Kalina for the winter without cooking

Kalina for the winter without cooking

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In the old days they said that chopping the viburnum was a great sin. You can only pluck its fruits and flowers, take a few thin twigs for treatment or conspiracies. And it was also believed that viburnum is able to comfort an offended woman - you just need to hug a tree or bush, cry, talk about adversity, and it will immediately become easier.

Be that as it may, viburnum has earned a reverent attitude towards itself - it decorates, heals, gives berries, from which you can make sweets, sauces, compotes, wines, liqueurs. This plant can be called both medicinal and fruit. We will not argue how it is correct, just let's find out how to cook tasty healthy sweet preparations from viburnum with sugar for the winter without cooking.

The benefits of viburnum

Everyone knows that viburnum berries are very useful, they contain many vitamins, various useful elements. Vitamin C, for example, is as much as 70% more than lemons. All parts of the plant have useful properties:

  • the roots are most often used for insomnia, hysteria, rheumatism;
  • leaves - for skin diseases, as a hemostatic, immunity-strengthening agent;
  • the bark stops severe bleeding, treats periodontal disease, relieves spasms;
  • flowers reduce the temperature, are a fast-acting remedy for allergies, restore the voice, relieve hoarseness;
  • the bones have a strong antioxidant, diaphoretic, anti-sclerotic agent, remove toxins from the body, and sand or small stones from the gallbladder and kidneys.

Although a lot of delicious sweets can be prepared from viburnum, it is not recommended to abuse them - the same vital vitamin C in case of an overdose will first cause itching, then a rash will appear. Treat viburnum as a pleasant and healthy addition to the diet, not a staple food - enjoy it, but do not overuse it.

Attention! Kalina is contraindicated for hypertensive patients, pregnant women, people with increased blood clotting or gout. For diabetics, viburnum is useful, but without sugar!

Viburnum blanks without cooking

Cooked viburnum for the winter without cooking retains almost all useful properties and is especially tasty. But not everyone likes the characteristic bitterness. To reduce it, the berries are harvested after the first frost. But there are people who simply adore the bitter taste. Especially for them, we inform you that viburnum usually reaches ripeness in September. It can be safely plucked and recycled.

Most often, viburnum umbrellas are cut, tied in bunches and hung out to dry. Then, to cure a cold or just drink vitamin tea, the berries are brewed with boiling water, flavored with honey or sugar and enjoy an incomparable taste and aroma. But dry viburnum can fall into dust, and you don't always want to wait until it softens or infuses.

Meanwhile, many healthy and tasty things can be prepared from it. Of course, if you cook jam, some of the healing substances will evaporate. In order to preserve them as much as possible, we recommend cooking viburnum without boiling.

Advice! When cooking viburnum with seedless sugar, you will be left with waste. Instead of throwing them away, boil them for a vitamin-rich compote or dry them.

Viburnum sprinkled with sugar

This is the easiest recipe for viburnum with sugar without cooking. Perhaps, everyone who harvests berries for the winter uses it. This requires equal amounts of sugar and viburnum, as well as a clean can.

Sort the berries, rinse, dry with a paper towel. You can simply sprinkle them on a clean, dry cloth in a thin layer. Pour 1-1.5 cm of granulated sugar at the bottom of the jar, on top - the same layer of berries. To avoid voids, lightly tap the container on the table. Then add layers of sugar and berries again.

Continue until the jar is full. There should be a layer of sugar on top. If it is not enough, you can safely add it - it won't get any worse. Knock the jar on the table for the last time, add sugar so that all the berries are completely covered, close the nylon lid, hide in the refrigerator.

Viburnum, grated with sugar

This is not one, but two recipes. To prepare them, you need the same amount of sugar and viburnum.

Method 1

Pour boiling water over the berries for 2 minutes, pour out the water, rub through a colander or sieve. Mix viburnum with granulated sugar, arrange in jars, cover with lids. Put in a warm place for a few days to melt the sugar, then put it in the refrigerator.

Method 2

If you do not remove the seeds, viburnum will turn out with a bitter, rich taste, it will contain more nutrients. Some people really like it.

Fill the berries with sugar, chop with a blender. Arrange in jars, let it brew, put in the refrigerator.

Advice! Viburnum berries are very juicy, when you rub them, you risk that the clothes, table and everything around will be splattered with red liquid. It is difficult not only to wash it off, but even to remove it from smooth surfaces. To avoid this, add sugar to the viburnum before doing anything with the berries.

Raw viburnum jelly

This jelly is very tasty and healthy, as it is prepared without boiling. It hardens thanks to the pectins contained in the viburnum. To prepare it, you need equal volumes of berries and sugar.

Pour boiling water over the fruits, squeeze out the juice. Add sugar, stir, put in a warm place. Stir the contents of the container well from time to time. When the sugar has completely melted, pour the jelly into the jars and refrigerate.

It will harden in less than a day. Cover the necks of the cans with parchment paper folded in half, tie. Jelly can be stored in the refrigerator, cellar, basement, at room temperature - anywhere, just not in the sun, otherwise the workpiece will lose its bright color and become ugly.

Raw viburnum jam with oranges

This non-boiled jam recipe can again be prepared in two ways - with or without sugar. Decide if your household loves the bitterness of viburnum before starting supplies.

Advice! To understand if you like the taste of the seeds, trying them once is not enough. For two days, 3 times a day, thoroughly chew a whole viburnum berry. The first time you want to spit it out. If by the end of the second day you have not fallen in love with this taste, you can immediately cook pitted supplies in the future.

For 1 kg of viburnum, you need the same amount of sugar and 0.5 kg of oranges.

Chop berries with or without seeds. Peel the oranges, beat with a blender. Combine the fruits, cover with sugar, stir thoroughly. Pack in sterile dry jars, cover with lids, put in the refrigerator.

Candied viburnum berries

For 1 kg of berries, you need 2 cups of powdered sugar and 2 proteins.

Wash the viburnum, but do not dry it. Whisk egg whites with 1 cup icing sugar. First, roll the viburnum with this mixture, and then in the crushed sugar crystals. Place the balls immediately on a parchment-lined baking sheet or tray. Place in a dry, warm place for 1-2 days. Arrange candies in sterile jars, cover with lids, store in a cool place.

Chocolate candied viburnum berries

If you add cocoa to powdered sugar, you get completely different candies. Depending on the desired result, 1-3 tbsp is placed on 2 cups of crushed sugar. tablespoons of chocolate powder.

Otherwise, the preparation of candied fruits is no different from the method described in the previous recipe.

Viburnum berries in powdered sugar

For this recipe, take 1 kg of viburnum, 1 cup of powdered sugar and 5 g of starch.

Rinse the berries, but do not dry. Stir the granulated sugar with starch.

Dip the viburnum in a sweet mixture, place on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Leave at normal temperature for 15 hours.

Sprinkle the berries in dry jars, close the lids, keep in a cool place.

Viburnum seed substitute coffee

Although our article is devoted to viburnum, prepared for the winter with sugar without heat treatment, we cannot disregard production waste - bones.

Let this simple recipe be a kind of bonus.

Rinse the seeds, dry well. Fry in the oven, grind with a coffee grinder. Store in a closed container. This is an excellent surrogate coffee with many beneficial properties.

Important! The flavor will depend on the degree of roast, so experiment.


By preparing a viburnum with sugar without cooking, you will retain a maximum of useful substances and get a delicious winter preparation. Enjoy your meal!

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