Adjika with tomatoes, peppers and apples

Adjika with tomatoes, peppers and apples

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Delicious adjika with apples and peppers has an amazing sweet and sour and slightly spicy taste. It is used to complement various vegetable, meat and fish dishes, soups. You can prepare such a sauce in several ways, not only for seasonal use, but also for canning for the winter. Adjika in winter will become a tasty addition to various dishes on the table and a source of essential vitamins and nutrients for the human body. Having decided to cook adjika from such an original set of products, you need to choose a recipe that will appeal to all family members. We will try to describe some options for making sauce in detail later in the article. Perhaps one of them will become a new entry in the cookbook of one of the housewives.

The best cooking recipes

The preparation of traditional adjika is based on the use of hot paprika, salt and herbs. Nowadays, the recipes for this Abkhaz seasoning have changed slightly, and the spicy-salty taste of the spice has been "softened" by products that are relatively neutral in taste. Tomatoes and bell peppers are the basis of most modern recipes. Their taste and aroma are excellently combined with spices, hot peppers and garlic. Adding apples to the sauce allows you to prepare an even more delicate and mouth-watering product that will please, if not every taster, then many of them.

Fresh adjika - a storehouse of vitamins for the winter

Adjika can be cooked with or without heat treatment. Of course, the option using fresh ingredients is preferable, since all components of the sauce retain their quality and health benefits throughout the winter.

To prepare fresh apple adjika, you need to use 1 kg of ripe, preferably red tomatoes, 1.5 kg of fleshy bell peppers, a pound of ripe sweet and sour apples, 2-3 heads of garlic, 3-4 chili peppers. A spoonful of salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar and a little sunflower oil will help to complement the taste of the sauce and keep it fresh.

The process of making adjika according to this recipe is very simple. Only a few manipulations need to be done:

  • Wash the tomatoes. If their skin is delicate and thin, then it can not be removed, otherwise it is recommended to make a cross-shaped incision on the surface of the vegetable and scald it with boiling water, then remove the rough skin.
  • Washed peppers (bulgarian and chili), cut in half. Remove the grain from the inner cavity, cut off the stalk.
  • Wash the apples thoroughly and cut into quarters. Remove grains and stem.
  • Grind all prepared vegetables, fruits and peeled garlic with a meat grinder.
  • Add salt and sugar to the mixture. After stirring, leave adjika on the table for a while so that the crystals of these products dissolve.
  • After some time, stir the adjika again and taste. Add salt and sugar if necessary.
  • After another stirring, distribute adjika into sterilized, dry jars.
  • Pour 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil over the adjika. After that, you cannot stir and turn the contents of the cans. They need to be covered with a lid and sent to the refrigerator.

Important! Vegetable oil on the surface of fresh adjika prevents product spoilage and mold formation under the lid.

Fresh adjika, prepared in compliance with all the above recommendations, will be excellently preserved for 2 months. Opened jars cannot be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, therefore, it is better to use a small glass container for canning. In general, the taste and benefits of fresh apple adjika products will complement any dish in the cold winter, recalling the past sunny summer.

Boiled adjika tomatoes-apples with carrots and vinegar

It is not always convenient to store jars of adjika in the refrigerator, especially if the chamber for storing food is not very large. In order to save free space and stock up on sauce in a large amount, housewives use recipes for boiled adjika. One of these recipes can be called basic or basic. It is it that many housewives use, sometimes modernizing it by adding spices or aromatic herbs to the composition.

To prepare adjika, you need tomatoes. It is better to choose ripe, fleshy vegetables in the amount of 2.5 kg. Tomatoes will be the basis for adjika, which will be complemented by apples, sweet peppers and carrots. These three ingredients must be taken in equal amounts, 1 kg each. Spices are an integral part of any adjika. In the proposed recipe, it is recommended to use 100 ml of vinegar, 100 g of chili peppers, 3 heads of garlic, a glass of sugar and the same amount of oil, 2 tbsp. l. salt. It is this composition of the products that will make it possible to prepare a very tasty and aromatic, rather spicy adjika for the winter.

Cooking adjika using cooking will take the hostess no more than 2 hours. During this time, you can successfully perform the following operations:

  • Peel the carrots and wash. If necessary, large carrots can be divided into slices, which will be easier to twist with a meat grinder.
  • Peel the tomatoes with boiling water. It is recommended to remove the rough place of the stalk attachment with a knife from the surface of the vegetable.
  • Cut the washed apples into slices, remove seeds and stalk.
  • Peel the peppers with boiling water. You can also easily remove the skin after a short baking of vegetables in the oven.
  • Pass the prepared fruits and vegetables through a meat grinder with fine holes in the mesh.
  • Pour the resulting vegetable puree into a deep saucepan. Boil such a blank for adjika over low heat for no more than an hour. Stir the product regularly during cooking.
  • While vegetables are stewing on the fire, you can prepare garlic and chili peppers. It is necessary to remove the husk from the surface of the garlic heads, and free the pepper pods from the grains, since in the general mixture of vegetables they will be particularly hard and pungent.
  • Pepper and garlic need to be chopped with a knife or meat grinder. After an hour of cooking, add the resulting mixture of hot foods to the main vegetables, as well as salt, sugar, oil, vinegar.
  • Almost finished adjika needs to be mixed well and tasted. Add missing spices if necessary. Stew adzhika until cooked for 3-5 minutes.
  • Preserve the sauce hot in sterilized small jars.

Important! An hour of boiling allows you to make the carrots soft, and the consistency of vegetables as homogeneous and tender as possible.

Boiled adjika can be successfully stored in a cool cellar or warm storage room throughout the winter. Foods such as vinegar, sugar and salt, and chili peppers act as strong preservatives to keep delicate foods from spoiling.

You can change the recipe suggested above in completely different ways, taking into account personal preferences. For example, you can cook spicy adjika if you remove carrots from the recipe and increase the amount of hot peppers and garlic. Delicate adjika can be prepared by reducing the amount of garlic and chili in the total composition of the food.

Spicy adjika with apples and hot pepper

The recipe is unique in that it does not contain bell peppers. This can be an important benefit for those who are negative about the taste and aroma of this vegetable. In general, a minimum set of products is required to prepare adjika. So, the list of ingredients below is calculated on the preparation of 4 liters of delicious sauce.

The recipe is based on the use of ripe, fleshy tomatoes, the amount of which must be at least 3 kg. For cooking, it is recommended to use sour apples in an amount of 1 kg. Garlic and hot pepper for one recipe can be taken in an amount of 200-300 g. Each housewife should determine the exact amount of ingredients personally, based on the preferences of the family. The more hot ingredients are used, the sharper the taste of the cooked adjika will be. In addition to the listed ingredients, the recipe should include: vegetable oil 1 tbsp., Sugar 0.5 tbsp. and salt to taste. If desired, dill and parsley can be added to adjika.

It will take a lot of time to cook adjika. The recipe requires careful and lengthy cooking of all vegetable ingredients. The cooking process can be described in several fairly simple steps:

  • You should start cooking adjika by chopping hot ingredients: pepper and garlic. The garlic must first be freed from the husk, and the peppers from the stalk. You can grind food with a meat grinder or, in extreme cases, with a knife. After grinding, they must be put in a separate plate and covered with a lid, so that the vapors of essential oils do not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose.
  • It is preferable to peel the tomatoes and then grind them with the same meat grinder.
  • Apples without grains and stalks should be twisted in a meat grinder after the tomatoes.
  • Combine tomato and applesauce in one large saucepan, mix well and send to the fire to simmer. The simmering time should be about 2 hours.
  • Literally 30 minutes before the adjika is ready, add a mixture of garlic and chili peppers to the pan, as well as salt, vinegar and sugar with butter, finely chopped herbs if necessary.
  • Adjika should be preserved in small sterilized jars under a tight lid. Can use reusable screw cap or disposable metal cap.

Salt and sugar, the amount of hot ingredients in this recipe should be used to taste. If necessary, add these products little by little, so as not to overdo it with their quantity. It is necessary to try again adjika for salt and sugar only after the crystals of these ingredients have completely dissolved.

A unique recipe for adjika using wine

If you want to surprise your family and friends, be sure to cook adjika according to this recipe. A delicious sauce can turn into a culinary masterpiece not only meat and fish dishes, but also an ordinary slice of bread.

For the sauce, you need a glass of red wine. Its correct use is the main secret of making adjika. Tomatoes in the recipe are used in an amount of 8-10 pcs. It is also recommended to use 4 green apples, 1 large bell pepper, 2 chili peppers, sugar (about a glass) and salt to taste.

In preparing adjika according to this recipe, it is important to clearly perform the following manipulations:

  • Wash the apples, peel them of grains, stalks, skin. Cut the fruit into pieces, put them in a small saucepan and pour over the wine. Sprinkle sugar over the apples.
  • Put a saucepan with wine and apples on the fire, boil for 5 minutes.
  • Wash and peel the peppers and tomatoes. Remove grains from the inner cavity of the peppers.
  • Grind the peeled vegetables with a meat grinder. Grind apples, stewed in wine, and add to vegetable puree.
  • Boil the mixture of ingredients for 15 minutes, then add chopped chili peppers and salt, cook for another 5 minutes.
  • At the end of cooking, adjika should be infused for 10-20 minutes. Put the still hot product in prepared jars and preserve.
  • After cooling, the jars with adjika should be stored in the refrigerator.

Important! You can include a little cinnamon in adjika, adding it at the end of cooking.

The recipe allows you to quickly prepare an amazingly tasty and aromatic adjika, the composition of which will surely remain a secret for every taster.


There are a lot of adjika recipes with apples and peppers and it is difficult to choose the best one without tasting the ready-made sauce. Sometimes a hostess needs to implement several different recipes before she finds her best cooking option. So, in addition to the above recipes, you can offer another cooking option, the description of which is given in the video:

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