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How to properly position the greenhouse relative to the cardinal points

How to properly position the greenhouse relative to the cardinal points

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How to position the greenhouse? From east to west?


From south to north. For uniform lighting.

How much I read - all 50 to 50 advise I realized that it makes no difference 🙂

ONLY from south to north. Otherwise, your north side will bloom over time.

Note :-) Choosing a sunny place The greenhouse is placed on the sunniest site. In this case, the sun should visit the building in the morning and not go away until the evening. This is only possible if the frame is located from west to east. If installation by the presented method is not possible, the greenhouse is located in such a way that the sun does not leave it at least until noon. At dawn, the temperature is the lowest, and if at this time the plants are frozen, they simply stop the growth. When placing the structure so that heating will occur only in the afternoon, absolutely nothing will grow! The thing is that the air does not have time to warm up before night, and in the morning the plants will again have to freeze. In the afternoon, the power of the sun will be too high for crops, and they will get burns. Or the whole article. Suddenly come in handy

From North to South. Then the sun will be all day

Thanks! come in handy! )

Totally confused (so from west to east, or from north to south?

I have from west to east. Everything is growing perfectly!

We have white nights and in good weather the sun is up to 20 hours. And more. Greenhouse from west to east.

Turn on the logic) how does the sun go? We told you our opinion,) now decide for yourself)

I had greenhouses from west to east, when re-planning a section of the greenhouse, I found from north to south I did not notice a difference in location. Correctly wrote to Tom, the main thing is that it is sunny and the earth is excellent and the beds are higher and warmer.

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