Multi-tier garden beds: features of independent manufacture and turnkey solutions

Multi-tier garden beds: features of independent manufacture and turnkey solutions

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A multi-level flower bed is an adornment of any personal plot. The design may consist of several boxes of arbitrary sizes, which contain land for planting flower arrangements, strawberries and colorful plants.

Rules for creating a multi-level flowerbed

It is a mistake to assume that a multi-level structure will take up too much usable area on the site. It all depends on the owner, who can select both a compact area and a place of solid size. Since a large flowerbed may look bulky, it is recommended to build several small frames.

Even the same flowerbed can be transformed every year if you change the varieties of flowers that differ in color, size and shape. Designers advise against using flowers of different sizes on the same tier. Arrange flowering plants should be as follows:

  • on the lower tier are flowers with large inflorescences;
  • on the upper tiers with smaller flowers;
  • all tiers with flowers of the same size.

Since the structure of the flowerbed has the peculiarity of water flow from the upper tiers to the lower, when planting plants, it is important to take into account their relationship to moisture. Drought-resistant species should be placed on top, and moisture-loving ones below.

In order for the type of flowerbed to please throughout the summer, it is necessary to choose flowering plants by the flowering time.

Do-it-yourself steps for making a multi-tiered flower bed for strawberries

Among the difficulties encountered by gardeners, space saving is often encountered. It is difficult to grow on the site everything that I would like. In order not to sacrifice any crops, vertical cultivation is practiced.

The pyramid bed can be created from boards, bricks, stones or other suitable material. The advantage of the towering structure is that the upper levels do not obscure the lower ones from sunlight. Beds for growing strawberries, located in the form of a pyramid, are called steps.

The first step in the construction of multi-tiered beds is to design on paper, which will significantly reduce the working time. As a result of obtaining the optimal system, it becomes possible to get a rich harvest.

An approximate list of steps in the process of independently creating a multi-tiered flowerbed:

  • creating a sketch of the structure;
  • preparatory work;
  • installation of a vertical device.

The visual image requires detailed study. When choosing the material and design scheme, it is important to remember the safety during its operation. All protruding and sharp parts must be removed to avoid personal injury.

Before starting the construction of the garden, it is recommended to collect all the necessary tools so as not to be distracted by their searches during work. Required Inventory:

  • pencil;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw.

The installation of the device consists in connecting together all parts of the base material. The result should be a stable and reliable design. To increase the service life of the finished pyramid, it should be treated with any means, for example, varnish or paint. This solution will not only protect against the negative effects of the environment, but also give an aesthetic appearance.

How to make a multi-tiered flowerbed with your own hands

Making a multi-tier flower bed of tires

Tires, in addition to the main function, can benefit in the summer cottage. They make decorations, garden furniture, children's attractions and flower beds.

To perform such a multi-level design, it will not take much effort. It is required to find several tires of various sizes, paint them in bright colors and lay them on top of each other, connecting with each other with self-tapping screws. Then you need to fill the voids with soil. To prevent it from spilling out, it is advisable to put a piece of geotextile on the bottom that passes water.

For lovers of geometrically correct parts, a construction in the form of chamomile is proposed. First of all, it is necessary to fasten the parts from the tires of the lower tier, fill the middle and the inner space with soil. Construction waste or broken brick is laid to the bottom as drainage. On top of the tamped surface lay the second row. At the same time observing the distance from the edge of at least half the diameter of the tire. Fasten the details of the second tier, fill the middle and make the core.

The original appearance of the garden area gives a high flowerbed. There are several ways to mount cropped tires:

  • The use of hemp, to which with the help of nails or screws to attach vases of tires.
  • Use of fittings. It is necessary to string rubber parts on iron rods, exposing them on the right tier with the help of special clamps.

To make a flowerpot, you don’t have to be a master in cutting. It is important to know the features of the step-by-step process:

  1. Choose soft rubber, clean and dry.
  2. Think over the future shape and draw the outline of the petals, notches or circles with the help of chalk.
  3. Cut along the line, turn the tire over and, stepping on it, pull it up so that the rubber turns out. Since this process is very laborious, male strength will be required.
  4. Turn the tire “leg” down and bury it to get the shape of a glass.
  5. The scenery is left to the discretion of the owner. You can paint the details with one color or different. And you can decorate as the fantasy tells. You can attach pebbles or other decorative elements to the still dry paint by laying out a pattern from them.

Men with great strength cut the tires manually with a knife. To facilitate contact with the rubber, the blade of the knife is recommended to be greased with solid oil. The easiest way to cut tires with a grinder or jigsaw. The only drawback from using the grinder is a pungent smell, so with its help only the first cut is produced. Then enter the steel file jigsaw.

Do-it-yourself vertical flowerbed from pots

How to make a three-tier flower bed for flowers from natural stone

Stone, regardless of size, can be used for the construction of flower beds. The combination of green spaces with natural material is appropriate for any landscape.

The flower garden can be made in the form of a ladder, attached to the wall of the building, or you can perform a separate structure. The advantage of such a flower bed is its durability and the absence of serious care. At the bottom of each compartment, sand or gravel should be poured, which will serve as drainage. Place chernozem on top and tamp.

The choice of stone is not limited to any framework. For the construction of flower beds, limestone, sandstone, brick (ordinary or decorative) and expensive granite are suitable. The color of the building material depends on what the owner wants to focus on: colors or borders.

When choosing stones, it is important to consider that some types (limestone, sandstone) absorb moisture, so they should first be treated with special impregnations that repel water. Large stones are recommended for raised structures. To prevent contamination of the stone, its absorption capacity should be reduced by treating it with a hydrophobic protective agent specifically designed for garden structures. In addition, the impregnation will not only strengthen the structure, but also make the color more saturated.

Many summer residents prefer to equip flower beds with gabions made of building mesh filled with stone. The advantage of such a flowerbed is that it can be given any shape, since the mesh is easy to deform.

After defining the design and choosing the stone, the necessary tools should be prepared:

  • roulette;
  • spatulas;
  • scapula;
  • mallet.

To fix the stones you need cement. If necessary, the masonry can be coated with water-repellent impregnation or varnish. The search for a place under a flower bed should be treated with special attention, given the photophilousness of the plants that are planned to be grown in it.

After choosing a place for future construction, you need to dig a trench along its perimeter with a depth of 25-30 cm and the same width. For multi-tiered construction, support reinforcement is needed. The trench is poured with concrete and after two days there is a laying of stones, which are previously recommended to be sorted out, separating more even ones to design the upper tier.

Begin laying with large stones. The resulting voids need to be filled with a mixture of cement and earth, but to improve drainage at the base of the flower bed, it is better to leave a few slots. To provide higher strength, you should make a slight bias inward of the structure. At the end of the design of the flower garden, you can pour decorative stone chips, which, in addition to an attractive appearance, will create a mulching of the soil.

Ready-made solutions: prefabricated longline flower bed for strawberries and flowers

The implementation of multi-tier flower beds from boards, stones or other materials is a laborious task. Many gardeners prefer to purchase ready-made tiers and quickly build a flower garden without much effort. In the form of flower beds are:

  • geometrically correct;
  • spiral;
  • an emphasis in the center of which a summer residence object is placed: a watering can, a bucket.

The most popular and beautiful flower beds made of metal are honeycombs, which look great in the form of an alpine hill. They can grow flowering plants and strawberries. From several hundred interesting compositions are composed.

Layered flower beds can be made of architectural concrete, which are assembled from prefabricated elements in place. Conducting experiments with shades of tiers and colors, you can create a spectacular appearance of the finished structure.

The advantage of prefabricated flower beds is that if necessary, they can be cleaned for winter time. They come in the form of baskets or vases. Depending on the available area, the number of tiers is determined. Niches arranged in a checkerboard pattern look very unusual. Some gardeners prefer not to fill the tiers with earth, but to place potted flowers in them.

The choice of flower garden is more dependent on the plants that are planned to be planted in it. Planted with flowering plants of different varieties and shades, it will look completely different than in the case of the same type of flowers. The material from which the future flowerbed will be made depends on the terrain and its availability.

How to make a multi-tier flowerbed of brick

Observing all the rules for decorating a flowerbed, she will delight with her look for more than one year. For the background, it is better to choose a green shade (lawn, hedge). A combination of contrasting shades, for example, red and blue or yellow and purple, looks beautiful. In this case, the flowers should bloom at the same time.

Important to rememberthat perennials grow over time, so when planting, it is desirable to leave free space between the flowers. In order that in the first year a multi-level flowerbed does not look half empty, it is recommended to plant free areas with annual flowers.

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