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How to spray trees

Tell us, who sprayed trees with what? I understand that they gathered late, the apricot blossomed, but the rest was soon.


An ear

Try Calypso

From diseases it is possible to take home and from pests. A drug called Iskra-Bio is able to paralyze pests, it is safe and can be used up to the harvest. I would not risk Calypso: (2 hazard class when hit by grass, etc. 1 month has a protective circuit. OpaSen for people and pets 🙁

We buy duct tape from flies. And not sparing in 2-3 layers we tie trunks

From the ants?

Thanks for the advice. Today, my friends suggested that you need to stir urea and copper sulfate. But leaves are already starting to appear on the trees.

From the evil spirits that winter in the earth

Why copper sulfate + urea, it is possible only until the buds open, tender leaves will burn. And the bark and kidneys withstand

Tell me the proportions of copper sulfate and urea? Thanks in advance!

For 10 liters of water, 700 grams of urea (urea) and 50 grams of copper sulfate