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Hyacinth distillation.

Hyacinth distillation.

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Soon the holiday will be on March 8th, and I would like to do something for more than one day as a gift to my relatives. I have dug hyacinth bulbs in my basement in the basement. When to plant them in a pot so that they bloom by the right time? At what temperature and humidity to grow? I once tried to do this, but the plants turned out to be some kind of limp and pale. Who has experience in such matters, tell me how to do it right.


For hyacinth to bloom in March, you need to plant in early November. Pick the right flower pot. Diameter depends on the number of colors. You can plant one hyacinth. The height of the pot should be at least 15 cm. We place drainage on the bottom (pebbles, shards, coarse sand), water should not stagnate during watering so that the bottom of the bulb does not rot. Hyacinths need to be watered regularly, but not in any way. The plant does not like drafts, but direct sunlight should not fall on it. There is also a way to distill hyacinths in winter in water. To do this, you need a vessel or vase with a narrow neck. The bulb should not touch the water, only regrowth roots. To do this, you can fix it on a circle of cardboard by inserting it into a small cutout. And put the circle on top of the tank with water. In early November, we put this design in the refrigerator to get a flower by March. You can put coal in the water so that it does not deteriorate. As evaporation is added to a vessel of fresh water and again in the refrigerator. Until a sprout appears. We are waiting for it to grow to five centimeters and continue growing on a cold window sill, as well as in a pot of earth. After such a dressing, the bulb is not able to recover. She is completely exhausted. You can’t drop her off in the garden

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