowered on twines or bend their crown down upon reaching the height of the greenhouse ceiling.

Tomatoes "Raspberry Empire F1" throughout the growing season actively form ovaries. The first inflorescence of this variety appears above 7 leaves. Further along the stem, flower-bearing brushes are formed through each 2-3 leaves. Each fruiting cluster consists of 3-6 flowers, which quickly become ovaries, and then full-fledged tomatoes.

The root system of the indeterminate Imperia tomato is well developed. It nourishes tomatoes with all the necessary trace elements and moisture. At the same time, the developed network of roots does not allow plants to be planted too close to each other. Recommended planting scheme for this variety: one bush per piece of land, measuring 40 × 50 cm.

Description of tomatoes

When studying a new variety, farmers are primarily interested in the taste of vegetables, their shape and color. So, tomatoes "Raspberry Empire F1" can be characterized as follows:

  • The shape of the tomatoes is round, heart-shaped.
  • Ripe vegetables are bright crimson.
  • The mass of each mature tomato is 140-160 g.
  • Taste qualities of tomatoes are high, aroma is pronounced.
  • The inner cavity of the vegetable is fleshy and has several chambers.
  • The skin of the fruit is thin but firm. It reliably protects tomatoes from cracking.

Of course, a verbal description does not allow us to fully appreciate the external qualities of vegetables, so we suggest taking a look at the photo of the Raspberry Empire F1 tomatoes:

You can see bunches of Imperia tomatoes and get some comments from the farmer and good advice on growing this variety by watching the video:

Numerous reviews and comments of farmers claim that tomatoes of the "Raspberry Empire F1" variety are very tasty and fragrant. They can be used to prepare a thick paste or canned pickles for the winter. Vegetables are good for fresh salad, pizza and other culinary delights. And only juice from such tomatoes cannot be prepared, since it will turn out to be very thick.

Tomatoes contain many vitamins and minerals, acids, and fiber necessary for humans. Thanks to this, it can be argued that tomatoes are not only very tasty, but also very useful.

Productivity of tomatoes

Tomatoes "Raspberry Empire F1" are early ripe varieties. Vegetables "Empire" ripen within 95 days from the day of germination of the grains. Such a short period of time makes it possible to grow tomatoes in the northern regions of the country, where summers are short and cool.

The amicable ripening of tomatoes makes it possible for the gardener to immediately collect a large number of vegetables and use them for cooking various dishes, canning. Many ripe tomatoes on one bush can be seen below in the photo:

Important! Bunches of tomatoes create a heavy load on the branches of the plant and often break them, therefore, during the period of active ripening of the fruits, it is necessary to reliably tie the tomatoes to the support.

The Raspberry Empire F1 variety has a high yield. So, from every 1 m2 soil, subject to the rules of growing crops, gardeners manage to collect about 20 kg of ripe, tasty and aromatic tomatoes. The yield of the variety can be reduced by about a third when cultivating tomatoes in the open field.

Variety resistance

Various fungal, viral and bacterial diseases now and then affect tomatoes. Many varieties show vulnerability to ailments and die before they finish the fruiting period. Variety "Raspberry Empire F1" has a clear advantage in comparison with other tomato varieties: at the genetic level, it has high protection against apical and root rot, as well as brown spot. Imperia tomatoes have an average degree of resistance to some diseases. Vulnerable tomato "Empire" only before late blight, which can be fought with drugs-fungicides or folk remedies.

Farmers should also remember that excess nitrogen, excessive watering and pinching of bushes in wet weather can cause the development of some ailments, fattening of bushes and a decrease in yield.

Tomatoes can be harmed not only by microorganisms that are not visible to the eye, but also by quite obvious insects. They can be dealt with by setting traps, mechanically collecting adults and larvae, and treating plants with special means.

Important! Careful monitoring of the condition of tomatoes will allow you to detect the disease at an early stage and prevent its development.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Speaking about Raspberry Empire F1 tomatoes, it is difficult to single out negative qualities, since there are practically none, but we will try to note not only positive characteristics, but some negative qualities of the variety. So, the virtues of culture are:

  • Excellent taste of vegetables, their pleasant, fresh aroma.
  • High yield of tomatoes in open and protected ground.
  • Good resistance of the variety to many diseases.
  • The ability to grow tomatoes until late autumn, and even all year round.
  • Early ripening period for tomatoes.

Among the disadvantages of the "Empire" variety should be noted:

  • The need for regular and correct formation of indeterminate bushes.
  • High requirements of the variety for soil nutrition and abundance of irrigation.
  • The relatively low resistance of the variety to cold weather, which does not allow growing tomatoes in the open field in the northern regions of the country.
  • It is not possible to make tomato juice from fleshy tomatoes.

Many of the disadvantages of the points listed above are relative, as they define the main virtues of culture. Thus, high productivity and the possibility of long-term fruiting is determined by the indeterminacy of the variety, which requires regular formation of bushes.

Basic rules of cultivation

Grow tomatoes "Raspberry Empire F1" should be seedlings. To do this, you need to calculate the optimal sowing period for the crop, taking into account the characteristics of the climate. For example, the mid-season "Empire" variety should be planted in the ground at the age of 65 days, and favorable conditions in the central region of the country, if there is a greenhouse, come at the end of May. Based on this information, we can say that it is necessary to sow the seeds of tomatoes "Raspberry Empire F1" in the second half of March.

By the time of planting, tomato seedlings should have a healthy appearance with strong, bright green leaves. The height of the seedlings should be about 20-25 cm. To grow such plants, you need to choose the right soil and apply top dressing in a timely manner. The recommended fertilization schedule is shown below:

At the stage of growing seedlings and after planting them in the ground, you also need to monitor the condition of the tomatoes. Some characteristic signs can signal a lack of a particular substance in the soil. An example of such ailments and the corresponding diagnoses are displayed in the picture:

Caring for Raspberry Empire F1 tomatoes, in addition to fertilizing, involves regular watering, which should not be frequent. Mulch placed throughout the plant's near-stem circle can help preserve moisture in the soil.

Unlike open ground, the greenhouse allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity of the air. So, the optimal temperature values ​​are at the level of + 23- + 250C and a humidity indicator of 50-70%. Such conditions prevent the development of diseases and allow tomatoes to form the maximum possible number of ovaries.

Thus, “Raspberry Empire F1” can be grown by anyone, for this you just need to purchase original seeds of this variety and take care of their timely sowing, proper plant cultivation. Tomatoes, in gratitude for proper care, will surely endow the farmer with a rich harvest of delicious tomatoes that can be served fresh on the table or canned for the winter.


Zinaida Khvoshch, 56 years old, Voronezh

I really love fleshy and sweet tomatoes, and the Raspberry Empire F1 variety is just that. I have been growing it for several years and I am always happy with the harvest.

Olga Zimina, 31 years old, Kostroma

Every year I grow tomatoes of various varieties in the greenhouse, and I constantly try to find something new for myself. This discovery was the Raspberry Empire F1 variety. It is really very, very fruitful, its branches literally burst under the weight of tomato bunches. Everyone who enters my greenhouse is surprised: bare stems, wrapped in a huge number of tomatoes, like lianas, hang from the ceiling. A beautiful sight. More than 15 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from each such bush per season. The vegetables taste wonderful, sweet.

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