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How to get rid of late blight in a greenhouse

How to get rid of late blight in a greenhouse

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Good day! The question is banal, but relevant. The bottom line: in a polycarbonate greenhouse with tomatoes on this cold, damp summer, late blight appeared. What activities should be carried out in the autumn in order to try to get rid of this scourge in the greenhouse? There are a lot of different tips on the Internet, from smoke bombs and burning clean wool in a closed greenhouse to brushing metal constructions in a greenhouse. And what really works? I would like to know the advice of experienced gardeners.


spill the greenhouse with copper sulfate, all ... earth, walls, roof. burn the tops

Ilya, fame came to you.

yes, I'm not a magician)


I also heard about the smoke bomb, they say it helps.

the main thing is not to smoke over the plants, everything will go to hell. You need to smoke an empty room. Sulfur creates pungent smoke that burns everything in its path, destroying all pests and pathogenic diseases.

Come on…

I with pleasure will read your advice, recommendations, not only Ilya). What do you advise?)

oh well I can’t advise on this subject, because I don’t know her) all these drugs of the disease are not mine

I will take the liberty on behalf of gardeners and gardeners to express gratitude to YULIA and ILYA for free help and useful advice in our favorite business!

oh how nice thank you sick

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