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Cucumber Crunchy F1

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Cucumber Khrustishka belongs to those varieties that are distinguished by their unpretentiousness. It is possible to grow Khrustishka cucumbers in any of the Russian regions, since the greenhouses of this culture can easily grow both in open ground and in greenhouses. The Khrustishka cucumber was presented by the Scientific Research Institute for the Selection of Vegetable Crops and the Agrofirma Aelita LLC in 2015, at the same time the variety was entered into the State Register of the Russian Federation.

Description of the variety of cucumbers Crunch

The height of the Khrustishka cucumber bush reaches 1.2 m in open ground and more than 3 m - in greenhouse conditions, the plant grows rapidly and strongly, is paternocarpic.

The leaves of the Crisp cucumber are arranged on long stalks, small greenery of dark green color is decorated with bright veins. The leaves themselves are small, but numerous.

Inflorescences of Khrustishka cucumber form small bouquets. Each internode contains at least 7 ovaries, the type of flowering is female.

Detailed description of the fruits

Cucumber Crunchy F1 is a variety with impeccable performance, the description of which is completely true:

  • Crisp cucumbers are oval, pointed, rather miniature: they reach about 10 cm in length and weigh 80 g;
  • the surface of the greenery is covered with small pimples that have white "thorns";
  • the skin is not thick, there are barely noticeable stripes on its surface;
  • the taste characteristics of the variety are high: the fruit is juicy and crunchy, both fresh and salted, the pulp is sweet, the taste of bitterness is absent;
  • The fruits are versatile in use: they are suitable for preparing vitamin summer salads, together with meat dishes and other vegetables, they are used in preservation, since they completely retain their shape in the jar without losing their taste.

Variety characteristics

Cucumber Crunchy F1 has a number of features, including the ability to form ovaries without pollination. In view of this, the hybrid can be grown not only in open ground, where pollinating insects move freely, but also in a greenhouse, where access is difficult for them. In such cucumbers (parthenocarpics), seeds are either absent or do not develop to the desired state, so it is not possible to collect your seed material.


The Khrustishka cucumber, the description and reviews of which attracts the attention of gardeners, has other distinctive features:

  • The variety is early maturing. The first fruits appear within 45 - 50 days after the appearance of the first shoots;
  • The yield indicators are high: there are at least 10 kg of cucumbers for each square meter. The stability of high yields provides a good plant immunity, as well as a reduced level of demand for cultivation;
  • Although the Crunchy cucumber can grow in different regions of the country, cold weather can affect the condition of the plant. But the variety is still frost-resistant, so slight underreporting of temperatures is not afraid of it.

Pest and disease resistance

The Khrustishka cucumber variety has good immunity. Therefore, the diseases characteristic of nightshades do not pose a high danger to him:

  • powdery mildew;
  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • root rot;
  • olive spot.

The cucumber Khrustishka also has medium resistance to downy mildew, which most often affects green plants.

Pros and cons of the variety

Khrustishka cucumbers, reviews of which and photos allow us to say that the variety is ideal for growing, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this type of cucumber include:

  • high productivity;
  • excellent taste;
  • perfect appearance;
  • high immunity;
  • unpretentious care;
  • early maturation;
  • the possibility of growing a variety in a greenhouse without the participation of pollinators;
  • versatility in terms of application.

Among the minuses, one can only name the fact that it is impossible to collect the seeds of this cucumber, so the seed will have to be bought annually, as well as the fact that the plants of this variety need a mandatory garter.

Growing rules

Cucumber Crisp can please with its fruits earlier than other varieties. To do this, you just need to follow the rules of cultivation.

Sowing dates

Good yields start with proper planting:

  • You can sow seeds in the ground in May if the weather is warm and stable enough. In this case, the temperature of the soil in the exhaust gas must be at least 12 ° C;
  • Cucumbers can be planted for seedlings as early as April. In order for the seeds to germinate and the growth of seedlings to begin, the air temperature must be in the range of 20 - 25 ° С. Planting seedlings in the ground is carried out in the last days of May, at least 3 true leaves should form on them;
  • The timing of planting in greenhouses depends on whether they are heated or not. In the first case, seeds can be sown in April, in the second, in May. Planting seedlings in the greenhouse should also be determined by the temperature level in it.

Important! Seeds for planting must be of high quality, otherwise, germination will be reduced.

Site selection and preparation of beds

The variety loves warmth, so it is best to plant cucumbers in areas where sunlight prevails and there are no drafts. Suitable for planting and penumbra areas. The main thing is that the width and length of the beds allows you to plant the plants in such a way that they are not crowded, otherwise, the yield will decrease. As for the soil, then it must also be enriched before planting cucumbers. Most often, a complex fertilizer is used, for example, wood ash, which is sprinkled on the ground so that for each grown bush there is about a tablespoon.

How to plant correctly

If the sowing of seeds is carried out in open ground, then the cucumber is planted in the prepared substrate according to the scheme: one seed for every 30 cm. The soil should be moistened, thoroughly loosened. The seeds are sunk into the ground a few millimeters: it is recommended to simply sprinkle them with soil.

In the case of planting seedlings, it is also necessary to follow some rules:

  1. So that the grown cucumbers are not cramped, they are planted according to a certain scheme: 1 bush on a square of 30 cm.
  2. The soil should be enriched with organic fertilizers.
  3. Before planting, make a hole, spill it with warm water and place a seedling in it.
  4. After that, the roots and a small part of the stem are sprinkled with earth so that the seedlings stand at an angle of about 75 ° C. This is necessary so that the fragile stems do not break under the influence of the wind. If the planting is carried out in a greenhouse, then the degree of inclination can be ignored.

Follow-up care for cucumbers

Cucumber Crunchy F1 is an unpretentious variety. However, you need to know about a number of general rules for caring for a plant:

  • it is best to form a hybrid in 1 stem;
  • a garter is mandatory;
  • feeding during the growing season is applied three times using water-soluble mineral fertilizers;
  • watering is carried out once a day, and during the formation of ovaries, the amount of moisture must be increased, therefore, it is recommended to water cucumbers during this period in the morning and in the evening;
  • the lower leaves should be removed regularly so that the roots have a good flow of air;
  • the first week of fruiting, it is recommended to remove green leaves that have not yet ripened to the end. Subsequently, you can give the fruits to ripen to the end.


Cucumber Khrustishka is a versatile variety that has been loved by many summer residents and experienced gardeners. The main advantage of the crop is its high yield and excellent taste of the fruit.

Reviews about cucumbers Khrustishka F1

Valeria. 37 years old, Novolvovsk

Khrustishka met cucumbers relatively recently - 2 years ago. I can already firmly say that the variety has surpassed all my expectations. Firstly, our climate is unstable, it is never known whether the summer will be warm and dry, or cold and rainy. The crunch endured both of these periods, showing high yields. Secondly, the taste and size of the fruit. All cucumbers are miniature and similar to each other. They lie one to one in the jar, and in winter they can crunch deliciously, remembering the warm season.

Lyudmila. 56 years old, Donskoy

As soon as this variety of cucumbers appeared in the store, I immediately purchased it. During the time of running a dacha economy, I managed to check the manufacturers' promises described on the packaging, so I did not immediately believe in such an "ideal". But everything that is said about the grade is true. Taste, disease resistance, high yield, excellent germination. All this is just a small part of the advantages of Khrustishka.

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