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What are the fast-growing and long-blooming annuals for partial shade

Tell me fast-growing and long-blooming annuals for partial shade. Those that are not too late to sow in the ground. Only marigolds, nasturtium and marigolds came to my mind! Tell me something else, maybe even something that will spread like a carpet! Thank you all very much!


carnation is, spreads like a carpet, blooms for the second month

Sweet peas, planted a week ago, has already risen. Periwinkle

Purslane seems to be called, but the people simply “mats”. It spreads and blooms in different colors.


I advise, zinnias ,,, and bloom the whole summer, and the color is varied)))

Cornflowers, zinnias, marigolds, Dahlias annuals are well in partial shade with me, even snapdragons in partial shade live well)

and zinnia can be grown in a reckless way ?? For some reason I thought that they were only seedlings ... Thank you! I will try

I immediately pour in the ground ... quickly rises ... elegant bloom until the frost)))

Thank you)))) Buy tomorrow) I love them))


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