How to grow chrysanthemum seeds at home

Growing chrysanthemums from seeds at home is quite simple to carry out. To do this, they are sown in early spring, germinated in a greenhouse, and then kept at room temperature.

Is it possible to grow chrysanthemums from seeds

In most cases, chrysanthemums are bred by cuttings. However, it is quite possible to grow them from seeds that are obtained independently or purchased in a store. Seedlings are grown in the traditional way. Sowing starts at the end of February or in the first half of March. First, the seedlings are kept in greenhouse conditions, and after 2-3 weeks the glass is removed.

Also, seeds can be planted in open ground. To do this, they are planted in a previously dug and fertilized flower bed in the first half of May. Water immediately and cover with foil. In the future, the care is about the same - but you do not need to dive, and after 1.5 months the plants are planted with an interval of 30-50 cm. This breeding method is simpler, but it is used only in the southern regions. In this case, it will not be possible to wait for seeds from chrysanthemums.

When to sow chrysanthemums for seedlings

The timing of planting chrysanthemums for seedlings depends on the climate of the region. For the Moscow region, the middle zone and most other territories of Central Russia, the beginning of March is suitable. In Siberia and the Urals, it can be planted in the middle of the month, and in the southern regions - at the end of February.

Where are the seeds of the chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum fruits are achenes with a fly. This is the name of a seed with a parachute made of hairs (like a dandelion). Depending on the variety, they begin to appear from September to November (and even December). The seeds form in the very center of the flower, and then quickly crumble and scatter. Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment of collecting the seed.

The grains are formed in inflorescences that form like a basket. They are harvested immediately after drying, then stored in a room with moderate humidity.

Important! It is not worth sowing them immediately into the soil. Germination at the first stage is only 10%, and after 2-3 months the indicator reaches 80-90%.

What chrysanthemum seeds look like

The seeds of this flower are rather small (5-7 mm in length). They are brown, grayish or light brown in color. A large handful fits in the palm of your hand. When working, it is most convenient to take them with dry fingers.

The seeds are small, so you need to work with them carefully.

Chrysanthemum seed can be purchased at any store or collected by yourself. In doing so, it is important to consider a few practical points:

  • large-flowered and terry varieties of seeds have very few seeds, besides, it is difficult to grow seedlings, it is much easier to propagate by cuttings or other vegetative methods;
  • small-flowered and semi-double varieties, on the contrary, have a lot of seeds, it is easy to grow seedlings;
  • it is recommended to collect seed from varieties that are classified as early or mid-early.

How to plant chrysanthemum seeds at home

Planting a culture at home is not difficult. Growing chrysanthemums from seeds step by step is as follows:

  1. Seed material is collected. Usually, flowers are transferred to a greenhouse for this or transplanted into a pot and taken home.
  2. They are stored at room temperature in winter.
  3. At the end of February, prepare the soil mixture.
  4. In early March, planting material is etched and planted in individual containers.
  5. Placed in greenhouse conditions, providing a comfortable temperature, lighting and watering.
  6. They dive and grow until they are transferred to the ground.

Seed collection and soil preparation

The seeds are harvested as soon as the inflorescences turn brown and begin to dry out. If you skip a few days, they will get enough sleep, then the seed will spread along the ground and may die in winter. To be guaranteed to get seeds, you should take care of this in advance:

  1. Plant the seedlings at the end of February and move them outdoors at the end of April.
  2. Water, feed and pinch regularly. In total, 3 stems are left on large-flowered varieties, and 6-8 on small-flowered varieties.
  3. Only one bud is chosen on the stem, which will be intended for collecting seeds.

Early flowering varieties of grain can be harvested in September or October, directly in the open field. In late-flowering varieties, the ripening period is shifted to November or even December. Therefore, the plants must be transferred to the house (placed on the sunniest window) or to a heated greenhouse. If this is not possible, it is easier to buy seed from the store.

Important! If you grow a bush in a greenhouse, it should be covered with foil.

Then the resulting condensation will not damage the baskets, and they will dry out in time, after which the grains can be collected.

For cultivation, you can purchase a universal soil for seedlings or compose it yourself from three components taken in equal quantities:

  • peat;
  • humus;
  • garden land (preferably from a greenhouse).

The soil should be disinfected. This can be done with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. You can also hold it in the freezer for 5 days or sterilize it in the oven at 130 ° C (20 minutes is enough).

Landing rules

Seedlings can be grown in peat tablets or in plastic containers that can be conveniently covered with a lid.

You can get chrysanthemum shoots in any container

Seedlings will need to dive, so in the future they can be moved to individual cups. The planting container should not be very deep and wide enough.

When landing, they act according to the following algorithm:

  1. A drainage layer (3-4 cm) is laid on the bottom. You can use brick chips, expanded clay and other materials at hand.
  2. The soil is thoroughly crushed and spread over the drainage without tamping.
  3. Then several grains are laid on the surface with an interval of 2-3 cm. They do not need to be covered with earth and buried; shoots begin to hatch in the light.
  4. The soil is sprayed generously with a spray bottle.
  5. Cover with a foil with holes, a lid or glass.
  6. They are removed to a warm place and first grown at a temperature of 23-25 ​​° C.

You can dive three-week-old chrysanthemum seedlings, which have formed 3-4 leaves

Watering and feeding

The greenhouse is periodically ventilated, while the soil is regularly sprayed to keep it moist. In such conditions, the sprouts will appear in two weeks. After 7 days, the glass or lid is removed - it is no longer needed.

After the appearance of two or three leaves, the sprouts need to be planted. After picking, they are treated with any growth stimulant, for example, Epin, Athlete. It is not necessary to feed the soil, but you can apply a reduced dose of complex mineral or nitrogen fertilizer.

Useful Tips

Chrysanthemum seedlings are grown according to the general rules. However, there are several features, so novice gardeners need to pay attention to the following practical recommendations:

  1. Picking can be avoided by immediately planting seeds in peat tablets.
  2. The sprouts need light, so they are placed on the south or east window. If necessary, illuminate with a phytolamp for up to 12-14 hours a day.
  3. If, during planting, a weak growth is found, it is immediately discarded.
  4. If the weather is warm outside, the transfer can be done a little ahead of schedule. The main criterion: the height of the shoots should be at least 20-25 cm.
  5. 2 weeks before transferring to the ground, the seedlings begin to harden at a temperature of 15-16 ° C.


Growing chrysanthemums from seeds at home is a fairly simple process that even a novice florist can handle. To do this, you will need to ensure normal temperature and watering. It is also important to choose a convenient time to collect seeds. If the deadline is missed, planting material can be purchased.

Reviews of chrysanthemums from seeds

Irina, 49 years old, Krasnoyarsk

It is generally believed that the easiest way to breed chrysanthemums is cuttings. But for those who plant tomato and cucumber seedlings, it is easier to plant chrysanthemum seeds. Caring for them is exactly the same, and you can grow in normal room temperature. And if the sun is enough, then even the backlight is optional. Seed germination is very good, according to my observations, germinate eight out of ten. The seedlings turn out to be tall, healthy, everything takes root perfectly.

Anna Nikolaevna, 45 years old, Samara

I have been growing chrysanthemums with seedlings for a long time. This is even easier than cuttings, which may not take root. Both are fine though. True, beginners may have problems collecting seeds. If this is a late variety, it is easier to buy it in the store, since they can not wait until the first frost. Growing conditions are the same as for ordinary seedlings. Chrysanthemum seedlings are not capricious to temperature. Therefore, they can be grown even on a windowsill.

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