What should be the temperature in a greenhouse for cucumbers

What should be the temperature in a greenhouse for cucumbers

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The temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers is an important factor when growing them. It normalizes the process of germination of the bush, helps to assimilate the necessary trace elements and minerals in the required amount. Temperature can cause disease in vegetables and affect other processes.

It turns out that every gardener needs to know how important it is to maintain the temperature regime for a certain kind of vegetables that they decide to grow in a greenhouse, and also need to be able to apply various methods to raise or reduce the level of heat when required.

How many degrees can cucumbers tolerate

If you are planning to grow a crop of cucumbers in a greenhouse, you need to pay close attention to the temperature indicator inside the greenhouse structure.

On the advice of experienced farmers, you need to do the following. When the first shoots form in the pots, they should be kept for several days at a temperature of 25 to 28 degrees. After the first green petals appear, you need to remove the covering film. Move the pots with sprouts to a room with good lighting and set the temperature from 20 to 22 degrees.

If we take into account the evening temperature, then the plants must be grown for the first week at a temperature of 17 degrees. This is necessary to prevent the compaction of the stem structure and the expansion of the seedlings themselves. At the end of the week, increase the degrees to 21-22.

Important! Try not to allow a sharp heat drop: no matter whether it is day or night, increase the degrees gradually.

The best option is to increase in several stages.

After all, if the temperature drops sharply, the heat indicator quickly drops, and the plants growing in the greenhouse may experience serious illnesses, the harvest may be lost, or they will completely wither.

When it comes to aging sprouting cucumbers in greenhouses, stick to 24 degrees.

This is the optimal heating zone for vegetables, and especially for cucumbers.

Vegetable heat setting

So why is it necessary to adjust the temperature in the greenhouse? It's simple: each plant has its own "comfort zone", which provides for:

  • optimal temperature;
  • a certain moisture content in the air;
  • the desired level of soil acidity.

Taking into account such nuances, it is necessary to set the level of heat required for cucumbers, paying attention to the difference in degrees during the day and at night, to take into account changes in the external environment.

For a better understanding, consider an example: different vegetables grow in the open field. One field brings large harvests and profits to the grower, another field brings many losses. The temperature indicator is the source of the problem here. It is the same for all growing vegetables (both day and night). But it was not taken into account that one culture requires a temperature of 25 degrees, and the other begins to bear fruit at low degrees. The result was obvious.

It turns out that adjusting the temperature indicator for growing vegetables is individual for each crop. Only with this in mind can you achieve good results. If the thermal regime constantly changes, there will be no sense from the greenhouse: with a rapid decrease in heat, the cucumbers will stop taking the necessary trace elements, and if the degrees increase sharply, then the plants will simply burn out and die.

So at what temperature do cucumbers grow? Competent gardeners are advised to adhere to the norm from 20 to 22 degrees. The same heat regime will be normal for planting a plant in the ground.

This temperature is optimal for the growth of cucumbers in the greenhouse, but know that the lowest heat threshold for this kind of vegetables should not fall below 16 degrees.

If you pay attention to the temperature indicators for the soil in the greenhouse, then for cucumbers it must be maintained at a level of 18 degrees. Don't let it fall below 16. Consider the temperature regime:

  • planting seedlings (20-220);
  • flowering plants (25-280);
  • time of fertility (25-300);
  • plants will stop growing (150);
  • plants will stop growing (100);
  • vegetables will die (8-90).
  • there will be no formation of ovaries in the following ranges - 17-190, 35-400.

What temperature is destructive for cucumbers

A frequent difficulty for novice farmers is to give the correct answer to the question: at what temperature do cucumbers grow in a greenhouse and do not die? Moreover, most are interested in a regime that does not destroy the bushes, does not reduce their fertility and does not destroy the inflorescence.

Summer residents with little experience should remember that when planting seedlings in the ground of a greenhouse bed, it is necessary to observe the heat regime at the same level as when germinating seeds.

If the difference is even 3 degrees, then the plants will not be able to get used to the conditions and will not accept. And do not forget that at a temperature of 30 degrees, cucumbers will die.

If you cannot install automatic heat control equipment, then simple and effective methods can be applied, especially if the question is about a sharp change in temperature.

Ways to increase the temperature

If you need to raise the temperature as soon as possible, you can use the following options:

  1. Set up an auxiliary shelter for a short time with film. This will create a layer of air that does not react to environmental influences.
  2. To reduce heat loss and stabilize thermal conditions, create a "second greenhouse" directly above the vegetables by constructing a frame made of wire, wood, and other materials. But keep in mind that you need to use perforated film here, which will give the plants the opportunity to ventilate if the weather outside is high (on very hot days it is better to remove it altogether).
  3. To raise the temperature of the soil in the greenhouse, you can mulch the soil. The mulching film should be dark in color (to attract heat).

Heat regulation is a very important procedure. But remember that if the indicators are significantly higher than the norm, this will have a very bad effect on the fertility of the crop.

Ways to lower the temperature

What can be done if the temperature needs to be lowered:

  1. Provide free access of oxygen to the greenhouse through the pediment. This will lower the heat level by 7-12 degrees if necessary.
  2. Spray the greenhouse with a chalk solution, diluting 2 kg of chalk mixture in 10 liters of water with added milk. After spraying the room, the heat level will decrease.

Of course, there are many options for raising and lowering heat. Remember: the wrong temperature regime in the greenhouse at night or during the day can destroy your plants, and, accordingly, your labors. Use all possible methods to preserve it.

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