Dahlia Blue Boy

Dahlia Blue Boy

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Dahlias bloom unusually beautifully! Their flowers are considered ideal in terms of natural geometry. One of the unsurpassed varieties is Blue Boy. Translated from English, the name literally translates as "boy in blue". Let's talk about this variety in more detail.


Dahlia Blue Boy is a tall plant. If the standard plant does not exceed a meter, this variety reaches a height of 120 centimeters. It was bred in the United States over thirty-five years ago.

The flower is purple, its size is standard (10-15 cm), with proper cultivation, it will delight with abundant flowering from the beginning of summer from two to three months. In the garden, this magnificent terry flower will not go unnoticed due to its gorgeous purple hue and pointed tips.

An annual plant, ornamental, suitable for cutting or group planting. This variety can be grown without support, the stems are strong and flexible. It tolerates most dangerous diseases and viruses. Propagated by dividing tubers.


All dahlias require proper cultivation, compliance with conditions. It is then that they will delight the eye with their magnificent flowering. This also applies to the Blue Boy variety.

First you need to choose a place for growing. Dahlia is demanding on a certain microclimate:

  • sunlight;
  • spaciousness;
  • windless space;
  • slightly acidic or neutral soil.

Dahlias grown from tubers do not require special care, but the gardener will have to dig them out every year and store them in a special way. Below is a video on this topic:

If you keep the tubers correctly, then this is one of the success factors in growing flowers of this variety. Many gardeners advise cutting off the leaves and stems before digging out the dahlia tubers. However, you cannot leave them open after cutting. Moisture trapped in it can cause suppuration. Viruses are very common in the fall.

In the fall, on the eve of planting the tubers, compost is added to the soil. The procedure is repeated in the spring, adding a little ash. As a rule, this is enough for the successful growth of dahlias on the site. Experienced gardeners choose two planting sites, alternating from year to year, giving the soil a rest. To save plants from diseases, you cannot plant them in the place where asters used to grow.

A month before planting, in April, the tubers are prepared for planting: they are cleaned, the sections are treated with brilliant green. As soon as the probability of frost subsides, you can plant the tubers in open ground. The rule here is simple: the pits for planting are three times the volume of the tubers, and the distance between the plants is 50-60 centimeters.


The Internet has traditionally presented a large number of reviews about various varieties of dahlias. There are also about the Blue Boy variety.

Elena Okuneva, 46 years old, Tomsk

I bought this variety for a long time, then returned to it again. One thing: there is one color in the photo, but how it blooms - it is a little different. I call this color "fuchsia". In the evening, the flower turns a little blue. It is very simple to grow, it does not cause any complaints.

Tamara Tokareva, 40 years old, Tula

I have a lot of dahlias, I have been growing the Blue Boy variety for at least ten years. It blooms gorgeous, gives a lot of flowers from the end of July to the end of September. Many people can be disappointed with the color. Blue is expected, but in fact it is purple. However, the flower is very beautiful; it adorns our site for a long period. Loves water. When growing, we do not apply fertilizer at all.


Dahlia Blue Boy, whose photo is presented in our article, is painted lilac in the morning in bright light, and in the evening her petals darken. You can't walk past such a beauty!

Watch the video: How Geoff and Heather grow dahlias (September 2022).

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