Features of the apple tree variety Golden Delicious

Fruit trees are in demand by gardeners, and apple trees are no exception. Someone prefers more summer varieties, but someone is only impressed with winter varieties. And some gardeners are delighted with the late autumn varieties, the category of which belongs to Golden Delishes. The description of the variety, which can be found below, allows you to get comprehensive information about it and make a conclusion about the prospects of cultivation.

Grade description

The Golden Delicious variety appeared in one of the states of America, where a seedling of an apple tree of unknown origin was accidentally found. The grown fruit tree had noticeable differences from the apple varieties that were widely known at that time. The specimen was characterized by high productivity, excellent palatability of the fruit and resistance to various diseases.

Such data attracted the attention of one of the horticultural firms, which bought the land with an unusual tree. Over time, seedlings of this type have been planted over large areas. The grown fruit trees were characterized by abundant fruiting and high quality aromatic fruits. Interesting properties of the Golden Delicious variety have become the reason for the rapid spread of the variety in many countries around the world.

The Golden Delicious apple tree has a bark of a characteristic dark gray color. An adult plant reaches medium height. At a young age, a conical shape of the crown is formed, having an average thickening. The transition to the fruiting stage is characterized by the formation of a wider round and densely branched crown.

With age, the crown of an apple tree becomes similar to the crown of a weeping willow. This feature is due to the severity of a significant number of fruits, which cause the apple branches to sag and bend down. Fruiting occurs in the second or third year of cultivation. In the early years it was systematic. With the growth of the tree, the yield will depend solely on weather conditions and agricultural practices.

The shoots formed on the fruit tree have a weak articulation, a slightly curved shape, medium thickness and large, densely arranged lentils. They have a light brown color, and in some places have a greenish tint. The leaves are oval, with a wide base and distinct veins. Their color is juicy green, saturated, glossy surface. The marginal part of the leaves is slightly wavy; it can be bicon dentate or triple dentate. Petiole has a moderate length and is located in relation to the stem part at an acute angle.

The nutritional value

Like most fruits of other varieties, Golden apples are recommended for use by doctors. They contain a sufficient amount of substances that can have a strengthening effect on nails and hair. In addition, the components contained in the pulp are responsible for the strength of the bones and ensure the preservation of visual acuity.

The presence of a significant amount of vitamin C in the fruits helps to strengthen the immune system, and also helps fight various viral diseases. Each fruit contains a little more than a gram of proteins and fats and about 30 grams of carbohydrates, which makes Golden apples useful for people suffering from diseases of the liver, kidneys, or cardiovascular system.

Apples are also shown to those who follow a diet for weight loss, since 100 grams of fruit contains a little more than 100 kilocalories. Apple juice is considered a diet drink: 100 grams contains less than 50 kcal. This variety can be safely advised to use even for allergy sufferers. Golden apples do not contain enzymes that can cause an undesirable body reaction.

Golden Delicious Apple Tree: Variety Features

Planting and Care Rules

When planting any fruit trees, it is very important to consider factors such as the timing and place for planting. These nuances are the key to the health and abundant fruiting of an apple tree.

Planting of the Golden Delicious variety is recommended to be carried out on a semi-dwarf rootstock in accordance with a 4x4 meter scheme. Before disembarking, it is very important to know the groundwater level. Trees of this variety are recommended to be planted when groundwater occurs at a depth of at least 2.5 meters. In the southern regions, landing is carried out in October, and for the northern regions it is advisable to land in mid-April.

The standard dimensions of the planting pit for a fruit seedling should be at least 1 x 1 meter. The pit should be prepared approximately 3 or 4 weeks before planting, which will allow the soil to settle qualitatively. The excavated land must be fertilized using superphosphate, ash and potassium.

Young fruit trees of this variety require careful care. In the early years, it is very important to regularly water and remove weeds. In a dry period, the frequency of irrigation can be more than twice a month. Young fruit trees for the winter should be protected from frost with spruce spruce branches.

The Golden Delicious crown requires special care. INIt is important to prune strongly growing branches, as well as delete vertical and some last year's branches. Crohn should take a spherical shape. In the first year of flowering, it is necessary to remove flowers that deplete the plant. In spring, it is best to feed apple trees with a urea solution, and in summer, add sodium humate.

The Golden Delicious variety is self-fertile and needs pollinators, which can be planted no further than 500 meters of the Melrose or Jonathan varieties. You can perform combined landing.

The density of the pulp in the fruits of the Golden Delicious variety, as well as the ability to preserve all commercial qualities, is significantly improved when grown on tilled soils.

Harvesting and storage

The standard picking dates for Golden Delicious apples are at the end of the first autumn month. Proper storage of fruits allows you to extend the period of use of fresh apples until the spring of next year. It should be borne in mind that the fruits of this variety can largely wither in a room with insufficient humidity. The fruit juices are stored almost completely under proper storage conditions.

Cooking Application

Excellent taste qualities of Golden Delicious apples allow not only to consume them fresh and baked, but also to use fruits for making dried fruits. Compotes, juices, preserves, as well as jam, marmalade and marshmallows work well from apples of this variety. Often these fruits are used in the production of home cider. Also, apples of this variety are suitable for making charlotte and other pies with toppings. Fruits can be used in baby food, as they do not contain allergenic components.

Pruning apple trees in spring

Gardeners' feedback on Golden Delicious is mostly positive. Observing the simple requirements for plant cultivation, you can get a wonderful harvest of wholesome fruits.