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What to do if the chickens ceased to rush, and hatch eggs

What to do if the chickens ceased to rush, and hatch eggs

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Hello. Hens rushed, and then most began to hatch eggs. What to do with them? I planted them in March and now the chickens are big, what to do, how to get them not to sit down? And who knows some dishes where there are many eggs, there are many hens, 15-23 eggs a day 🙁


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As for the chickens, I don’t know, but about the dishes, no problem! Make an ordinary salad of eggs and green onions (finely chop the eggs, onions too) I make 10 eggs and a lot of onions, and I forgot to season them with mayonnaise, quickly and tasty, just a lifesaver! And so it is possible to make pies, muffins, cakes!

Eat a lot of eggs, there will be a lot of cholesterol. So you can get through to a stroke. Sell ​​it.

Moisten the chicken with water and put it in a cool place for a couple of days. (so did my grandmother)

Does not help

So I will not eat so much alone, the family will eat with me)


Give me your chickens) what breed do you have? )

I don’t get carried away with breeds so that there is an egg and meat and there are all kinds of hens that are thoroughbred and already mixed, I don’t hold them in a cage where they want and go there

Cut the eggs in half, remove the yolks, mix with mayonnaise and garlic (through a garlic squeezer), spread the resulting mixture into halves. Mmmmmmmm, yummy!

Grandma just drove the mother hen. And often she collected eggs so that they did not accumulate. Oh, when ours will be hens. And then we all hatch in an incubator

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