Pickled aspen mushrooms: recipes for the winter

Fans of "quiet hunting" gather boletus with special pleasure, and all because these mushrooms differ from many others in their nutritional qualities and excellent taste. What is most appreciated in them is that they can retain their properties even after heat treatment. Pickled aspen mushrooms are the tastiest in comparison with other representatives of the mushroom kingdom - this is what many experienced mushroom pickers and gourmets believe.

Aspen mushrooms are very fleshy and nutritious mushrooms

Is it possible to pickle aspen mushrooms

Boletus, like most types of mushrooms, can be harvested for the winter in various ways, including pickling. In this form, they retain a sufficient amount of micronutrients, while they turn out to be quite tasty, practically not inferior to porcini mushrooms.

How to prepare aspen mushrooms for pickling

Before you start pickling aspen mushrooms at home, it is important to prepare them correctly.

The very first step is to thoroughly rinse each mushroom. Do this in cool water. The boletus should not be soaked for a long time; this is done only if there are dried leaves on the mushroom cap. Next, they start cleaning by removing the top layer (skin) from the fruit bodies.

The last step in preparing mushrooms is sorting them. Boletus boletus must be sized. Large ones are best cut into small pieces. But in most cases, they try to leave small fruiting bodies in their entirety, because they look quite beautiful in jars under the marinade.

Attention! Young specimens are most suitable for pickling, the pulp of which is not yet fibrous, but at the same time it is elastic, retaining its original shape.

Mushrooms must be washed very thoroughly.

How to pickle aspen mushrooms for the winter

There are many recipes for pickling aspen mushrooms. After all, every family has its own time-tested option for canning mushrooms.

How to marinate boletus boletus hot

The most common and fastest method of pickling is the hot method, which is based on boiling the boletus until cooked, and after that they are washed and poured with marinade, adding seasonings.

It is important to remove the formed foam during boiling, otherwise the marinade will turn out cloudy, and the mushrooms themselves may sour during storage. At the end of the boil, vinegar is usually added for better preservation and to prevent acidification.

The marinating is completed by unfolding the ready-made boletus boletus in sterile small jars. Fill them, leaving 0.5-1 cm from the edge, and then seal them tightly.

Advice! If during cooking the mushrooms began to sink to the bottom of the pan, then they are completely ready for further pickling.

After boiling, the mushrooms must be boiled for no more than 15 minutes.

How to cold pickle boletus

The cold pickling method is more time-consuming and laborious, as it involves soaking the boletus boletus for 2 days in salted cold water. It is necessary to change the water during these 2 days at least 6 times, otherwise the mushrooms will sour. This marinating method is preferable for small specimens.

Cold canning of boletus boletuses is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. First, the jars are prepared (thoroughly washed and sterilized), then salt is evenly poured onto the bottom.
  2. Then they begin to lay the soaked boletus in layers, it is better to do this with the caps down, sprinkling each layer with salt. Tamped so that there are no glimpses between the mushrooms.
  3. The filled jar is covered on top with gauze folded in several layers. Then the load is installed. Within 2-3 days, the boletus should shrink even more under the press and let the juice out.
  4. After that, the jar is closed and sent to marinate for a month, after which the mushrooms can be eaten.

Advice! It is necessary to soak the boletus in a glass or enamel container; in no case should you use aluminum dishes.

How to pickle redheads without sterilizing

The recipe for pickled aspen mushrooms without sterilization helps out if there are a lot of mushrooms and there is no time to boil them after stacking them in jars.

Basically, the process itself practically does not differ from hot canning:

  1. Mushrooms are well sorted out, washed and cleaned. Large specimens are cut into pieces, small ones - into 2 parts.
  2. Then they are boiled for 30 minutes in salted water, the foam must be removed.
  3. Boiled aspen mushrooms are transferred to a colander and washed under running water. They are sent back to the pan (enameled). Pour water so that it covers the mushrooms by 0.5 cm.
  4. Then add salt, sugar and spices to the pan, black and allspice peas, optionally cloves (no more than 2 buds per 500 ml jar).
  5. Put the pan with mushrooms on the stove again and bring to a boil over high heat. Cook over low heat, covered for about 20 minutes.
  6. Before removing from the stove, pour in vinegar.
  7. Immediately, the aspen mushrooms are laid out in prepared banks, rolled up and turned over, wrapping until they cool completely.

Attention! Despite the fact that the recipe is without sterilization, the cans still need to be steamed or heated in the oven.

It is required to store pickled aspen mushrooms without sterilization in a cool place (cellar, refrigerator)

Pickled boletus recipes for the winter

Regardless of the method of preservation, each housewife has her own interesting recipe for pickled aspen mushrooms in jars for the winter in stock. Below are the most popular ones that make mushrooms incredibly tasty.

A simple recipe for pickled boletus

Even a novice cook can handle this recipe for canning boletus boletus for the winter. The preservation itself turns out to be very tasty.

For a marinade for 2 kg of fresh boletus you will need:

  • water - 1 l;
  • vinegar essence - 3 tsp;
  • salt - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.;
  • dry dill seeds - 1 pinch;
  • peppercorns (allspice and black) - 6 pcs.

Pickling method:

  1. Aspen mushrooms are sorted out, cleaned from the top layer and washed. Then cut as needed and sent immediately to boiling water.
  2. As soon as they boil again, reduce the heat and cook them for about 5 minutes, constantly removing the formed foam. Then, after cooking, they are transferred to a colander and washed under running water. Next, they put a pot of clean water on the stove, transfer the washed mushrooms and bring to a boil, also reduce the heat and cook for another 10 minutes. The foam continues to be removed.
  3. The boiled mushrooms are poured into a colander, left to drain all the liquid. The turn of the marinade is coming, for this, water is poured into a pan (enameled), sugar and salt are sent there, and brought to a boil.
  4. Then add the rest of the spices. Boil for about 2 minutes and pour vinegar essence. Then they are removed from the stove.
  5. The boiled mushrooms are placed tightly in sterile jars (they must be boiled or heated in the oven), then the marinade is poured over it.
  6. Seal with roll-up lids, turn over and cover with a warm cloth until it cools completely.

Advice! For longer storage, it is recommended to pour 2 tbsp into the jar over the aspen mushrooms before rolling the lid. l. calcined sunflower oil.

This recipe does not take long, but the result is excellent preservation.

More details on how to cook pickled aspen mushrooms according to a simple recipe can be seen in the video.

How to pickle redheads with horseradish and mustard

A savory and spicy appetizer can be obtained by pickling aspen mushrooms along with mustard and horseradish for the winter according to the following step-by-step recipe.

For pre-boiled mushrooms (weight 2 kg), you will need for the marinade:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • salt - 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • mustard powder - 0.5 tbsp. l .;
  • allspice - 7 peas;
  • horseradish (root) - 30 g;
  • 9% vinegar - 100 ml.

Pickling process:

  1. Water is poured into a saucepan (be sure to use an enameled one), mustard, allspice and peeled horseradish, cut into medium pieces, are added there. They are sent to the stove and brought to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat and simmer for 40 minutes.
  2. Then the broth is removed from the stove and left overnight (8-10 hours) for infusion.
  3. The present future marinade is again sent to the stove and brought to a boil, vinegar is poured, salt and sugar are added. Stir and cook for about 10 minutes more. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.
  4. Boiled aspen mushrooms are poured with cooled marinade and allowed to brew under a lid for 48 hours.
  5. Then the mushrooms are mixed and packaged in a sterilized container. The remaining marinade is filtered and also poured into jars. They are hermetically sealed and sent to the cellar.

Boletus boletus marinated with mustard and horseradish will definitely appeal to lovers of savory snacks

How to quickly pickle aspen mushrooms with bay leaves

Adding bay leaves to this recipe will help make the boletus marinade more spicy. Mushrooms will turn out to be even more aromatic and with a slight bitterness.

For the marinade for boiled aspen mushrooms in 3 full 1 liter jars, you should take:

  • water - 2.5 l;
  • bay leaf - 5-7 pcs.;
  • salt - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • pepper (black, allspice) - 12 peas;
  • carnation buds - 4 pcs.;
  • garlic - 5-6 cloves;
  • dill inflorescences - 3 pcs.;
  • 2 tbsp. l vinegar essence.

Canning process:

  1. Put a pot of water on gas, add all the salt, boil. If all the crystals have not dissolved, strain the water through folded gauze.
  2. Next, bay leaves, cloves and peppers are placed in boiling water. Continue boiling for 5-7 minutes over medium heat, after which vinegar essence is poured. Remove immediately from the stove.
  3. Garlic cloves are cut into slices and mixed with boiled mushrooms.
  4. Prepare jars by sterilizing them. Then dill umbrellas are placed on the bottom.
  5. Next, the jars are filled with boletus and poured with hot marinade. Roll up and let cool under a warm blanket

Bay leaves can be extracted from the marinade if desired

How to deliciously pickle boletus mushrooms with onions

Basically, housewives add onions to mushrooms just before putting them on the table. But this recipe for boletus marinade should be prepared with onions. At the same time, it turns out no less tasty than the classic version.

To marinate 1 kg of fresh boletus you need:

  • black pepper - 12 peas;
  • allspice - 5 peas;
  • 1 tbsp. salt;
  • 1.5 tsp sugar;
  • 1 bay leaf;
  • water - 1.5 l;
  • 1 medium onion;
  • 1 tbsp. vinegar.

Pickling method:

  1. The mushrooms are carefully sorted out, cleaned and quickly washed so that the fruiting bodies are not saturated with water. If the boletus is large, then they must be cut into pieces.
  2. Water is poured into a saucepan, salted and washed fruit bodies are placed in it. Put on gas, bring to a boil and boil over low heat for about 7-10 minutes. Be sure to periodically stir and remove the foam.
  3. Then sugar, onions in half rings, pepper and bay leaves are sent to the mushrooms. Cook for no more than 5 minutes and pour vinegar.
  4. Ready-made aspen mushrooms with marinade are immediately transferred to jars, additionally sterilized by boiling for about 40-60 minutes, depending on the volume, well sealed.

Attention! The indicated amount of ingredients in the recipe is conditional, so you can adjust them to taste.

Boletus marinated with onions is not recommended to be stored all winter

Recipe for pickled boletus mushrooms with cinnamon and garlic

The marinade tastes interesting if you add cinnamon to it. Pickled redheads according to this recipe are very aromatic with spicy notes.

For 1 kg of boiled marinade mushrooms you will need:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • 5 g cinnamon;
  • 2-3 carnation buds;
  • 2 leaves of laurel;
  • 8 peas of allspice and black pepper;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 tbsp. vinegar (9%).

Pickling method:

  1. They start with the marinade, for this, all the spices, salt and sugar are added to the pan with water. Put on gas, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for about 3-5 minutes.
  2. Then the broth is removed from the stove and allowed to cool completely.
  3. Pour boletus boletus with cooled marinade and leave to infuse for 24 hours.
  4. After filtering the liquid, put it on gas again, boil for about 3-5 minutes. Cool and pour the mushrooms again. They send to infuse for a day.
  5. Then the strained marinade is boiled for the last time, adding garlic chopped into plates, and simmer for 15 minutes. Before turning off the gas, pour in vinegar.
  6. Mushrooms are packaged in jars and poured with ready-made hot marinade. Capped and allowed to cool completely by turning over and wrapped in a warm cloth.

It is recommended to store such preservation with garlic no more than 3 months.

Boletus marinating with cloves

Many housewives do not recommend putting a lot of cloves when pickling mushrooms, since this spice greatly affects the aroma and aftertaste of the snack. But there are many recipes with this additive, one of them involves the preparation of pickled aspen mushrooms with cloves and vinegar for the winter.

For 2 kg of boiled mushrooms, you will need to prepare a marinade from:

  • 1.5 liters of water;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • 5 carnation buds;
  • 2 bay leaves;
  • 14 peas of white pepper;
  • 1.5 tbsp. 9% vinegar.


  1. The marinade is made first. Water is poured into a saucepan, spices and salt with sugar are sent there. Simmer over medium heat for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Pre-boiled boletus mushrooms are poured with the resulting marinade and left for 24 hours.
  3. Then it is filtered, the liquid is again sent to the stove, brought to a boil, boiled for 15 minutes. After pouring in vinegar.
  4. Next, the mushrooms are packaged in pre-sterilized jars, filled with the resulting brine and rolled up with lids.

Boletus marinated according to this recipe are ready to eat after 3 days

Boletus marinating for the winter with coriander and pepper

Canned mushrooms according to this recipe are suitable for long-term storage in a private house (in a cellar). At the same time, such an appetizer differs from the classic version in piquancy and pungency.

For boletus, approximately 700-800 g, products will be required:

  • horseradish (leaf) - ¼ part;
  • 4 inflorescences of dill;
  • 15 peas of black pepper;
  • 4 allspice peas;
  • 1 pod of hot pepper;
  • coriander (medium grind) - 0.5 tsp;
  • 0.5 l of water;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • vinegar essence (70%) - ½ tsp.

How to cook:

  1. The mushrooms are sorted, cleaned and washed thoroughly. It is best to choose specimens that are small in size.
  2. Then they are transferred to a saucepan, poured with water and salted at the rate of 0.5 tbsp. for 2 liters of water. Put on gas and bring to a boil. Before boiling, as well as after, it is necessary to carefully remove the foam from the surface. Cook them over low heat for no more than 30 minutes.
  3. The brine is prepared separately. Pour water into a saucepan, add salt, sugar, peppercorns and coriander.
  4. Part of the horseradish leaf, dill and hot pepper are scalded with boiling water.
  5. After boiling the boletus, they are thrown into a colander, washed with clean water and allowed to drain all the liquid.
  6. Then the jars are prepared (they are pre-sterilized). Dill, a small piece of hot pepper and horseradish are placed on the bottom.
  7. Mushrooms are placed on top. The cans are filled so that the edge is at least 1 cm. Dill and horseradish are also laid.
  8. Pour brine into jars and pour vinegar essence on top.
  9. Water is poured into a saucepan, filled cans are placed in it.Cover with a lid (you should not open it anymore, so that air does not get inside the can). Sterilized for 40-60 minutes.
  10. Then the cans are carefully removed, it is important not to touch or move the lids. They are rolled up, wrapped in a warm cloth and left to cool completely.

The severity of preservation will depend on the amount of added hot pepper

How to pickle boletus mushrooms with citric acid

You can marinate the boletus so that they do not turn black and remain soft, using citric acid.

For mushrooms in the amount of 2 kg, you should take:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • 3 g citric acid;
  • allspice - 5 peas;
  • salt - 5 tsp;
  • sugar - 7 tsp;
  • 1 g cinnamon;
  • paprika - 0.5 tsp;
  • 3 carnation buds;
  • 9% vinegar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • 4 bay leaves.

Pickling method:

  1. Boletus boletuses are washed and cleaned. Then they are sent to boiling water. Add 2 g of citric acid there. After boiling, cook for about 10 minutes.
  2. Throw the mushrooms in a colander, allow the broth to drain completely.
  3. Start preparing the marinade. Pour water into a saucepan. Add citric acid and boil for 5 minutes.
  4. Then salt, sugar, spices and bay leaves are added. Allow to boil again, then add vinegar.
  5. Distribute the boletus to the banks. Pour them only with boiled marinade. Sealed and wrapped in a warm cloth.

It is better to close the conservation with rolling metal lids.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store pickled aspen mushrooms in a cool and dark place, the cellar is ideal. As for the timing, it depends on the recipe. According to the classic and simple recipe, conservation can last all winter, but with the addition of onions or garlic - no more than 3 months.


Pickled aspen mushrooms are a very tasty preservation for the winter. And if the year turned out to be fruitful for mushrooms, then you should definitely prepare them according to one of the above recipes.

Watch the video: Two Mushroom Recipes, Burgundy u0026 Pickled (January 2022).

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