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Old jeans in a summer house decor

Old jeans in a summer house decor

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Jeans are one of the things that it is a pity to throw away even if it loses its presentation. Each person has some old jeans. So, everyone has the material to create a unique interior in the country, the main thing is to make an effort and start creating masterpieces.

From old jeans you can do furniture upholstery, pillows, decorative elements for lamps and much more. The fabric is dense, practical and quite lightweight for sewing. It is well erased and durable. From it you can get good bedspreads, rugs, screens.

How to make a bedspread from jeans

It is not easy to make a denim, but the finished result will be an adornment of any interior. Quilts made in the style of patchwork look spectacular.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the material. A product with parameters of 210 x 150 centimeters will require a lot of fabric. One flap should have dimensions of 12 x 12 centimeters. Accordingly, a total of an impressive number of elements will be required: 352 jeans shreds!

First, double blanks are performed, then they are assembled into quadruple products, and so on. After all the shreds are sewn, you need to comb the seams so that they become fluffy.

Other denim ideas for interior design

Denim products such as pillowcases and bedding can become a real highlight of the interior, although they are used quite rarely. Furniture upholstered in jeans covers looks bright and practical. You can do such an upholstery with your own hands pretty quickly.

In a few hours, you can create a screen from jeans. Among other things, the fabric is suitable for decorating walls in the room, creating small accessories. Denim rugs and carpets look original - they can be sewn, weaved, knitted from material. But for this, it is recommended to use well-worn soft jeans.

What else is worth trying to do from denim

There are some more great ideas for the interior, involving the use of denim. Bringing them to life is quite simple.

Covers for armchairs, chairs

Chairs and armchairs look great in identical denim covers. The most original look covers made of multi-colored pieces of fabric.

Wall organizer

A convenient thing in the household is a wall organizer. A denim is taken, several pockets are sewn on it. The canvas is attached with a stapler to the chipboard. You can store anything in such an organizer.

Denim baskets

Great items are denim baskets. It’s easy to make them - jeans are cut into strips, then containers for storing things are knitted or braided.

Case for ottoman

Another convenient and practical thing is a cover on an ottoman. It is better to make it removable, provide a zipper so that it is possible to wash the cover.

Denim curtains

Denim curtains will look great in the kitchen. They can be hung in the bedroom or living room, complementing the interior of the room with similar bedspreads.

Pillow with cover for remote control

On your favorite chair you can put a jeans pillow with a cover for the remote control. It is carried out simply - from denim with a sewn pocket.

If you have old jeans, do not rush to throw them away. By upgrading denim, you can achieve excellent results in the refinement of the interior of the cottage! To do this, you need a little patience, scissors, a sewing machine, thread, knitting needles and jeans.

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