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What to do if leaves do not bloom in the apple tree

What to do if leaves do not bloom in the apple tree

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Help. Planted a seedling of an apple tree, but the leaves do not bloom. The apple tree itself is alive, I checked, and the kidneys are alive, I water it, but there is no sense, help.


I also planted this year. and silence. but alive. need to give her freedom. here we will not help. either take root or not. maybe for the best that leaves do not go, everything went to the root ...

Check, maybe planted too deep. At the bottom of the stem there is a vaccination, it should be above ground level.

there will be nothing to go to without roots!

yes xs. living kidneys. elastic barrel, not wrinkled ... not to die

I also have cherries

she does not instantly die. At first, as if sleeping. It is better to take a photo in more detail as it is planted. And where is her vaccine? Find

Ksenia, God be with her. It's a shame, of course, will be)

Pour 1 ampoule of zircon onto a bucket of water, 3-4 buckets of water each week.

Do not hurry. The apple tree knows what it is doing. So she needs to survive and take root.

It was like that with me. We bought seedlings at the sale, weak ones, of which three sat like that, and yesterday the kidneys finally hatch. Your apple tree will come to life, of course.

I planted last year, I didn’t have one to sleep. Everything woke up on time and went up. When planting, it is important to monitor so as not to deepen the seedlings and immediately abundant watering. 5-6 buckets per apple tree, plus top dressing. And watering once a week, if there is no rain, again 5-6 buckets for each seedling

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