Turnip with honey for coughs for children and adults: how to cook, how to take

Before potatoes appeared in Russia, turnips were the second bread. Its widespread use was explained by the fact that the culture grows quickly, and even in a short summer it can give two harvests. It is stored for a long time, and does not lose useful properties and vitamins until spring. So the root vegetable was used both for food and for treating ailments. Turnip with honey can replace many medicines today.

Composition and nutritional value

The calorie content of turnips is only 32 kcal per 100 g of product. Most of all there is water in it - 89.5%. True, during storage, the root crop loses liquid, but still it prevails in the composition. As a percentage, in addition to water, the product contains:

  • carbohydrates - 6.2;
  • dietary fiber - 1.9;
  • proteins - 1.5;
  • ash - 0.7;
  • fats - 0.1.

Vitamin content (in mg per 100 g):

  • C - 20;
  • nicotinic acid - 1.1;
  • PP - 0.8;
  • beta-carotene - 0.1;
  • E - 0.1;
  • B1 - 0.05;
  • B2 - 0.04;
  • A - 0.017.

Among the macro and microelements stand out (in mg per 100 g):

  • potassium - 238;
  • calcium - 49;
  • phosphorus - 34;
  • magnesium - 17;
  • sodium - 17;
  • iron - 0.9.

In addition, found in the root vegetable:

  • sterols;
  • carotenoids;
  • fatty acid;
  • phosphatides;
  • anthocyanins;
  • isothiocyanic compounds;
  • s-glycosides.

Useful properties of turnip with honey

When the question arises, what is the use of turnip with honey for the body, first of all, you should pay attention to the high content of potassium. It is indispensable for the normal functioning of the nervous system, cardiovascular, and is involved in cell metabolism. Calcium is needed for teeth and bones.

The root vegetable has diuretic properties, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic, choleretic. Its regular consumption promotes intestinal peristalsis and the secretion of gastric juice.

Despite the fact that honey and turnips are completely different products, their chemical composition overlaps. They contain vitamins of group B, A, PP, approximately the same amount of proteins, no fat.

When turnips are eaten or cooked along with honey, the health benefits of the foods are increased. And the taste is getting much better. Turnip with honey for coughing for children is more a delicacy than a medicine, while it is not always possible to force a slice of root vegetable to eat them. The main thing is that there is no allergy to bee products.

It is interesting that our ancestors did not peel the root crop with a knife, but with their teeth - right under the peel is the most delicious sweet layer, which now usually goes to the trash can. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers had excellent teeth and had no idea who a dentist was.

"Black turnip" for cough

Often on the Internet they look for recipes for black turnip with cough honey. Some even find it. But there is no black turnip. Do not confuse it with radish - although root crops are relatives, their chemical composition is different, and much more.

Whoever continues to consider turnips and radishes the same, let him buy them, cut them piece by piece and eat them. The difference will immediately become clear. For some reason, no one claims that tomato and bell peppers or eggplant are one and the same. But "black turnip" can be found all the time. There is no such thing in nature. At least for now.

If turnips have few contraindications, then modern residents of the metropolis should use radish in small doses and with caution. We all have chronic diseases that are a direct contraindication to the use of black root vegetables, even in scanty portions. Of course, turnips should not be taken with the same ailments as radishes, but only during an exacerbation and in large portions.

The benefits of turnip with honey for cough

Both products have anti-inflammatory properties, plus honey is a natural antibiotic. Their combination is great for coughing.

Since turnip and radish with honey act in a similar way for colds, many consider them interchangeable. Far from it. Radish helps faster, but has so many contraindications that only a healthy person who accidentally caught a cold can contact it. Small children, however, cannot eat it at all, and schoolchildren without consulting a doctor after such treatment can "earn" a whole bunch of gastrointestinal problems: gastritis, colitis, etc.

In childhood

Turnip is already pleasant to the taste, and together with honey it turns into a delicacy. The child will be happy to eat such a medicine for colds. Here it is important not to overfeed, after all, honey should not be consumed uncontrollably, especially for children.

Together with food, the child's body receives vitamin C, natural antibiotics, and a host of other useful substances. They will not only help to cope with colds, but also strengthen the body.

For adults

For coughs and other colds, turnip will help those people who can use honey, but viburnum, lemon, black radish are contraindicated. The result will not be worse.

Turnips contain much less bitterness, acids and essential oils than other products used for coughs and colds. Its action is softer, but not as fast.

How to cook turnips with cough honey and more

To prepare a turnip with honey for coughing, you only need to take whole root crops of the correct shape, without visible damage, elastic, characteristic of the color of the variety. First they are washed well with a brush or a hard, clean cloth, then cleaned if necessary. The peel is removed completely, as it will taste bitter.

Only natural honey is taken for treatment. There are recipes with and without heat treatment. There are different opinions about heating honey. Some argue that it can not only be boiled, but also allowed the temperature of the product to rise above 48 ° C. Others remind that our ancestors cooked many dishes with honey in the oven, and were much healthier than us.

You can sort out the issue for a long time, giving a lot of arguments in favor of each opinion. Everyone must determine for himself which recipe to use, fortunately, you can not only bake turnips with honey in the oven, but also mix fresh ingredients.

The classic recipe for turnips with cough honey

The easiest recipe:

  1. Peel the root vegetable, grate, let stand for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Squeeze out the juice in any convenient way.
  3. Mix equal parts with honey.
  4. Insist for several hours (it is better to leave it overnight).
  5. Take 3 times a day: for adults 1 tablespoon, for children 1 teaspoon is enough.

Turnip baked in the oven with honey

Turnips cooked according to this recipe with honey in the oven will be tasty and healthy:

  1. First, wash and peel 1 large turnip or 2 smaller ones, cut into cubes.
  2. In a bowl with a thick bottom, melt a spoonful of butter, add the same amount of honey and lemon juice, remove from heat.
  3. Add chopped root vegetable, mix.
  4. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C, put dishes covered with a lid or food foil in it.
  5. Cook for an hour. During this time, the dish must be mixed twice so that the slices are saturated with the dressing.

You can make a small batch of turnips baked with honey, or increase the amount of ingredients so that it is enough for the whole family.

Oven Steamed Turnip Recipe with Honey and Nuts

In this recipe for steamed turnips with honey in the oven, you can replace the nuts with raisins.


  • turnip - 1 pc.;
  • honey - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • butter - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • chopped walnuts - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • water - enough to cover the root crop by 1/3 or 1/2.


  1. Peel the root vegetable and cut it arbitrarily: into cubes, strips, circles.
  2. Melt butter in a small saucepan or pot.
  3. Fold the slices mixed with honey there.
  4. Sprinkle with nuts.
  5. Pour 1/3 or 1/2 water over.
  6. Bake in the oven at 200 ° C.

The turnips are ready when they are so steamed that they will not stick to the fork.

How to make a decoction of turnips with honey for a cough

If the patient has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and he fears that an exacerbation may occur (for example, in the spring), you can make a decoction:

  1. Turnips are peeled and grated.
  2. Take 2 tbsp. l. mass and pour a glass of boiling water.
  3. Boil over low heat for 15 minutes.
  4. Insist 1 hour, filter.
  5. Top up with boiled water to the volume that was at the beginning.
  6. Add 1-2 hours of honey.
  7. Drink during the day in 4 doses.

How to make turnips with honey for insomnia

The broth will help you fall asleep after a hard day, regardless of whether the stress is caused by extreme fatigue or stress. Prepare it in the same way as described in the previous recipe. Drink in a warm form for 1/3 cup an hour before bedtime.

The recipe for making turnips with honey for vitamin deficiency

This recipe, like the first one on the list, can be called classic, they are interchangeable. Prepare it as follows:

  1. The turnips are thoroughly washed, the tail is removed so that it can be placed on a plate.
  2. A lid is made from the top, cutting off about 1/5 of the height of the root crop.
  3. Part of the core is removed to make an impromptu vessel.
  4. Fill the cavity 1/3 with honey. Its amount will depend on the size of the root crop.
  5. Cover with a "lid", put in the refrigerator overnight (6-8 hours).

    Important! Turnips need to be put on a plate, as the juice can stand out so much that it spills.

  6. Take 1 hour 3-4 times a day.

How to cook turnips with honey for hypertension

This recipe will not only help reduce blood pressure, but it will also help regulate your stool.

  1. Wash medium-sized turnips thoroughly. The nose and top are not cut off.
  2. Throw the root vegetable into salted boiling water, cook over medium heat.
  3. As soon as it can be pierced with a match, the stove is turned off.
  4. Peel the peel, chop the root vegetable with a fork or crush.
  5. Pour the resulting mass 1-2 tbsp. honey.

Eat 1 turnip every other day. The course of treatment is a month, then you definitely need to take a break.

Cooking turnips with honey to cleanse the intestines

The root vegetable must be prepared according to one of the classic recipes described above:

  • mix pre-squeezed juice with honey 1: 1;
  • make an improvised vessel out of turnips, fill a third with honey, refrigerate until the juice is released.

During the week they drink 1 hour on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes before breakfast.

Important! Thus, only people who do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract can cleanse the body.

How to take turnips with honey

Honey and turnips help not only cough, they have a complex healing effect on the body. The beauty of recipes is that they are delicious. They do not need to be pushed into yourself by force, and the problem is not how to force yourself to eat a spoonful of medicine. Here you need to be able to stop in time.

How to take turnips with honey for cough

Fresh juice mixed with honey has the best medicinal properties. Adults for coughs should take 1 tbsp. 3 times a day.

If your throat hurts, you should not drink the mixture right away, but hold it in your mouth, swallowing a little. You can eat or drink anything in 10-15 minutes.

Rules for taking turnip with honey for coughs for children

In children, the body is more delicate than in adults, therefore, the dosage should be lower. For coughs it is enough for them to take 1 teaspoon of tasty medicine 3 times a day.

With sore throats, it is difficult for young children to explain what it means to "swallow", it is easier to give the required portion in a few drops.

Limitations and contraindications

Turnip has much fewer contraindications than honey. First of all, it is a rare individual intolerance. Direct contraindications include:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage;
  • jaundice;
  • some diseases of the central nervous system.

In addition, the consumption of raw root vegetables in large quantities can cause:

  • bloating and flatulence;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the kidneys, genitourinary system.

A person usually knows about contraindications to the use of honey - this product is much more common than turnips. Most often, the ban applies to allergy sufferers and diabetics.

When preparing and dosing cough recipes for children from turnips and honey, you need to focus on the last product. And do not give more than recommended for a particular age.

If the child has no contraindications, he is allowed to eat turnips, such as potatoes. But honey is a completely different product, its overdose can cause a problem by itself, and not only in children.


Turnip with honey is a delicious medicine for sore throat, colds, beriberi and insomnia. With regular use, it is imperative to consult a doctor, but one-time, in small doses, the mixture can be consumed independently. Of course, if there are no direct contraindications.

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