Tomato Fig pink: reviews, photos

Lovers of exotic and delicious taste of vegetables will surely like the fig tomato variety pink. It was bred by Russian breeders several years ago and managed to visit with triumph all gardeners who are interested in new products. Harmonious, sweetish, with subtle fruity notes, the taste of the fruits of this variety of tall tomatoes makes you remember the amazing and delicate subtropical fruit that shared its name with the new plant.

Like its namesake, the pink fig tomato bush is a favorite of the sun and fertile land, therefore it perfectly reveals all its valuable qualities only in a greenhouse or in the southern edges in the open field.

Description of the variety

Tomato plant Fig pink - indeterminate, spreading, can rise up to 3 m in height. Its stem is strong, thick, well branched. Young stems and leaves of tomato are very pubescent, because of this they acquire a greenish-gray color. Above, a large leaf plate is colored more intensely, below it is pale. The edges of the sheet are carved.

The bush of this variety grows quickly, the mass of greenery is moderate. On the brushes of a tomato 3-5 fruits are tied. The lower branches of the bush bear larger fruits. The formation of inflorescences continues throughout the season, so the plant's yield is high.

The fruits of this variety are large, they can weigh 300-800 g, the average weight is 200-450 g. In the reviews of gardeners on the network, there is a mention and a photo of a record: the fruit of this variety weighs more than 1 kg, grown in a greenhouse. One plant can give up to 6-7 kg of selected pink, juicy berries with a soft fruity flavor without sourness. The fruits of the tomato Fig pink are distinguished by strong ribbing, they are flat-rounded in shape, slightly elongated towards the stalk - pear-shaped. Rather, they are vaguely similar in outline to the fruit of a real fig. Dense, fleshy flesh. The skin is the same dense: although it is thin, it has the valuable property of not cracking.

There are many seed chambers, the seeds can be collected for the next sowing. The fruits of these tomatoes are plucked and brown, they ripen well indoors without losing their taste. The huge pink berries of an excellent variety of mid-season tomatoes are transportable. These tomatoes are used in fresh and canned salads, juice is made.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Without a doubt, the pink fig bushes require close attention. But the fruits of tomatoes captivate with their originality and unusual taste. Therefore, amateurs should try to plant this demanding variety of tomatoes, carefully familiarizing themselves with its merits.

  • The value and originality of the variety - delicious fruits, where sugar content prevails, and the unusual shape of the berries;
  • The yield, which is based on the duration of fruiting of the tomato bush, is very high: many fruits are tied, and they all grow large;
  • Complex plant resistance to viral and fungal diseases;
  • The universal purpose of tomato fruits Figs pink.

Apart from the care that tall bushes of tomatoes need, there are no shortcomings as such in this variety, except for one thing: small voids form in the ribbed fruits.

Growing features

When growing pink fig tomatoes, special attention should be paid to several points of care.

  • A thermophilic plant requires growing in greenhouses. Only in the south of the country can it be planted in vegetable gardens;
  • A tall tomato bush needs to establish strong supports, form and tie branches with large fruits;
  • The plant needs regular feeding for proper development;

According to the reviews of those gardeners who planted pink figs tomato bushes, seduced by the description of the variety and photos on various sites, using only their previous experience, the result was disappointing. But observing the recommended agrotechnical techniques, for the second time they managed to grow the fruits of pink tomatoes that fully meet the characteristics.

Important! Everyone is used to soaking tomato seeds before sowing. It turns out that plants from dry seeds are stronger and more resistant.

Stage one: sowing seeds

To prepare the soil in which the seedlings of tall tomatoes will rise, they usually take two parts of garden soil, mixing half with humus and river sand. There are recommendations to prepare identical soils both for boxes with seedlings and for greenhouses where bushes will grow. In this case, the adaptation of plants will be painless.

Branded seeds of this tomato variety enter the retail network already processed, so they are simply laid out in containers, lightly sprinkled with soil, moistened, covered with glass or film and kept warm - up to 230 C. The optimal sowing time is the second decade of March. We must also count on the fact that the sprouts will be planted two months old.

Seedling care

Tomato plants Pink figs are hygrophilous. The soil is regularly watered with warm water - up to 200 C. It is advisable to avoid getting drops on the leaves. The first three weeks, the seedlings must be supplemented during the day. In the phase of two true leaves, a pick is carried out with the planting of tomatoes in separate containers. Plants take root for about two weeks, after this period, feeding begins.

For seedlings it is best to use special complex mineral fertilizers: "Sudarushka", "Kristalon", "Master", "AgroMaster", "Kemira". Young plants are also fed with potassium monophosphate: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of the drug in 10 liters of water, or superphosphate.

Plants in the greenhouse

Strong, healthy tomato seedlings, 30-35 cm high, on which there are at least ten leaves, the rudiments of ovaries appear, are transferred to the greenhouse. This process usually occurs in mid-May when the soil warms up. The soil is watered with solutions of copper sulfate or potassium permanganate to remove lurking infectious agents. When planting, take into account the rather exuberant growth of a bush of the Fig Pink tomato variety. The distance between the holes is left sufficient: 50 cm. The calculation is carried out in this way: if a bush of a tall tomato is formed into two stems, per 1 sq. m 3 plants are planted. And accordingly, four single-stemmed bushes can be planted in this area.

Supports are immediately installed for tomato plants of the Pink Fig variety, if there are no perennial trellises in the greenhouse. As the bushes grow, the branches are carefully tied up. Particular attention is paid to the lower branches of the bush with the largest fruits, checking the strength of the garters and supports so that the plant does not break. After the second or third hand, the lateral processes that appear are removed.

Tomatoes of this variety are watered with warm water, its optimum temperature is 200 C. An important feature of care is watering under the root of the plant so that the soil does not wash out, and the water does not fall on the leaves and stems. Moisture is best distributed using the drip system. Uniform moisture is especially important for each tomato bush during fruit ripening. After watering, the greenhouse must be ventilated so that favorable conditions for the formation of rot are not created. The dried soil is loosened, weeds are removed. During the season, tall tomato plants must be fed 3-4 times with potash and phosphorus fertilizers.

Pest and disease control

For tomato plants, Figs Pink, which are grown in a greenhouse, prevention of fungal infections is necessary. For this purpose, spraying the bushes with the drug "Fitosporin" is used according to the instructions. They get rid of insect pests by using a weak solution of potassium permanganate. If the damage to the leaves is large, insecticides are used. When the fruits ripen, tomato bushes are sprayed with decoctions of plants that scare off whiteflies, aphids or spider mites: yarrow, chamomile, celandine, marigolds, onion husks. A nematode that infects the roots of a tomato bush can be fought by disinfecting the ground with strong poisons.

Tomato bushes will thank the gardener for taking care of a good harvest. They are not so picky, and the pleasure from the work performed is guaranteed.


Alexandra Fedorovna, 58 years old, Moscow region

For the sake of interest, I bought only four plants of the Pink Fig tomato in cups on the market. Planted at the entrance to track the bushes. They were in the best place - space and light. The harvest is amazing. Six fruits weighed about 800 g. I did not use any special fertilizing. Tied, and below each branch - its own props. Interesting taste, sweet.

Alexey Sergeevich, 66 years old, Saransk

I have been growing Pink Fig tomatoes for two years now. I form it according to the classics - in two stems. The usual weight of the fruit is 500-700 g. They are well sold on the market, especially those who have already tasted it - there is absolutely no acid. In smaller tomatoes, there are almost no voids.

Nina Vasilievna, 55 years old, Kimry

I like to make assorted vegetables from multi-colored varieties of tomatoes. They are very effective. We are growing them for the second year. Plants are resistant to diseases. The fruits are definitely bigger than the others. Fresh have a fruity taste. Suitable for us.

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