Reversible plow for mini tractor

Reversible plow for mini tractor

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Large equipment is inconvenient for processing small gardens, therefore, the mini-tractors that appeared on sale immediately began to be in great demand. In order for the unit to perform the assigned tasks, it requires attachments. The main cultivating tool for a mini-tractor is a plow, which, according to the principle of operation, is divided into three varieties.

Mini tractor plows

There are many varieties of plows. According to the principle of their work, they can be divided into three groups.


From the name of the equipment it is already clear that the structure has a cutting part in the form of discs. It is intended for the processing of heavy soil, swampy soil, as well as virgin lands. The cutting discs rotate on bearings during operation, so they can easily break even a large number of roots in the ground.

As an example, consider the model 1LYQ-422. The equipment drives the power take-off shaft of the mini-tractor, rotating at a speed of 540–720 rpm. The plow is characterized by a plowing width of 88 cm and a depth of up to 24 cm. The frame is equipped with four discs. If, while plowing the ground, the cutting element hits the stone, it does not deform, but simply rolls over the obstacle.

Important! The disc model in question can only be used on a mini-tractor with an engine with a power of 18 hp or more. from.


In another way, this equipment is called a reversible plow for a mini-tractor because of the principle of operation. After finishing the furrow cutting, the operator turns not the mini-tractor, but the plow. This is where the name came from. However, according to the device of the cutting part, it will be true when the plow is called a share-moldboard. It can be one- and two-body. The working element here is a wedge-shaped ploughshare. While driving, he cuts the soil, turns it over and crushes it. The plowing depth for single- and double-furrow plows is regulated by the support wheel.

Let's take the R-101 model as an example of a two-body plow for a mini-tractor. The equipment weighs about 92 kg. You can use a 2-body plow if the mini-tractor has a rear hitch. The support wheel adjusts the plowing depth. For this 2-body model, it is 20-25 cm.

Important! The considered plow model can be used with a mini-tractor with a capacity of 18 hp. from.


A modern, but complex design for a mini-tractor is a rotary plow, consisting of a set of working elements fixed on a movable shaft. The equipment is characterized by ease of use. During soil tillage, the operator does not need to drive the tractor in a straight line. Rotary equipment is usually used in the preparation of soil for planting root crops.

Depending on the design of the rotor, the rotary plow is divided into 4 types:

  • Drum-type models are equipped with rigid or spring pushers. There are also combined designs.
  • Blade models are a rotating disc. 1 or 2 pairs of blades are fixed on it.
  • The scapular models differ only in the working element. Instead of blades, blades are installed on the rotating rotor.
  • The screw model is equipped with a working screw. It can be single and multiple.

The advantage of rotary equipment is the ability to loosen soil of any thickness to the required degree. The impact on the soil is from top to bottom. This makes it possible to use a rotary plow with a low tractive power of a mini-tractor.

Advice! While mixing the soil with rotary equipment, it is convenient to apply fertilizer.

Of all the types considered, the most popular is the 2-body reversible plow. It consists of several frames on which tools of different purpose can be fixed. Such equipment is capable of two functions. For example, while plowing the soil, harrowing occurs at the same time. However, a home-made plow for a mini-tractor is easier to make a single-body one, but it is less efficient.

Self-production of a single-body plow

It is difficult for an inexperienced person to make a 2-body plow for a mini-tractor. Better to practice on a monohull design. The most difficult job here will be folding the blade. In production, this is done on machine tools, but at home you will have to use a vice, a hammer and an anvil.

In the photo we have presented a diagram. It is on it that the construction of a single-body type is made.

To assemble a plow for a mini-tractor with our own hands, we perform the following steps:

  • For the manufacture of the blade, you will need sheet steel with a thickness of 3-5 mm. First, the blanks are marked on the sheet. All fragments are cut out with a grinder. Further, the workpiece is given a curved shape by holding it in a vice. If somewhere you need to correct the area, this is done with a hammer on the anvil.
  • The underside of the blade is reinforced with an additional steel strip. It is fixed with rivets so that their caps do not protrude on the working surface.
  • The finished blade is attached to the holder from the back side. It is made from a steel strip 400 mm long and 10 mm thick. To adjust the plowing depth, 4–5 holes are drilled on the holder at different levels.
  • The body of the attachment is made of a steel pipe with a diameter of at least 50 mm. Its length can be in the range of 0.5-1 m. It all depends on the method of attachment to the mini-tractor. On one side of the body, a working part is installed - a blade, and on the other side, a flange is welded. It is needed to hitch the plow to the mini-tractor.

If desired, the single-hull model can be improved. For this, two wheels are installed on the sides, adhering to the center line. The diameter of the large wheel is selected individually. It is set to the width of the blade. A small wheel with a diameter of 200 mm is placed on the back side along the centerline.

The video tells about the manufacture of a plow:

Self-production of attachments, taking into account the purchase of metal, will not cost much less than purchasing a factory structure. Here it is worth thinking about how to do it easier.

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