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How to make supports for cucumbers in the open ground

How to make supports for cucumbers in the open ground

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Please tell us how you make supports for cucumbers in the open ground?


In the open. I do not do the ground, spread along the ground.

Maria, this year in a greenhouse, and before that they grew under arches and covering, on top of 3 slats, wrapped with tape, cucumbers in two rows, tied to the slats.

In the greenhouse, I wind the ropes, which are planted one at a time, if in rows - vertically on the grid. On the street until the heat under the arcs of spodbon and film, then on the net and make a hut from spodbon for the night, nights are cold.

My dear classmates, a person asks to share experience, and you send photos from an Internet.



I'm weaving around the net

On which grid can I take a photo? just very interesting how it looks

In our greenhouse there are beds in boxes. Cucumbers in the center. So we screwed the screws into the box from the outside at a distance of 20-25cm. The ropes were fastened like this - a self-tapping screw (below) - on the upper profile of the greenhouse - and down for another self-tapping screw. It’s convenient for me to pass cucumbers between rows and do not interfere and it’s easy to collect

There is a video on cucumbers - it seems to be about drip irrigation. You can look there

My girlfriend in my center of the garden (in length) pulled the net (at the Fix Price I took it) and planted the cucumbers in a checkerboard pattern. If you plant cucumbers in pairs - it will be thickened

I have a video about a greenhouse in about. I tie up the same

Thanks 🙂 I already watched the video. I’ll try to tie it up today too

The husband designed a trellis from reinforcement, I tie every bush to it

Sorry, Tatyana Mikhailovna. I won’t do that anymore. To stand in a corner? Not everyone has a garden behind the porch of the house. Unsubscribed from the group, so as not to injure the tender.

When I unsubscribed, I drew attention to the number of subscribers 11111.

Yes, I didn’t mean you what kind of reaction, it’s very strange.

They creep on my ground, and when it gets colder I just cover with acrylic

Here are my last year's “Christmas trees” 🙂 We stick a long stick-pole in the center, drive a carnation to the top (you can not drive, but it’s more convenient). And we tie ropes to it. Around each "Christmas tree" planted 3 cucumbers.

I wanted you in a personal, but closed. Send here. This is also from the Internet, just saw.

From two sides on the bed I clog the boards and on them I pull the net for the garter of the cucumbers. Sold in any garden shop. And all no problems. If the nets are not enough then I take the ropes they are sold in baboons (they were so strong silk or kapron we bought them when we built the house.) And I pull them from each cucumber to the trellis which I prepare in advance. And that’s all.

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