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Cucumber Courage f1

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All gardeners want to grow aromatic, sweet, crunchy cucumbers without problems and worries. For this, the best varieties of cucumbers are selected, characterized by excellent taste and high yield. But how to choose the best variety from a huge list, the fruits of which will give a tasteful pleasure and delight with their crunch in early spring, summer and even winter. Surely experienced farmers have a couple of good varieties in mind, among which you can often find cucumbers "Courage F1". This hybrid has an amazing taste and has a number of agronomic advantages over other varieties of cucumbers. You can get acquainted with this wonderful vegetable, see photos of fresh cucumbers and find out more information about their cultivation by reading the article below.

Description of Zelenets

The most important indicator when choosing a cucumber variety is the taste of the future harvest. After all, a sweet, aromatic cucumber can become a real delicacy for adults and children. So, it is the amazing taste that is the main and most significant advantage of the "Courage f1" cucumber variety.

Zelentsy "Courage f1" have a pronounced fresh aroma. When breaking a cucumber, you can hear a characteristic crunch. Its pulp is dense, juicy, sweetish, absolutely devoid of bitterness. Cucumbers can be used for pickling, pickling, canning, making salads and even soups. Wonderful vegetables of the "Courage f1" variety can become a "highlight" of every table, since the special taste of green tea surprises not only when freshly consumed, but also after salting and heat treatment. In winter and summer, Courage f1 cucumber will delight the hosts and guests of the house with its presence on the table.

The external description of the zelenets is excellent: the length of the cucumber is not less than 13 cm, the shape is classic for the culture - oval-cylindrical, aligned. The average weight of each vegetable is 120-140 grams. In cross-section, the diameter of the fruit is 3.5-4 cm. On the surface of the cucumber, one can observe numerous bumps and thorns of white color. You can see the cucumbers of the "Courage f1" variety below in the photo.

Varietal characteristics

The Courage f1 hybrid was developed by domestic breeders of the Gavrish company. Cucumber "Courage f1" belongs to the category of parthenocarpic, which means that it has flowers of a predominantly female type.

Important! The culture does not need pollination and forms ovaries en masse without the participation of insects.

This property is another advantage of the "Courage f1" cucumber variety, since even under unfavorable climatic conditions, you can get a bountiful harvest of vegetables. Parthenocarp also allows you to plant plants in a greenhouse or greenhouse without the involvement of insects and artificial pollination.

The early maturity of the "Courage f1" variety allows you to get the earliest harvest of fresh cucumbers on your site, to the envy of all neighbors. So, the period from sowing seeds to the appearance of the first greens is only 35 days. The mass ripening of vegetables occurs 44 days after sowing the crop in the ground. Thanks to such a short period of fruit ripening, using the seedling growing method, you can get the first, spring, fresh vegetables already in late May - early June.

Important! Variety "Courage f1" is perfect for industrial cultivation of cucumbers for the subsequent sale.

An additional feature and at the same time an advantage is the high yield of the cucumber variety "Courage f1". So, provided that cucumbers are grown on open plots of land, 6-6.5 kg of fresh, tasty vegetables can be obtained from each meter. If the crop is grown in greenhouse conditions, then the yield can exceed 8.5 kg / m2.

All the listed agrotechnical characteristics once again prove the superiority of the "Courage f1" variety over other alternative varieties of cucumbers.


Cucumber variety "Courage f1" can be safely grown not only under a film cover, but also on unprotected areas of land.

Important! Cucumbers are resistant to adverse weather conditions and diseases.

Zoned "Courage f1" for the central part of Russia, however, and in the northern regions, you can also successfully cultivate this variety of cucumbers.

For cultivation of the cucumber variety "Courage f1", you can use various technologies: seedling method or sowing directly with seed into the ground, with or without preliminary germination of the grains. The choice of this or that technology depends, first of all, on the preferences of the farmer, however, the most correct is the following sequence of actions.

Selection and treatment of seeds

You can select the full, viable seeds of "Courage f1" cucumbers by soaking the seeds in a saline solution. To do this, stir a tablespoon of salt in a liter of water, then put the seeds of the "Courage f1" variety into the solution, mix again and leave for 10-20 minutes. The seeds that floated to the surface of the water are empty, while the filled seeds should settle to the bottom of the container. They should be used in the future.

Important! When buying cucumber seeds of the "Courage f1" variety, you should pay special attention to the date of their harvest, since the seeds collected for a long time lose their percentage of germination over time.

On the surface of cucumber seeds, harmful microorganisms that are not visible to the eye can be found. They can subsequently cause the development of diseases and plant death. That is why, even before germination of cucumber seeds, they should be processed. This can be done by placing the seeds in a weak manganese solution for 1-1.5 hours. After such disinfection, the seeds of cucumbers "Courage f1" must be thoroughly rinsed with a stream of running water, then dried for storage or germinated.


Germinating seeds speeds up the process of growing the crop as a whole. For germination of cucumber seeds "Courage f1", it is necessary to create optimal conditions with a temperature of + 28- + 300With and high humidity. This microclimate can be created by placing the seeds in a piece of damp cloth or gauze. To reduce evaporation and prevent drying out, it is recommended to place a wet shred with seeds in a plastic bag. You can also place the cloth on a saucer, but in this case you will need to regularly check its moisture content.

The required temperature for germination of cucumber seeds "Courage f1" "can be found" near kitchen stoves, heating radiators or directly at the human skin. It is worth noting that some experienced gardeners put a plastic bag of seeds in the pocket of their everyday clothes and claim that in such a strange but really warm location, cucumber seeds germinate very quickly.

Seeds of cucumbers "Courage f1" in the presence of favorable conditions hatch in 4-6 days. Seeds that have not sprouted green shoots are not germinating or weak. They should be sorted. Germinated grains can be sown in the ground or for seedlings.

Sowing seeds in the ground

Sowing the seeds of cucumbers "Courage f1" in open ground is possible only when the soil at a depth of 10-15 cm has warmed up to a temperature above +150C, and the threat of night frosts has passed. In central Russia, as a rule, such climatic conditions are typical for the end of May.

Germinated seeds of cucumbers "Courage f1" are recommended to be sown on land plots where cabbage, legumes or potatoes previously grew. Fertilizing the soil should be taken care of in advance, in the fall, since fresh manure with a high nitrogen content can burn plants. In the spring, before sowing cucumbers "Courage f1", it is permissible to introduce only well-rotted compost.

Cucumbers "Courage f1" form a medium-sized, rather compact bush, so you can sow their seeds into the soil by 4-5 pcs. at 1m2... Seed beds should be covered with plastic wrap. When shoots appear, the film must be lifted into arcs. In the presence of a relatively stable summer temperature, the shelter may not be used.

Important! Various kinds of pests can eat the seeds of cucumbers sown in the ground, so this method is not preferred, according to most farmers.

Growing seedlings

The seedling growing method has several advantages:

  • indoor conditions are favorable for growing healthy, strong cucumber seedlings;
  • at the time of diving into the ground, cucumbers have enough strength to resist disease and pests;
  • diving of grown plants accelerates the harvesting process;
  • when planting cucumbers, you can select stronger plants in order not to occupy the land area with seedlings with a slow growth rate.

Sprouted cucumber seeds "Courage f1" are sown on seedlings in the second half of April. To do this, use plastic cups or peat pots. Soil for plants can be purchased or prepared independently by mixing peat, sand, fertile soil and compost in equal parts. You can reduce the acidity of the soil by adding wood ash. 1-2 seeds should be placed in each container filled with soil. After that, the crops must be watered and covered with a protective material (film, glass). It is recommended to place the containers in a warm place. When seedlings appear, cucumber seedlings are placed on an illuminated surface. It is worth noting that with a lack of light, the seedlings of cucumbers of the "Courage f1" variety will begin to stretch and slow down their growth, so the lack of lighting should be compensated for by illuminating the plants with fluorescent lamps.

You can dive the seedlings of cucumbers of the "Courage f1" variety into the greenhouse in mid-May. Plants can be transplanted into open ground in early June. Seedlings by the time of picking should have 3-4 true leaves.

Basic care

Cucumbers "Courage f1" are relatively unpretentious. For their full growth and fruiting, it is necessary to carry out regular watering with warm water (+220C) directly under the root after sunset. Top dressing is recommended to be carried out 4 times per season. A solution of chicken manure, mullein or complex fertilizer can be used as fertilizer. Foliar dressing will also help increase yields. Experienced gardeners practice spraying plants with urea.

Important! In the process of growth, the main shoot of the Courage f1 cucumbers can be pinched. This will promote the growth of side shoots and an increase in yield.


Other important points related to the cultivation of cucumbers of the "Courage f1" variety can be found in the video:

It is very easy to grow tasty, fruitful cucumbers on your site. To do this, you need to choose such a good variety as "Courage f1" and put a little effort. These wonderful cucumbers grow successfully in open soil, under film cover and in polycarbonate greenhouses. This variety will thank the farmer for even the most minimal care and will give an excellent harvest, which will delight in early spring with the first greens and in the harsh winter with crispy pickled cucumbers.


Antonina Pavlovskaya, 43 years old, Azov

For many years I have been growing cucumbers of various varieties, but there are cucumbers that adorn my garden from year to year. Among such favorites is the "Courage f1" variety. It has a good taste of vegetables, an early ripening period and a high yield - and these are the most important qualities for me. I always grow cucumbers with seedlings, which I plant in a greenhouse in early May and at the end of the month I treat my family and friends with delicious cucumbers. Vegetables are tied and ripened until September. During this time, I collect a very rich harvest, about 3 kg from each bush. I eat cucumbers fresh and roll them up for the winter. Anyone who is interested in varieties of cucumbers and is faced with a choice, I advise you to try "Courage f1", because you can safely vouch for such a good variety.

Victoria Smolich, 27 years old, Vladivostok

We can say that I inherited the "Courage f1" variety - it is always grown by my mother. I, too, have been growing these wonderful cucumbers on my little piece of land for several years now. Literally 5-6 bushes are enough for me to get the required amount of vegetables. We eat cucumbers with the whole family throughout the summer - their taste is wonderful. They never taste bitter and exude a pleasant aroma. Their taste is sweetish. I haven’t tried to roll up vegetables of the “Courage f1” variety, so I cannot comment on their taste. However, having tasted a fresh vegetable, I can say that it is about such cucumbers that they say “delicious”, “real”.

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