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How to make fertilizer from nettle, chicken manure and yeast

How to make fertilizer from nettle, chicken manure and yeast

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Girls and boys! I got 2 buckets of nettles, last year’s chicken manure, dry yeast. What and in what proportions to make a cocktail? Unfortunately there is no big container, only a bucket. And another question, if I use part of the nettle, can the rest be dried and then in the same cocktail, or is it only fresh when healthy?


I have dried. I will also use it, even without proportions, if no one tells me

And uvas nettle in short supply? Pour about a liter bucket of nettle manure into the bucket and fill the bucket half with water; Top with polyethylene, and in the sun. In a week it will be ready. A liter of solution in a bucket of water and feed the rasti.

And what kind of manure should be rotted?

Nettles are also in short supply. Нашей In our steppe, aridity is almost never encountered. They brought me a bush from the north of the region, so my friends from Moscow and Voronezh almost broke their laughter from laughter when they saw a photo of a nettle carefully planted in a pot before sending it to the cottage 🙂 Now it’s in my garden, knee-high :-) I’ll take root 🙂 Although my niece once told me such wisdom: “Can't handle the weeds ?. Start to breed and care for them. They will die out :-) ”

Thanks for the answer, I would never have thought that such a weed does not grow everywhere.

Cheered, thanks. That's for sure, my country is wide. We have something in Siberia, but there is no problem with nettles at all) The problem is getting rid of it 🙂 Although there is an opinion that nettles on poor land do not grow, but grow only on good ground! So I'm proud that in my corners of the plot and behind the house nettle

Such wealth !. Ferment and water with plants! They will thank you in chorus! 🙂

Be sure to buy a barrel of 200 liters. I make separately chicken infusion with nettles. Nettle will be smelly but useful without any additives.

I wouldn’t add anything to the nettle infusion! He is already good.

We also do not grow nettles, now instead of flowers, nettles have grown, seedlings, lipstick in the garden can scout.

Tryndets what a stinky! In gloves, I typed from a barrel into a jar. Then I washed my hands 15 times. They stink. It is necessary to wear some kind of gloves for electricians, the husband advised. The daughter gave soap liquid, such as oxygen, or something. Only after it did the smell more or less disappear.

Natasha, yes, I haven’t seen any nettles anywhere in our country, and here a neighbor today asks if I bathe a child in a nettle, saying that she grows in her garden, so I went to her for joy and took a quick drink.

Maybe a scoop is more convenient?

It is liquid. I used to get a bucket. But watering from it is inconvenient. In short, I laughed today. I'll try to steam my hands in a camomile, otherwise I’ll go to work tomorrow

My grandmother taught me that to wash hands you need to wash a little bleach, of course, it is not useful for hands, but they are washed off.

Somewhere I met a comment that you need to add a little valerian to the nettle infusion, the smell seems to disappear). Cats in combination with nettles do not like it 🙂

Oh, I'm afraid that smell. Mr. Nothing will be killed in the barrel. Next time I’ll put two pairs of tight gloves on)

Friends, can you use a nettle fertilizer recipe?

Boris Bublik writes that if you add Baikal em 1 and sugar, it will not stink. It should have a pleasant smell of sauerkraut. Last year, I was also almost kicked out of the house for this rotten smelly barrel, I’m waiting for heat, I’ll try to ferment with Baikal.

We must try, there is Baikal at home. Just a barrel of two weeks already kvass

Tom, then it’s probably better to add it to a new portion, and you can’t keep it with the Baikal for 2 weeks, otherwise the bacteria will die, as it foams, it's done, you need to water it. And Baikal is warm, from 20 degrees, it’s still cold with us

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