Homemade wine made from sour compote

Homemade wine made from sour compote

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Homemade wine made from compote has a distinct taste and aroma. It is obtained from any compote made from berries or fruits. Both sufficiently fresh workpieces and a drink that has already fermented is subjected to processing. The process of obtaining wine requires strict adherence to technology.

Preparatory stage

Before you start making wine from compote, you need to carry out a number of preparatory work. First, containers are prepared in which the wine will ferment. For such purposes, it is most convenient to use glass bottles with a capacity of 5 liters.

Advice! An alternative option is a wooden or enameled container.

It is allowed to use food-grade plastic containers for making wine. But it is recommended to avoid metal utensils, since the process of oxidation of the drink occurs. The exception is stainless cookware.

In the process of wine fermentation, carbon dioxide is actively released. To eliminate it, you need to use a water seal. There are ready-made designs of a water seal on sale, which are enough to install on a container with wine.

You can make a water seal yourself: a hole is made in the container lid through which a hose is passed. One end is in a bottle, while the other is placed in a container of water.

The simplest version of a water seal is a rubber glove with a hole made with a sewing needle.

Compote wine recipes

Homemade wine is made from grape, cherry, apple, plum and apricot compote. The fermentation process takes place in the presence of a leaven in the form of wine yeast. Instead, you can use a ferment made from berries or raisins.

In the presence of mold, the blanks are not recommended to be used for making wine. Mold interferes with fermentation, so a lot of effort can be put into it without getting the result.

Classic recipe

If the compote is fermented, then it can be processed into wine using the classical technology. It includes the following steps:

  1. Sour compote (3 l) is filtered through a fine sieve or several layers of gauze.
  2. The resulting liquid is placed in a saucepan and raisins (0.1 kg) are added. The raisins do not need to be washed as they contain beneficial bacteria that help ferment.
  3. The wort is placed in a warm place for several hours. To ferment quickly, the compote is first poured into a saucepan and put on fire.
  4. Sugar (2 cups) is added to the warm liquid and stirred until completely dissolved.
  5. A water seal is placed on the container and left for 2-3 weeks in a warm place.
  6. With active fermentation, carbon dioxide is released. When this process stops (the formation of bubbles is completed or the glove is deflated), proceed to the next stage.
  7. The young wine is carefully drained so as not to hurt the sediment. This will help the use of a thin soft hose.
  8. The drink must be filtered through cheesecloth and placed in bottles. Over the next 2 months, the drink is aged. When a precipitate appears, the filtration process is repeated.
  9. Homemade wine made from fermented compote is stored for 2-3 years.

Fast way

Fermentation and maturation of wine takes a long time. If the technology is followed, this process takes several months.

In a shorter period of time, a dessert alcoholic drink is obtained. It is used for further preparation of liquor or cocktail.

Wine made from compote at home in a simple way is prepared according to the recipe:

  1. Cherry compote (1 l) is filtered to remove the berries.
  2. Fresh cherries (1 kg) are pitted.
  3. Prepared cherries and 0.5 l of vodka are added to the wort. The container is left warm for one day.
  4. A day later, honey (2 tbsp. L.) And cinnamon (1/2 tsp. L.) Are added to the wort.
  5. The container is kept for 3 days in room conditions.
  6. The resulting drink has a rich and tart taste. It is bottled and kept cold.

Wine made from grape compote

If you have grape compote, you can make homemade wine on its basis. It is best to use a sugar-free drink. Wine yeast helps to activate the fermentation process.

It is not recommended to use regular nutritional yeast, as mash is formed instead of wine. If wine yeast is difficult to obtain, then unwashed raisins will perform their functions.

How to make grape wine from compote is indicated in the recipe:

  1. Grape compote (3 l) is filtered, after which sugar (2 cups) and wine yeast (1.5 tsp) are added.
  2. The mixture is stirred and left at a temperature of 20 degrees. A water seal must be installed to regulate the emission of carbon dioxide.
  3. Within 6 weeks the grape must fermentation takes place.
  4. When the formation of carbon dioxide stops, the liquid must be drained into a separate container. A sediment forms at the bottom of the bottle, which should not get into young wine.
  5. The resulting wine is filtered and poured into bottles.
  6. For the final aging of the drink, another 2 weeks must pass. When a precipitate appears, the wine is additionally filtered.

Cherry compote wine

A delicious drink made from cherry compote is prepared according to a specific recipe:

  1. Cherry drink cans (6 L) must be opened and left in a warm place to activate fermentation. The wort is kept for several days. To obtain wine from a fermented drink, they immediately proceed to the next stage.
  2. Raisins (1 glass) are poured into a small cup and poured with compote (1 glass). The cup is left warm for 2 hours.
  3. Add 0.4 kg of sugar to the remaining wort and place it in a warm place. When the raisins have softened, they are added to the general container.
  4. A water seal is installed on the container. When fermentation is complete, the wine is drained and filtered through cheesecloth.
  5. The prepared wine is bottled and aged for 3 months.

Apple compote wine

On the basis of apples, white wine is obtained. In the presence of apple compote, the cooking recipe takes the following form:

  1. Compote is poured out of the jar and filtered. As a result, you should get 3 liters of wort.
  2. The liquid is poured into a glass container and 50 g of unwashed raisins are added.
  3. The resulting apple pieces are placed in a separate container and covered with sugar.
  4. The containers with wort and apples are left for 2 hours in a warm place.
  5. After the allotted time, the components are combined with the addition of 0.3 kg of sugar.
  6. A water seal is placed on the bottle, after which it is placed in a warm room. To maintain the temperature required for fermentation, the container is covered with a blanket. After 2 weeks, the blanket is removed.
  7. At the end of the fermentation process, the apple drink is filtered and filled into bottles. For its further aging, it will take 2 months.

Advice! A similar recipe is used to prepare wine from sour compote. One more stage will be added here: the compote is digested with the addition of 1 cup of sugar in a 3 liter jar.

Plum compote wine

An alcoholic drink with a mild taste is prepared from plum compote. The recipe for its receipt includes a certain sequence of actions:

  1. The sour plum drink is poured from cans and filtered.
  2. Plums are not thrown away, but crushed and covered with sugar.
  3. When the sugar dissolves, the plum pulp is put on low heat and boiled to make a syrup.
  4. After cooling, the syrup is placed in heat for fermentation.
  5. Part of the compote (no more than 1 cup) is heated to 30 degrees and unwashed raisins (50 g) and a little sugar are added to it.
  6. The mixture is covered with a cloth and left warm for several hours. Then the starter culture is poured into a common container.
  7. A water seal is placed on the bottle and left in the dark for fermentation.
  8. When the fermentation of the mixtures is complete, they are drained without sediment and mixed.
  9. The wine is left to mature, which lasts 3 months. Plum drink has a strength of 15 degrees.

Apricot compote wine

Unused apricot or peach compote can be processed into homemade table wine. The process of obtaining an alcoholic drink from a sour compote is divided into several stages:

  1. First, the sourdough is made from the berries. In a cup, stir unwashed raspberries (0.1 kg), sugar (50 g) and a little warm water.
  2. The mixture is kept for 3 days in a warm room.
  3. The ready-made sourdough is added to the apricot wort, which must first be filtered.
  4. The container is closed with a water seal and left in a warm place for a week.
  5. Filter the resulting liquid and add 1 tbsp. l. honey.
  6. The drink is aged for a month.
  7. Ready homemade wine is poured into bottles and left in a cool place for a week.
  8. After the indicated period, the drink is completely ready for use.


Compote wine is a great way to use old wine. During the cooking process, you will need containers equipped with a water seal, sourdough and sugar. Fermentation takes place in a warm room, while it is recommended to keep the finished drink in a cold place.

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