Tomato Moscow delicacy: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Moscow delicacy: reviews, photos, yield

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For tomato lovers, varieties of a universal growing method are very important. It is not always possible to build a greenhouse, but you don't want to give up your favorite varieties of tomatoes. Therefore, varieties such as the Moscow delicacy tomato are in great demand. They grow well both outdoors and under cover. Distinctive characteristics and description of the Moscow Delikates tomato variety will be discussed in the article.

Features and Description

The name suggests that the tomato belongs to the gourmet varieties, but it also has an unusual shape. The Moscow Delicacy tomato variety stands out for its attractive fruits, which can be seen in the photo.

The originality of the appearance of tomatoes, high yield, large-fruited, amazing taste - what other advantages are needed to choose a variety for planting? Of course, unpretentiousness to care, which is also famous for the variety of gourmet tomatoes.

The tomato variety "Moscow Delicacy" belongs to the mid-season indeterminate, therefore the plant's bushes are powerful and tall. Tomatoes are very decorative. Bright red cylindrical fruits against the background of dark green large leaves look like a bright bouquet.

The list of advantages will confirm the uniqueness of the Moscow delicacy tomato variety, which vegetable growers mention in their reviews. Delicacy tomatoes are characterized by:

  1. Good development of a powerful bush with a height of 1.5 m to 1.9 m.
  2. Medium leafiness of trunks, dark green leaf mass.
  3. Bookmark the first inflorescences over 9-11 leaves.
  4. Productivity, which from 1 sq. m area is equal to 7 kg of high quality tomatoes. The tomato variety demonstrates this indicator subject to the requirements of agricultural technology and growing conditions. According to gardeners, the yield of tomatoes of the Moscow Delicacy variety can fully satisfy the needs of the whole family, which is confirmed by the photos of the plants.
  5. Simultaneous ripening of tomatoes when cultivated in the open field.
  6. The attractiveness of unripe and ripe tomatoes. The fruits are pepper-shaped, green at the stage of technical ripeness, then take on a bright red color.
  7. Fleshy pulp of ripe tomatoes and excellent taste. The level of sugar content in tomatoes is increased, the taste is sweet and pleasant. The pulp is not watery.
  8. The mass of tasty fruits is from 90 to 150 grams. These are indicators for medium agricultural technology, if conditions close to ideal are provided, then the weight will increase significantly.
  9. A high level of tomato resistance to non-fungal diseases. And the ability to resist infection can be increased by strict adherence to the cultivation technology and regular preventive treatments.
  10. An excellent indicator of transportability and storage. Having grown amazing delicious tomatoes on the site, vegetable growers can feast on the fruits a few months after harvesting.
  11. Versatility of use. According to the housewives, the Moscow Delicacy tomatoes are good both fresh and canned. The sweet taste makes tomatoes suitable for baby food such as juice and puree. Tomatoes do not burst during heat treatment, so stuffed gourmet fruits are very popular.

The peculiarity of the Moscow delicacy tomatoes is that the subsequent fruits are larger than the first ones. This is a very attractive quality, because the opposite usually happens.

Those who grew the variety on the site note small disadvantages of tomatoes:

  • the need to tie up and form bushes;
  • susceptibility to late blight, which upsets gardeners when growing tomatoes in the open field.

But the greatest advantage of the Moscow Delicatessen tomato lies in its full compliance with the description of the variety while fulfilling the requirements of agricultural technology.

Growing seedlings

Delicacy tomato is a medium-ripening variety. Therefore, if you grow it in regions with difficult climatic conditions, then it is better to choose protected ground. In the southern and middle regions, this tomato variety grows well in the open air.

You can sow tomato seeds in advance in planting containers, and in warm areas directly into the soil. But in order to avoid possible losses, it is better to focus on the seedling growing method.

According to the description of the variety, the cultivation of tomato seedlings "Moscow delicacy" does not require special knowledge. Sowing seeds begins in early March, so that by the time of planting in a permanent place, tomato seedlings have reached an age of 65 days. For the good development of tomato seedlings, prepare the soil, containers and seeds. The soil and containers are disinfected. In addition, the soil is heated, nutrients are added. Tomato sowing containers are thoroughly washed and dried.

In their reviews, gardeners write that for the seeds of tomatoes of the "Moscow Delicacy" variety, there are enough standard techniques in preparation for sowing, so that they come up as amicably as in the photo:

The containers are filled with soil mixture, which is then slightly moistened and grooves are made in it. It is necessary to deepen the seeds of a tomato no more than 1.5 - 2 cm. Seeds are evenly placed along the grooves, sprinkled with a thin layer of soil or peat and covered with foil. After the seedlings hatch, the film is removed and the boxes with seedlings are transferred closer to the light.

Caring for gourmet tomato seedlings does not require special knowledge.

Seedlings need to be watered as needed, keeping the "golden mean". This means that you should not flood the seedlings or wait for the earth to crack from drying out. They take warm water for irrigation, because the root system of the gourmet tomato variety from cold water can get shock and the seedling will die.

Special dressings for tomato seedlings are not required - the plant is powerful and hardy. Seedlings dive when 2-4 true leaves appear. The only additional food gardeners consider spraying tomato bushes with the drug "Vympel" in a half dosage.

The rest of the activities - lighting, temperature and humidity regime, hardening do not differ from the standard requirements for growing tomatoes.

Planting plants in the ground and rules for further care

The timing of planting "Moscow Delicatessen" is selected depending on the climatic conditions of the growing region. It is important to take into account that the warm season is enough for the ripening of a mid-season tomato variety. If you are not sure, then seedlings are planted in greenhouses or hotbeds.

For the comfortable development of tomatoes, the planting scheme is maintained with parameters 50 x 40, and the planting density should not exceed 3-4 bushes per 1 sq. meter of the area of ​​the garden.

At the time of planting, a support is installed in the hole, to which the seedling is tied.

Important! Tomato beds should be placed in lighted areas with good wind protection.

After a period of adaptation, the gourmet tomato seedlings are given regular care, which includes:

  1. Timely watering tomatoes with warm water. It is good to postpone this activity in the early morning or evening after sunset. Delicate plants do not like sunburn from water droplets.
  2. Removing leaves. The lower ones are removed so that the ground in the holes is also ventilated. This gives good air permeability to the roots of tomatoes and proper development of plants. In the future, all dead or overgrowing lower leaves are also subject to removal.
  3. Weed removal and loosening. It is necessary to loosen the holes of tomatoes carefully so as not to damage the roots. After loosening, you can lay a layer of mulch.
  4. Obligatory timely tying of grown tomato stems. In this case, care must be taken not to squeeze the trunks, otherwise the bush can be easily injured.

    The formation and fixation of the aboveground parts is also needed so that the bush does not break under the weight of the fruit. Be sure to pinch and remove side branches on the bushes of this tomato variety.
  5. Feeding tomatoes "Delicacy of Moscow" with high-grade mineral fertilizers and organic matter with the obligatory alternation of compositions.
  6. Systematic preventive treatment of tomatoes with copper-containing compounds to prevent the spread of fungal infections.

Separately, it is worth dwelling on the prevention of damage to tomatoes of the variety by late blight. This disease brings a lot of trouble to vegetable growers, so timely measures taken will help prevent its spread on the site. If this is not done, then you can lose a significant part of the harvest in a matter of days. For gardeners you will need:

  1. Regularly inspect gourmet tomatoes in order to notice the first signs of the disease in time.
  2. For the purpose of prophylaxis, treat the bushes of the "Moscow delicacy" with folk compositions or finished preparations.

Folk wisdom advises using an infusion of garlic with kefir for these purposes. It is prepared from 50 grams of finely chopped garlic cloves, one liter of kefir (fermented) and 10 liters of pure water.

The second option is dairy spraying of tomatoes. Add 25 drops of a pharmacy iodine tincture to one liter of serum, mix and pour into a bucket of water.

Of the chemicals, according to gardeners, when signs of late blight appear on Moscow delicacy tomatoes (see photo), they help well:

  • "Penkoceb";
  • Infinito;
  • "Acrobat-MC";
  • "Ditan M-45";
  • Metalaxil.

The usual consumption of solutions is 0.5 liters per 1 sq. meter of the garden. Tomato processing is carried out in accordance with the general rules. In rainy seasons, the number of sprays of tomatoes is increased up to 6 times, for normal weather conditions 3-4 times are enough.

By following simple recommendations, you will get an excellent harvest of delicious tomatoes.

And some more information in the video:

Reviews of vegetable growers about the variety

Svetlana Moritz, Barnaul

I only value tomato varieties on the site that are good for cooking. Moscow Delicacy is my favorite. In addition to fresh salads, canning, juices and mashed potatoes, I learned to dry tomatoes. How they like all my household! And this particular tomato variety is good for drying. Therefore, in the beds we always have 5-6 bushes of delicious tomatoes.

Petr Akulov, Yurga

In this tomato variety I was attracted by the fruits of an unusual shape. And when I planted it, I was very pleased with the endurance, yield and taste of the fruit. All indicators are of a high level. In addition, the tomato is rarely affected by disease. It does not require special skill during formation, gratefully responds to the removal of stepsons and a garter. Now I recommend this tomato variety to everyone I know.

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