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In what proportion to dilute boric acid for spraying tomato

In what proportion to dilute boric acid for spraying tomato

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In what proportion to dilute boric acid for spraying tomatoes?


5 grams (1 teaspoon), per 2 liters of water.

And where can I buy it? At a pharmacy or garden store?

At the pharmacy.

In our garden

There is no instruction at the pharmacy

We use a pharmacy (powder of 10 g), from year to year.

So do I.

And how are you? bred?

No, I use it to make complex fertilizer. But she never sprayed tomatoes. Do not tell me for what purposes and during what period should tomatoes be sprayed with boric acid?

A photo of tomatoes of that year, as soon as the ovary begins, is also used for strawberries, cucumbers, etc.

Boric acid is first suspended in hot water, and then pour this mixture into a bucket.

Thanks a lot to everyone for the information!

Are you 2 liters. 5 grams per bucket

Boric acid is sprayed or watered under the root? I want to feed strawberries on the weekend, it is blooming right now.

I also spray strawberries, but you can also add 10 drops of iodine.

And also during flowering, it is good to pour water with ash.

Thanks. I sprinkle ash around the bushes every 2 weeks

Thanks for the reference, very useful info. Dragged to bookmarks

I spray with boric acid on the flowering brushes, so that there would be an ovary, you can also cucumber. I take on 5 liters of water half a teaspoon of pharmaceutical boric acid.

Thanks, understood. Be sure to sprinkle tomatoes on the weekend

Do not argue :-). You can from 5 to 10 grams per 10 liters. Water

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