Mini tractor Belarus 132n, 152n

Mini tractor Belarus 132n, 152n

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The equipment of the Minsk Tractor Plant has gained popularity since the times of the post-Soviet space. When designing new tractors, the employees of the design bureau are guided by the experience of operating the models of the previous release. Engineers take into account real user reviews and their wishes. As a result, high-quality equipment appeared on the market that could compete with European brands. Nowadays, MTZ mini-tractors are in great demand, which, with their compact dimensions, are capable of replacing large agricultural machines.

The secret of the popularity of Belarusian mini tractors

Mini-tractors MTZ Belarus are produced at the Minsk plant of various modifications, which allows the owner to purchase an optimally suitable model. The popularity of technology is due to the following factors:

  • The weakest model of a wheeled mini-tractor is equipped with a 12 hp engine. from. Such a pulling force is enough to perform any tasks related to the processing of agricultural land, with an area of ​​up to 1 hectare.
  • Buying a unit with a capacity of 22 liters. with., the owner receives a full-fledged agricultural machinery capable of cultivating up to 12 hectares of land.
  • Attachments expand the functionality of the equipment. The units are used by builders, utilities, farmers, livestock breeders, etc.
  • The great demand for MTZ tractors in fifty countries of the world indicates that such equipment is in demand. Any model is easy to maintain, easy to repair, economical and has a long service life. The price of Belarusian mini-tractors is affordable even for an ordinary consumer.

In terms of technical characteristics, ease of use and cost, the Belarusian equipment competes with Chinese counterparts.

Review of popular models

The Minsk plant has a wide range of equipment. Each unit is designed to perform a wide range of tasks and differs in technical characteristics. We will now look at the models and prices of the most popular mini tractors.


First, let's consider the MTZ 082 mini-tractor, which can rightfully be called an assistant to the summer resident. The model was developed based on the experience of producing heavy motoblocks. The unit is equipped with a 12 hp gasoline engine. On the track, the mini-tractor is capable of speeds up to 15 km / h.

Important! The improved model 082BS can still be found on the market. This tractor has a more economical motor with a speed governor.

Despite its great popularity, the model has already been discontinued. However, the market still sells used units in good condition. The price for them ranges from 1400 - 1600 $.


The next in terms of power is the mini-tractor Belarus 132n, which, in principle, replaced the previous model in terms of its technical characteristics. The unit is equipped with a 13 hp engine. There is a center differential lock, as well as a multi-stage transmission.

Important! A positive feature of the MTZ 132n mini-tractor is the ability to combine work with attachments designed for a walk-behind tractor. This is achieved by improving the traction and coupling parameters.

The price of the MTZ 132n mini-tractor is in the range of $ 2900 - $ 3300. For such a complete set of the unit, the cost is considered budgetary.


The model is equipped with a 13 hp four-stroke gasoline engine. The Honda GX390 single-cylinder engine is started with an electric starter. The unit has a double-circuit hydraulic distributor, 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.

The MTZ 152 mini-tractor is intended for performing agricultural work related to soil cultivation. The unit is also in demand in the municipal and industrial sectors.

The Belarus MTZ 152n model is used in the country, in greenhouses, gardens, etc. Small dimensions allow equipment to maneuver in forest belts between trees.

The cost of the new model is around $ 3700. Used equipment in good condition can be bought for $ 2,500 - $ 3,000.


Despite its power of 24 liters. with., the mini-tractor is quite light. The model is characterized by good cross-country ability and maneuverability. The unit is equipped with an economical diesel engine and a multistage transmission. A big plus is the ability to work with attachments from different manufacturers.

The cost of new equipment is in the range of $ 3000, but it may vary depending on the equipment of the model by the manufacturer. Great demand has limited the sale of new tractors, so many private traders buy used equipment worth $ 1,800-2,200.

In the video, a review of the MTZ 311 model:

MTZ 320

The universal mini-tractor MTZ 320 has a 4x4 wheel arrangement and a front drive axle. The unit is equipped with a three-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with a water cooling capacity of 36 liters. For a mini-tractor, such a pulling force is considered large. The engine is turbocharged LDW 1603 / B3.

The technique is used to perform large volumes of work on farms, fields, production and in the communal sphere. The tractor is great for transporting goods and plowing the land. There is a function of three-step adjustment of the row spacing. The cost of the new model starts at $ 10,000.

Advantages of Belarusian technology

The main positive feature of Belarusian tractors is their affordable price. If we compare MTZ with European units of similar characteristics, then the cost run-up reaches almost 2 times. With the equipment of Chinese manufacturers MTZ is in the same price category. However, Belarusian tractors are now in first place in terms of assembly quality and components.

A big plus of MTZ is that there is a wide range of spare parts and consumables for all brands. Even for the discontinued MTZ 082, there are all the necessary parts for repair on sale. Many spare parts can be replaced from tractors of other manufacturers, which allows quick restoration work.

Scope of MTZ

MTZ mini-tractors are capable of completely replacing large equipment, where it is impractical or impossible to use it. However, the manufacturer does not set such a goal for himself. The units simply fill the consumer niche of compact technology. For example, small farmers or private owners cannot afford large cars, and they simply do not need them. At a livestock complex or in a greenhouse, you can't turn around with a big tractor either. This is where small but powerful units come to the rescue.

Indispensable for a mini-tractor in public utilities. Lawn care, cleaning sidewalks and squares from snow, transporting water, cargo - all this is within the power of mini-equipment. Its big plus is its low weight. Paving slabs and even lawn grass will not be damaged under the wheels.


And now let's see the real reviews of MTZ owners, from which we will find out how this technique works for them.

Sergey, small farmer

I have been using MTZ-311 for three years. I have never repaired the equipment yet, only performed maintenance. All nodes are conveniently located and easily accessible. The engine has enough power to quickly cultivate 4 hectares of arable land at a time. I think the only drawback is the design, but it does not affect the performance. The main thing is that the equipment works properly.

Vladimir Ivanovich, 60 years old, Oryol

Five years ago I bought a used MTZ-152 in good condition. The technique is powerful, good, but the engine had to be repaired. All spare parts are on sale. This is very encouraging. Here are just repairs cost a little less than the cost of a new motor, moreover, a proprietary one.

Watch the video: Minitractors Belarus-132H. Belarus-152 (February 2023).

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