Hybrid tea rose Red Naomi (Red Naomi): photo and description, reviews

Hybrid tea rose Red Naomi (Red Naomi): photo and description, reviews

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Rose Red Naomi (Red Naomi) - one of the most popular types of culture. This is a hybrid that is grown not only in gardens for decoration. Many entrepreneurs plant flowers in greenhouses for further sale. A rose with red buds is very good at cutting.

Large-flowered rose Red Naomi can stand in a bouquet for about 10 days after cutting

Breeding history

Hybrid tea-hybrid rose Red Naomi was created in Holland in 2006. The originator is Schreurs. Breeder Peter Schreurs loved the passionate model Naomi Campbell.

Attention! There is no reliable information about the introduction of the Red Naomi rose into the State Register of the Russian Federation.

Description and characteristics of the red rose variety Red Naomi

Roses are increasingly appearing in the gardens of Russians. Moreover, the culture begins to grow in the middle lane, in the Urals and Siberia. This is due to the comparative unpretentiousness of the plants.

Hybrid tea rose Red Naomi, according to the description, photos and reviews of gardeners, is a frost-resistant crop. But it gives a great yield in the greenhouse. From 1 sq. m cut up to 200 buds on long cuttings.

The appearance of the bush

Rose Red Naomi in the first year of life (pictured below) is no more than 60 centimeters. The maximum height is 130 cm. The bush grows up to 70 cm wide. The leaf blades are dark green, matte.

On the straight, powerful shoots of Red Naomi, there are thorns, as on any varieties of culture, but they are not too prickly

Flowering features

The formation of buds on Red Naomi rose bushes begins in June, flowering is continuous, continues until the very frost. In the south of Russia, roses delight with their beauty even in November.

The buds are large, exquisite red. The flower shape is classic, goblet.

The petals are dark cherry, the edges are almost black. The buds, which are 13 cm in diameter, are densely doubled. Each of them has about 80 petals, tightly pressed against each other.

As a rule, 1 rose is formed on the shoot, 2-3 buds are a rare occurrence. They are very aromatic, and this characteristic persists even after cutting. In hot weather, the flowers do not become smaller, only the edges of the petals are slightly burned.

Rose Red Naomi is the only representative of hybrid tea roses with a delightful scent

Why rose bushes don't bloom

Not often, but still, gardeners are interested in the reasons for the lack of buds. There may be several of them:

  • low quality planting material was purchased;
  • the soil lacks nutrients, or they are introduced in excess;
  • Red Naomi's rose bushes lack light;
  • the hybrid is affected by diseases or pests;
  • violation of watering;
  • the stock is buried incorrectly.

Red Naomi bush blooming for the first time looks very dignified

Advantages and disadvantages

When creating a hybrid, Dutch breeders thought about the benefits of the rose. The result is a culture that, despite its youth, is popular.

Pros of Rose Red Naomi:

  • rich cherry color;
  • large dense bud that does not fade in the sun;
  • special aroma that does not disappear after cutting;
  • petals do not fly around after flowering;
  • good frost resistance;
  • the possibility of growing in open and protected ground;
  • a tall, strong stem does not bend from a large bud.

The disadvantages of the Red Naomi hybrid are:

  • weak resistance to fungal diseases, if the year is unfavorable;
  • frequent rains negatively affect the buds;
  • abundant flowering can be only if the cultivation agrotechnology is observed.

Reproduction methods

Red Naomi hybrid tea roses are propagated by cuttings or grafted.

Most often, cuttings are used to obtain seedlings. The twigs are cut from the bushes when they bloom. Each of them should have 2-3 buds. The cut is performed at an angle of 45 °. They are planted in moist soil obliquely and cover the stalk with a glass jar. Water in moderation.

Cut the cuttings with a sharp and clean pruning shears

The grafting method of reproduction is performed only with knowledge. Work is planned for the summer. Until the fall, the stock will have time to grow together with the bud.

Regardless of the breeding method, you need to care for the seedlings diligently. The transplant is performed the next year. Then the first flowering can be expected.

Attention! The seed propagation method for the Red Naomi hybrid is not suitable, since the varietal qualities will not be preserved.

Growing and care

In open ground, the Red Naomi rose is best planted in the spring. This will allow the seedlings to take root. The place should be well lit, without drafts. It is not recommended to grow a hybrid in lowlands, as excess dampness can lead to diseases of the root system.

As for the soil, it must be nutritious. Humus is used as fertilizer. Before planting, sand and superphosphate are added to the wells.

Planting process

The seedling is inspected before planting, damaged roots are removed. Then they are dipped into a special composition to speed up the survival rate.

Planting stages:

  • dig a hole so that its parameters slightly exceed the size of the root system;
  • pour drainage on the bottom of the hole;

    A third of the volume must be filled with nutrient soil

  • put a seedling in the center, spread the roots, then fill up the soil;

    In order not to deepen the root collar, it is recommended to put a stick or rail on the edge of the pit

  • water abundantly;

    Irrigation water should be at room temperature and not chlorinated

  • add a layer of mulch to the trunk circle to retain moisture.

Watering and feeding

In a drought, watering should be done more often and more abundantly. It is better to plan work in the morning or evening. Do not wet foliage and buds. If precipitation occurs in a timely manner, then watering is carried out as needed.

Red Naomi's large-flowered roses require good nutrition. In the spring, mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen are applied under the bushes. During the flowering period, you need to feed the plants with phosphorus and potash fertilizers. In the fall, it is important to add humus under the bushes.

Advice! Fresh manure is not recommended to be introduced, as it provokes fungal diseases.

After watering and fertilizing, loosen the soil in the trunk circle, remove weeds and add mulch.


The first pruning of Red Naomi roses is performed in the spring before bud break. Damaged branches are also removed.

By shortening the shoots, at least 5 buds are left, otherwise the roses will not bloom.

Formative pruning is carried out 1 time in the spring. They give the rose bushes the desired shape, and also remove the shoots growing inward.

In order not to spoil the decorative effect of rose bushes, faded buds should be cut off regularly.

Autumn works

Hybrid tea rose belongs to frost-resistant varieties. At a temperature of 10 ° C, she feels great. In the south, it is enough to mulch the trunk circle.

But in harsher conditions, additional cover will be required. After pruning, the shoots are bent down and fixed. Then spruce branches and non-woven material are placed on top. In winter, the bushes are covered with snow.

In the conditions of Siberia and the Urals, it is recommended to sprinkle rose bushes with a layer of earth

Pests and diseases

The creators of the variety received a plant with high immunity. But if the conditions are unfavorable, then the bushes are affected by diseases, they are attacked by pests.

The most dangerous for roses is the spider mite. Insects are so small that they don't immediately notice the danger. With severe damage, the foliage begins to crumble, and the buds become lethargic and faded.

Therefore, rose lovers should constantly inspect the plantings. For treatment, special preparations are used, they are also suitable for the destruction of leaf rollers, moths: Actellik, Fitoverm.

Rose bushes from pests can be treated with folk remedies:

  • soap or soda solution;
  • iodine solution (7 drops of the product are added to 10 liters of water).

Black spot, rust or powdery mildew on Red Naomi rose can be removed with Topaz fungicide. But first you should cut off damaged shoots, leaves, buds and burn.

Advice! Do not wait for diseases and pests to infect the rose bushes. It is necessary to carry out prevention.

Application in landscape design

Rose bushes have practically no competitors, so any garden crops can become its neighbors. With their help, they create original flower arrangements.

The options are:

  1. The Red Naomi rose can be planted singly or in small groups. In this case, the distance between the bushes should be at least 60 cm.

    The area around the bushes can be covered with wood chips

  2. A great place for a hybrid is lawns planted with green grass.
  3. Against the background of conifers, red buds will stand out especially.
  4. Red Naomi can be planted with other rose bushes, only the color scheme should not be contrasting.

    Plants with white and pale pink buds are suitable

  5. The hybrid tea variety with red flowers looks original against the background of daylilies, delphiniums,
  6. Pelargoniums, barberry, peonies can be neighbors.

There are certain plant species that go well with Red Naomi rose bushes: foxglove, sage, clematis, daylilies, bells, aconite, phlox, burnet, asparagus.

Warning! Do not plant hydrangeas and dahlias in rose gardens, as they are self-sufficient in themselves and distract attention from the rose bushes.


Rose Red Naomi is one of the most popular varieties in the world. Flowers will be the best gift, especially since the bouquet lasts a long time and does not lose its external shine. Even a novice florist can grow a rose bush. The main thing is to choose high-quality material for planting.

Reviews of Rose Red Naomi

Parshin Evgeny Sergeevich, 56 years old, Yuzhno-Uralsk

Rose Red Naomi is an unpretentious variety. The buds are very large, fragrant. The rose bush tolerates our Ural winters well. The plant needs feeding annually, only in this case it is possible to ensure abundant flowering. In the spring, I always add humus under the bushes. But pests are a lot of trouble. Colorado beetles are especially annoying. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the rose and process with products that are recommended for saving potatoes.

Maryina Ksenia Antonovna, 39 years old, Kaluga

Red Naomi variety - gorgeous roses. I grow them in a greenhouse. I am selling flowers. Bushes are strong, form buds twice during the growing season. They are dense with many petals. I do not experience any particular difficulties when growing in greenhouses. The only problem that arises from year to year is leaf spot. We have to spray the bushes several times as a prophylaxis with various fungicides. I grow Red Naomi roses specially for cutting.

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